4 Timeless Pieces Every Carrie Bradshaw-Inspired Closet Needs


Every fashion girl encounters those trying times when nothing in their closet seems to speak to them. After spending years curating each and every beloved item in your wardrobe, suddenly it all feels, well, stale. One fix to an underwhelming closet could be a complete and total wardrobe revamp, but a more realistic solution is to reflect on the eclectic and unpredictable nature of Carrie Bradshaw's style.

As the bonafide fashion icon of Sex and the City, Bradshaw kept viewers guessing when it came to what she wore. One day she'd be sporting the most over-the-top tulle skirt, and the next, she'd be effortlessly slaying a pinstripe power suit. A true style chameleon, the hopeless romantic of the group clearly kept her relationship with fashion thriving at any and all costs, starting with regular $400 splurges on Manolo Blahniks.

So, before you succumb to the dreaded style-induced breakdown of feeling like you have nothing to wear, consider the staples that worked for Bradshaw time and again. By inducting a few of these no-fail items into your closet, you'll feel instantly updated and might just have your girls pulling out their iPhones to take notes.

Strappy Sandals

Anyone who watched SATC knows Carrie's deepest, most genuine romance was that which she shared with shoes. From Jimmy Choos to sky-high Louboutins, the fashion maven's love of footwear knew no bounds. Her most treasured style of them all was likely the strappy sandal, which is great news for you, because it pairs well with pretty much everything. From cocktail dresses to relaxed denim, these barely there babies deserve a spot on your shoe rack, stat.


Experimental Millinery

No risk was too daring for Bradshaw, as proven by her affinity for hot pants, mixed prints, and unexpected headwear. From newsboy caps to top hats, the style exhibitionist has made a serious case for hats you might have never before considered. Why not start now?


Floral Dress

From voluminous tulle to Flapper-esque fringe and everything in between, Carrie knew how to rock a statement dress. Even her minimalistic "naked dress" was a statement in and of itself, but one trend you see her wear time and again is a floral print. Whether donning an actual structural flower the side of her head, or a '90s-inspired motif, she never veered far from a blooming pattern.


Vintage Coat

Even though Bradshaw wasn't one to pinch pennies for style, she was no stranger to unique vintage finds. From glamorous fur coats to painterly dusters, the writer opted for special outwear that spoke for itself. Treat yourself to one of the statement coats ahead, and do less with the rest of your outfit.