CAP Beauty’s 2018 Warehouse Sale Has One Love Organics & More Skincare Brands For 25 Percent Off


With just over 62,000 followers on Instagram, CAP Beauty is the secret MPV of beauty gurus and the skincare obsessed. Since opening its West Village doors in 2015, the natural beauty store and spa has grown to include over 150 brands in its lineup — and a diehard cult following. If you didn't know about the CAP Beauty Warehouse Sale before, you're about to fall in love with the store, because tons of popular natural beauty and wellness products are up to 25 percent off.

As much as you may want to be an all-natural, serum-slathered goddess sipping on tinctures and misting your face in sage extract... it isn't cheap. Thankfully, during the sale, tons of luxe skincare products are marked down to prices that are much more accessible. The Love Springs Eternal Youth Serum from One Love Organics is the perfect example, and is currently discounted to $56.25, which is down from its original price of $75. It packs potent ingredients like watermelon seed oil, essential fatty acids, Bulgarian rose oil to help smooth and and moisturize skin.

For skin suffering from redness thanks to winter's harsh, drying air, opt for Wildcare's Hawaiian Sandalwood Hydrosol, which is a soothing mist designed to calm redness and promote cell regeneration. The relaxing product normally costs $18, but during CAP Beauty's Warehouse Sale, you can snag it for $13.50. Spray it onto your face, body, and all around you to soften your skin and calm your mind.

The sale has a lineup of powerful face oils to choose from as well if you're looking for additional moisture. CAP Beauty co-founder Kerrilynn Pamer starred the Wonder Valley Face Oil as one of her summer picks, and during the warehouse sale it's on sale from $65 to only $48.75. "This beautiful face oil completes my evening routine and allows me to happily indulge in a long and thorough face massage," Pamer wrote on the CAP Beauty blog. Not only is the bottle beautiful enough to leave out of your medicine cabinet, the serum is composed of a hydrating and anti-inflammatory calendula-infused olive oil, jojoba, sweet almond, and rose hip blend.

CAP Beauty

CAP Beauty's trademark philosophy is that beauty and wellness go hand-in-hand, and many of the most popular products from the warehouse sale reflect the idea. Created by the Finnish company NordicNordic, the Lingonberry Powder is fourth on the sale's bestseller list, on sale at $14.25 from $19. The antioxidant-rich powder is created from over 7,000 lingonberries and packs a powerful punch of vitamin E, fiber, and manganese. You can add the powder to basically anything, like a protein powder, and CAP Beauty's blog states that the taste is similar to cranberries.

Once you join the CAP Beauty cult, there's no turning back. Below, eight all-natural beauty products from the sale that will transform your skin from the inside out.

NordicNordic Lingonberry Powder


CAP Beauty

One package of this regularly $19 powder contains over 7000 berries.

WelleCo Nourishing Protein Cacao 300g Caddy


CAP Beauty

Regularly $70, WelleCo will upgrade your protein powder game.

Mahalo Vacation Glow Body Elixir


CAP Beauty

Like a serum for your whole body, get the Mahalo elixir on sale from $95.

Wonder Valley Face Oil


CAP Beauty

Save big on this hydrating $65 face oil.

Anima Mundi Lucid Dreaming Elixir


CAP Beauty

Originally $24, this tonic was crafted to relax your nervous system and bring on better sleep.

Oui Shave The Gold Razor


CAP Beauty

Regularly $75, this is one razor you'll be happy to display in your shower.

Eir Surf Mud Body Oil


CAP Beauty

Sun protection is important in the winter, too. Don't miss out on getting this fragrant 15 SPF oil while it's on sale from $35.

Radice Myrrh Facial Cream


CAP Beauty

Moisturize your face with myrrh, originally $75.

Editor's Note: CAP Beauty announced a sale on KYPRIS products in error. We've updated this article, and its headline, to reflect that change.