Boscia’s Latest Moisturizer Relies On Your Favorite Superfood To Keep Skin Hydrated


All summer long you've been combatting humidity and the slick, sometimes sticky skin situations it can create with lightweight complexion care products that hydrate skin while helping it from going too deep into dewy territory. But the season of gel texture moisturizers, quick-absorbing serums, and refreshing facial mists is gradually coming to an end, and you'll soon need to swap in richer, more heavy-duty hydrators as temperatures start to dip and the air dries up. Kick off the skin care shelf transition with Boscia’s new Chia Seed Moisture Cream, which provides intense, long-lasting moisture to dehydrated skin — and uses one of your favorite superfoods to do it.

Since its start in 2002, Boscia has been dedicated to sourcing the best from nature and turning it into super-effective natural skin care so that even those with the most sensitive complexions can get a glowy look. With that kind of history you could almost call the brand a pioneer of the clean beauty industry, since it's been calling on plants for decades to do the work necessary for happy, healthy skin. The longtime favorite hasn't slowed down either, continuing to innovate and inspire everyone to get a bit more nature on their skin care shelves. And thanks to an infusion from one particularly popular superfood, it's latest launch may just be its most convincing yet.

Boscia's just-dropped Chia Seed Moisture Cream, $38, landed on the brand's website (and at Nordstrom and Sephora, too) on Aug. 20 — just in time to help you transition your skin care from summer to fall. The ultra-rich moisture cream is exactly what you'll need too, because it's focused on delivering long-lasting, balanced hydration that'll have you looking naturally radiant in an instant, no matter how dry the weather starts to get. And it does it all with the help of the superfood you find in smoothies and power bowls: chia seeds.

The itty bitty seed in pressed oil form is clinically proven to increase skin hydration by reducing moisture loss, aka it locks in all of those skin-plumping omega fatty acids for healthy, glowy skin that lasts. Mineral-dense Swiss Glacier Water joins in to help moisture soak in deeply, protect skin, and improve smoothness, while elderberry extract brings a major dose of vitamins A, B6, C, and E to promote brightness and defend your complexion against stress and environmental pollutants. Long story short, it's the naturally effective moisturizing cocktail your complexion never knew it needed.

Snag Boscia's transitional skin care super hero for your summer-to-fall beauty routine, below.