In Celebration Of Her Birthday, We Pay Homage To Ashley Graham & Her Super-Approachable Quarantine Workout

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If you've ever waded through the many, many fitness videos on the web, it's probable that you've found yourself overwhelmed at some point, with too much to choose from and trying desperately to find recommendations for where to start. If that's you right now, take a deep breath, because Ashley Graham's fitness routines are here to save the day — and possibly your sanity, too.

The 32-year-old model (who's celebrating a birthday this week) has long shared tidbits and snapshots of the workouts she loves to help her stay strong, healthy, and clear-minded. In 2019, she started a YouTube workout series called Thank Bod, and on Instagram, she frequently posts videos of her and celebrity trainer Kira Stokes getting their sweat on. Luckily, Graham has continued to share her fitness routines throughout quarantine, posting fun IGTV videos and a whole new season of Thank Bod with workouts developed by Stokes.

Though every video is full of great moves, that's not the only reason Graham's fitness routine is a great one to copy; in addition to being fun and easy to follow, the model also makes it a point to emphasize that working out can be an act of gratitude for your body, instead of a punishment — a refreshing message that can be hard to find in the fitness world (online or otherwise).

If you're looking to give your quarantine fitness regimen a refresh or just find a few videos to help you get started, keep scrolling — the best hits from Birthday Girl Graham's workout routine are ahead.

Ashley Graham's Fitness Routine: Leg Workout

The routines Graham posts are often short, making workouts like this leg one easy to squeeze into any schedule. In this video, Graham provides plenty of tips and guidance on mastering the moves — and considering no equipment is required, basically everyone can easily follow along.

Ashley Graham's Fitness Routine: Abs

Graham's ab workout is an eight-minute routine you can easily tack onto another workout or just do on its own. Grab a yoga mat and a bench and prepare yourself for some planks — this one's full of tough-but-doable strengthening moves that'll test you just enough and, as always, remind you to be thankful for what your body can do.

Ashley Graham's Fitness Routine: Cardio Workout

Cardio haters will seriously relate to (and appreciate) this "Cardio Peace Treaty," which is four minutes long and features two circuits of super-simple moves. Just grab an agility ladder (or DIY it if you don't have one) and some water and get excited — because Graham promises this is a cardio workout you *actually* won't hate her for.

Ashley Graham's Fitness Routine: Arms & Legs Workout

For a little bit more of a challenge, tackle Graham's five-minute arms and legs routine. It features workout bands to take the resistance up a notch, plus plenty of squats to get you really feeling the burn.

Ashley Graham's Fitness Routine: Full Body

Even though it's full body, this workout still clocks in at just seven minutes long. It also has a little bit of everything — some squats, some planking, and even some light cardio — so rest assured you won't ever get bored during this short routine.