Artisan Home Design Items For Your Living Room That Are Unique & Stylish


There are few things more satisfying than creating a beautiful, functional, and comfortable living room. Considering the fact that most people spend a good portion of their life in the space, it should be a place that keeps you both visually stimulated and totally at ease. That said, if you are in fact looking for items to spruce up your common area, there are a ton of beautiful, artisan home decor pieces that will not only inject a global, eclectic feel into your pad, but also help talented artists around the world.

As Kirsten Dickerson, founder, CEO, and creative director of fair-trade retailer Raven + Lily, explains, "Shopping for artisan-made goods is actually one of the greatest ways to support and empower women globally." Artisanal goods, by definition, are items that have been handcrafted by artists around the globe. And while buying such pieces is both a benefit to your home and the talented communities that create them, you can even go one step further in helping these artists by specifically looking for fair-traded goods. "When you support companies that work directly with artisans and follow fair trade practices, you can trust you are purchasing something that was thoughtfully made, preserves a traditional culture, and empowers people at a grass roots level," says Dickerson.

And besides feeling good about what you're buying, shopping artisanal products for your home also means scoring extra special finds. "It’s so empowering to know the story behind the things I purchase," says Dickerson. "Style is such a powerful way to express yourself and tell your own story, and incorporating artisan-made products into your home and wardrobe is a beautiful way to do just that." Ahead, find a handful of one-of-a-kind goods (including a few fair-trade options) that will kick your decor up a notch.

Taita Baskets


Raven + Lily

Practically everyone has use for a good basket (or four). Whether you need to stash spare throw blankets, magazines, toilet paper, or doggy toys in style, these one-of-a-kind beauties made by women from Kideloni are minimal enough to work in any home, while still giving an organic, global sensibility.

Modern Throw Pillow


The Citizenry

A carefully placed throw pillow can make more of an impact than you might think. Case in point: this tonal sheep’s wool version made by Peruvian artisans. And to make it all the more desirable, the process is 100% fair trade.

Variegated Stripe Jute Rug


Unison Home

Natural materials always seem to give a home a warm, cozy vibe. This sustainable jute and cotton rug, handmade in India, would be the perfect piece to introduce a bit of that feel into your space.

Peruvian Wall Mirror


West Elm

Even some major retailers like West Elm source a few artisanal items, like this Peruvian artisan mirror made from Amazonian wood (with non-toxic paint) in a centuries-old tradition.

Horn + Brass Vase


Raven + Lily

Sometimes, the most interesting parts of a home are in the smallest details. For example, the addition of a chic accessory, like this vase made from recycled horn in Kenya, can really make a statement. While it definitely delivers that global aesthetic, it's sleek and stylish enough to fit in with even your most modern of spaces.

Brahms Mount Herringbone Cotton Throw


Serena & Lily

Particularly this season, it's never a bad idea to have a few luxurious throws around the house for those chilly nights. This 100% cotton, herringbone-pattern blanket was handwoven on antique looms in Maine. Toss it over your chair or couch for a homey, lived-in feeling in your home, or just wrap yourself in it tightly and enjoy the cozy warmth.

Matr Boomie Herringbone Frame


The Little Market

Not only does this neutral chevron pattern work with any color scheme or aesthetic, but it's also handmade, so you know you're getting a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Recycled Cotton Coasters


Globe In

This light and bright set of six coasters is made using the traditional Shibori dyeing process. Keep them on your coffee table to add a pop of color (even when nestled under a mug or glass!).