Ariana Grande Ditched Her Signature Cat-Eye For *This* In The “Rain On Me” Music Video

Ariana Grande’s Makeup In “Rain On Me” is different from her usual winged eyeliner

ICYMI: On May 21 Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga dropped their joint-single "Rain On Me" from Gaga's upcoming album Chromatica. And it's everything people wanted — nay, needed: a beat to dance to, empowering lyrics, and a corresponding music video full of absolute looks (in less than six days it's racked up over 48 million views). Among the holographic eye stickers, dripping metallic tears, and pink tresses, there's one makeup look from Ariana Grande in the "Rain On Me" video worth copying ASAP.

And no, it's not the cat-eye winged liner that almost reaches her temples in the first half of the video (although you definitely could, because it's great). Rather, it's the circular floating eyeliner that pops up on the singer around two minutes in. It's no secret freeform liner has been having a series of moments lately, but Grande's version is one you might not have seen — or tried — before.

In a stark white hue, the singer's liner starts with a standard cat-eye silhouette from the corner of her eye outward and then above her crease and across her lid. But since this isn't a standard look, the white liner came down along and across the bottom lash line, too, creating a circular effect that meshed pop-art, '60s mod, and futuristic glam all in one. Naturally, though, the singer didn't completely forgo her cat-eye signature; a small, black winged liner ran along her upper lash line until merging with the white liner.

Rain On Me / YouTube

What's possibly the best part about Grande's look is how easy it is to recreate no matter your skill level. When it comes to color, go big and bold like Grande with a white or start out simple with a classic black. Or, hop on one of summer's other biggest trend, neon, to draw some serious attention. It may take you a few tries to get your line crisp and straight, but after that you'll be music-video ready.

Check out the official "Rain On Me" video below to see Grande's floating eyeliner in action, plus all the other looks from both singers — because Gaga's white-winged liner is just as good.