Clean & Recyclable Holiday Makeup Is Here, Courtesy Of Aether Beauty

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Aether Beauty Mini Crystal Eyeshadow Palette look on model.
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Picking up a shimmery new eyeshadow palette before the holiday season is nothing new. But being able to buy one that's new, vegan, cruelty-free, and wrapped up in recyclable packaging is a rather recent concept, and it's thanks to the sustainable cosmetics brand Aether Beauty. You've probably heard about its zero-waste makeup before — it's available at Sephora and Anthropologie — even if you haven't yet seen the just-launched Aether Beauty Mini Crystal Eyeshadow Palettes. Though both new launches might shoot straight to the top of your shopping list once you do check them out.

Aether Beauty released two Mini Crystal Eyeshadow Palettes at Sephora on Oct. 20, just in time for the pre-holiday shopping season. There's the purple-toned Ametrine and the gold-centric Topaz, each retailing at only $24 and offering four pans per palette. And yes, whenever you do pan whichever shimmer-forward quad you choose, you're able to recycle the palette packaging — just follow along with the guidelines via the FAQ on Aether Beauty's website.

Though you won't be in a hurry to finish the fan-favorite eyeshadow formula, since Aether Beauty puts skin care-level ingredients in its palettes. Organic rosehip oil is used to hydrate skin and increase your natural collagen production, while organic moringa oil offers vitamin C as well as assistance with inflammation. (And yes, this means that the shades are as creamy and easy to blend as you'd think.)

Courtesy of Aether Beauty

The only tough choice is choosing between the two new colorways. The Ametrine quad will be your new go-to if you prefer rosy mauve tones or simpler everyday looks, since it includes a muted matte rose for extra wearability. On the other hand, Topaz is practically made for holiday wear, and has three metallics and one golden brown shimmer shade. Though you can also create neutral and nude looks with the Topaz shades, too; a light wash of the metallic bronze Rejuvenation would walk the fine line between casual nude eyeshadow and mood-boosting sparkle.

Either way, go ahead and peruse the Aether Beauty Mini Crystal Eyeshadow Palettes at stockists such as Sephora and Credo, or straight from the brand via its own website. Below, the two new eyeshadow palettes.

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