Meet Adria Arjona, The Newest Face Of Armani Beauty

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Armani Beauty
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"You're just as beautiful in person," were the first words I uttered to actress Adria Arjona during our Zoom interview in late Jul. Which, OK, technically wasn't in-person. But Arjona, bare-faced with her freckles exposed and her hair pulled back in a low-bun, had a radiance that vibrated even through a computer screen. However, it's not just beauty on the outside that actress Adria Arjona has mastered, she's just as passionate about that translating on the inside.

The 28-year-old, Good Omens and Six Underground star is no stranger to the spotlight. Growing up in Mexico City, her father, famed musician Ricardo Arjona, gave her her first taste of what it's like to be a star. However, it wasn't just how to manage fame with grace that she carried with her into adulthood, she also came to understand importance of impacting the world for the better, something she's doing with her do-good campaign with Giorgio Armani Beauty. Arjona doesn't take the opportunity lightly. "I'm in love with the scent," she tells TZR exclusively. "But to know that I'm the one representing something so impactful publicly makes it even more special."

So ahead, find out about her deep love for Armani Beauty, why her mom is her beauty icon, and the importance of activism through social media.

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On Armani Beauty

Armani Beauty

"I've always said that Giorgio Armani Beauty is just so timeless and is one of those beautiful family brands," she says. "I love the naturalistic way that they look at beauty, it's about enhancing what you already have, making it look natural and beautiful." Arjona says she was particularly honored to asked to be the face of MY WAY, the brand's newest fragrance, launching Aug. 9, that boasts sustainable sourcing. "It's our responsibility as humans to pour into the world, making it a better place and lending help," she says. "I think the bigger the brand or the bigger the company, you know, the harder it may be, but I really admire Armani for living up to the challenge. We all share the same planet and we should all be taking care of it."

The Best Beauty Tips She's Learned From Her Mom

Instagram/Adria Arjona

The actress comes by her love for beauty honestly. Her mom, a self-proclaimed beauty obsessive, taught her everything she knows. "My first word was 'lipstick,'" she laughs. "But even further than makeup, my mom's been really good with helping me embrace my beauty. When I had bad skin when I was a teenager, she always told me not to cover it up. She's been really good at helping me embrace my beauty all my stages in my life." She says she's also adopted her mom's minimalist approach to makeup. "She always tells me less is less is more," Arjona says. "Her signature look is now my favorite look and it's a bare face with a bold lipstick. I've learned, a lot from her. I still do."

However, what she hasn't quite adopted is her mom's intense skincare regimen. "I don't spend as much time on my skin as she does and maybe I should," she says. "Hopefully I'll look like her when I'm in my fifties. She takes her beauty routine very seriously." And while her daily routine may not be as rigorous, there are certain takeaways from her mother that she's incorporated. "She taught me to ice my face," she says. "So when I'm working out in the morning I ice my face to get rid of puffiness. She also taught me about the importance of moisturizer and sunscreen, and she's been really serious about drinking water. Those are the things that I mostly do now. I drink a lot of water and I make sure that I wear SPF and I hydrate, I think that'll help me age gracefully."

Why She's Still Doing Her Makeup In Quarantine

Instagram/Adria Arjona

"I've been doing a Sassy Saturday and Sassy Sunday," she says about getting glam on the weekends. "I'm so used to getting dressed up and the sudden stop to that really affects your morale. At one point I just wasn't feeling good about myself." So she's turned to a simple yet chic makeup look to make her feel better. "I started doing just a bare face and red lip every Saturday," she says. "Whether I'm going on a hike, going to the pool, or just sitting home and reading a book, I do it. It's done wonders for my spirits. I feel like I even carry myself differently when I have on the red lip."

On Using Her Platform For Change

Instagram/Adria Arjona

Long before the current trend of celebrities using their social media accounts to spread awareness, Arjona was vocal about the injustices facing minorities. "Speaking up about change is the only reason I feel I have social media," she says. "I think it's so important to speak out for what you believe in, or speak up for someone that may not have the platform that you have. I take that very seriously. I really do my research and I genuinely feel passionate about the things I post about." What she's been most ardent about these days, is voting. "Being a Hispanic, I know how important it is for minorities to vote," she says. The importance of voting has always been there, but this year is particularly important."

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