Clean Haircare Brand Act+Acre's Second Big Launch Is Here

Courtesy of Act+Acre
Act+Acre’s new Plant-Based Dry Shampoo Review.

According to Helen Reavey, founder of clean haircare brand Act+Acre, dry shampoo was "the one hair product" that she never wanted to make — even if Act+Acre’s new Plant-Based Dry Shampoo did just launch on Aug. 20. "[Dry shampoo is] commonly made of chalky powders and alcohols to quickly soak up moisture, aerosols for easy spray application, and artificial fragrances to mask odor. However, these quick fixes are actually quite harmful to the scalp over time," explained Reavey in a press email. "That said, dry shampoo has become a beloved staple for its convenience, so I saw it as an opportunity to reinvent it in a way that would not just avoid the common pitfalls, but more importantly, would also improve the health of the hair and scalp."

Cue Act+Acre's second big launch. The new Plant-Based Dry Shampoo is, in fact, plant-based, relying on rice and tapioca starches and powder to absorb oil. Those account for three of the ingredients on the shampoo's stark six-ingredient list — which adds just silica, water, and something called an Ioniplex Fulvic Ionic Mineral Complex, a hair-helper, into the mix. (Which means that the $22 shampoo is vegan, as well as talc-, aluminum-, aerosol-, and cruelty-free.)

Courtesy of Act+Acre

Though don't expect the dry shampoo to look, well, not like dry shampoo. It's still a finely milled, all-white powder, though it's super easy to rub the white cast into your scalp and hair once it's applied since the nozzle only puffs out a little bit of shampoo at a time. It's also easy to keep reaching for it throughout the day, too — Act+Acre sent it to me before the launch, and it's sat near my desk instead of with the rest of my haircare in the bathroom ever since.


And like the rest of Act+Acre's finely curated product selection, the Plant-Based Dry Shampoo leaves your hair feeling great, and your mind at ease. "As a hair wellness brand dedicated to long-term health, my goal was to create a multi-functional product that still provides that instant refresh, but also detoxifies and nourishes the scalp with each use," Reavey added.

Ahead, the newest addition to Act+Acre's product line, available on the brand's website.

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