9 Quick Styling Tricks To Make Your Outfit More Polished


Despite the noblest of efforts, some days an outfit just doesn't come together as seamlessly as one might hope. Whether it's due to an ever-growing mound of to-be-tailored clothing or a basket full of dirty laundry, there are far too many opportunities to find yourself in a closet conundrum of sorts. Rather than spiraling into a panic attack and running late for whatever you've got on the calendar that day or wearing the same thing you wore yesterday (everyone has been there), why not bookmark the list below for the next time you need to pull out a few quick fashion hacks to polish up your look instantly? Guaranteed these easy changes will come in handy.

The world polished is one of those utterly subjective, slightly-annoying fashion words that carries with it a level of ambiguity. But, perhaps it's most easily defined by this: if you ran into your ex and your boss on the same day, would you feel super confident in what you're wearing? If the answer is yes, then it's safe to say your outfit is in the polished zone (super scientific approach, right?). Ahead, you will find nine quick and easy styling tricks to arm yourself with so the next time you're rushing to put together an outfit, you'll know that whoever you happen to run into, you'll be dressed to impress.

Accessorize With A Hair Clip


Unless you've taken a months-long hiatus from Instagram, you already know the hair clip is having a moment. Whether it's an architectural gold barrette or a rhinestone-encrusted clip, a simple hair accessory magically enhances just about anything you're wearing below it. Bonus: it's probably the quickest solution to a bad hair day.

Don't Neglect Your Layers


The adage that less is more rings true in some cases, but when it comes to building an outfit, sometimes adding more depth via an extra layer or two can add polish to an outfit. Toss a chunky sweater over your shoulders or layer a thin turtleneck beneath a button-down shirt — it's easy and efficient. When it's warm out, reach for pretty sheer and cotton pieces.

Carry a Structured Bag


It's all in the bag if you will. A purse with a structured, defined silhouette can make even the most casual of looks (a striped tee and jeans, perhaps?) feel cohesive.

Consider Your Color Palette


Another approach to swiftly looking more polished is moving toward monochrome. If head-to-toe color isn't your thing, then opt for a neutral tone like cream or navy.

Join Team Trousers


Jeans are a bonafide wardrobe staple that can translate to several different occasions, both professional and relaxed. But, if your aim is to feel effortlessly pulled together, then you should consider swapping out your denim for a pair of trousers. They come across as thoughtful and are usually more comfortable than a pair of jeans — win-win!

Layer On a Blazer


Rare is the occasion that adding a blazer to the equation doesn't equate to a more polished look. It's a secret weapon through and through.

Slide Into Low Heels


Despite how cool a pair of chunky sneakers look, they don't always rank high on the refined style spectrum. Instead, slide into a pair of low heels to give your outfit a thoughtful finish without putting your feet through unnecessary pain.

Swipe On a Bright Lip


There's a reason people are obsessed with Parisian style — the clothing is minimal and comfortable and is pulled together with a simple swipe of red lipstick. C'est très facile.

Toss On a Long Coat


A long outerwear piece can work wonders. For winter, toss on an ankle-grazing wool coat and once the weather warms up, reach for a cool trench you can layer with anything in your closet.