9 New Eyeliners That Give Better Pigment Than Most Eyeshadows


Eyeliner is one of those secret weapon beauty products that add a touch of structure to your look in a matter of seconds. And most of the new 2019 eyeliners, from brands like Marc Jacobs and Grande Cosmetics, glide on even easier thanks to ingredients like candelilla wax and castor oil in the formulas.

The key to precise application, according to makeup artist Georgina Graham, is all about positioning. “I find the best way to apply eyeliner is to hold a lowered makeup compact with a mirror and look down into that so that you can see the entire eye shape and apply the product,” says Graham, whose client list includes Alexa Chung, Jennifer Lopez, and Victoria Beckham. “Sketch the desired shape lightly with a pencil and then make any corrections using a thin tip dipped in eye makeup remover. When you have the desired shape apply the liquid and again use a q-tip for any cleanup.”

And when applying, don't just swipe the pencil or pen along your eyes (even though the launches below glide on so smoothly). "Try applying the product to a small brush, then use a setting spray [like Seven Seven Cosmetics Finishing Mist in Natural Glow], and then blend the liner under the eye," explains Emily Jimison, a makeup artist and founder of Seven Seven Cosmetics.

Get ready for intense eye definition, and the smokiest of eyes thanks to these new eyeliners. Shop 10 of the best ahead.