This Magical Supplement Will Help You Fight Holiday Fatigue


With holiday festivities likely cramming your calendar for nearly the next month, the last thing you want to do is fall victim to a winter cold or flu or succumb to stress-induced fatigue. That said, it's especially important this time of year to keep your immune system functioning at its best and your energy level high. And with a little help from some natural energy boosters, you can be in top form to not only survive all the holidays, but enjoy them in good health.

As a model, mama, and certified homeopath at Remedy Your Health, Danielle Zinaich knows the importance of having great energy. Because of her status as a wellness and self-care expert, she also happens to be well-versed at ways to combat fatigue and prevent ailments like leisure sickness with natural methods like supplements and other products that help her navigate a busy schedule — particularly during such a busy season.

"In order to stay energetic during this very stressful time of the year, homeopathic constitutional treatment can really help," Zinaich says. "It works to stimulate the body’s vital force or energy center to help create maximized energy and balance." From a simple addition to your daily cup of joe to a combo of cell-boosting salts, she's got her go-to ways to stay healthy and energetic despite what her schedule throws at her — and you can find them all ahead.


"This feeds your cells a low dose of minerals," explains Zinaich of this combo of magnesium phosphate, silica, calcium fluoride, and other cell salts which are said to fight off fatigue and aid symptoms like headaches and nervous tension.

Vitamin B Complex

You've probably already heard the value of B12 for boosting energy, which it does by helping you body convert food into glucose. But Zinaich's preferred method of getting her B complex vitamins in involves these methylated capsules.

Vitamin D Drops

If you're feeling a little depleted, it's possible you're deficient in vitamin D. "When your levels are low you can lose energy and become sad," Zinaich explains. "These drops help replace natural sunlight during the winter." Another way to get in your daily intake is simply heading outdoors for a bit. As she says, "Fifteen minutes of direct sunlight to the face and hands daily can do the trick, too!"

Matcha Green Tea

The trendy green tea is great for more than just a cute Instagram pic. "Loaded with antioxidants, matcha green tea helps boost brain function, reduce cell damage and prevent chronic disease," Zinaich describes. "It also has a small amount of caffeine to give you an extra boost of energy during this stressful holiday season." Even more reason to keep sipping the stuff.

Bulletproof Coffee

While green tea can be beneficial, you'll want to be cautious of the amounts of caffeine you're ingesting if you actually want to keep your energy up. "Reduce the amount of coffee that you drink," adds Zinaich. "This way when, you drink one cup you can really feel the benefits." And the wellness guru suggests that you give your daily joe super powers with the addition of grass fed butter/ghee or coconut oil which is proven to boost brain power.

Vitamin C

Most people know that Vitamin C can help stave off colds by super charging your immune system and keeping your energy high, but one thing to keep in mind, per Zinaich is to be sure you're only taking up to your bowel tolerance — there's such a thing as too much.

MT Factor Energy

Zinaich loves taking this blend of phospholipids and glycolipids, which she describes as "a great combination supplement to help promote healthy mitochondria membranes, the primary energy producers in the body."

Epsom Salt

Not only does soaking in a tub spiked with epsom salt keep your skin soft, it can also help boost energy because of magnesium's ability to offer muscle pain relief and detoxify the body, therefore keeping you functioning at your best.


The flowering plant is frequently used as a natural remedy for fatigue, depression, and anxiety. Well Told's Energy Booster supplement boasts this as a main ingredient, as well as the aforementioned matcha, maca, and beets for a plant-powered punch.