Elizabeth Taylor’s ‘50s Waves Are A Lesson In Perfect Holiday Hair

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Elizabeth Taylor was an icon when it came to hair, too.

The 1950s were a golden era for beauty and fashion, but for the holidays, too. Iconic tunes like Brenda Lee's Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, Eartha Kitt's Santa Baby came out during this decade, and both Hanukkah and Christmas decorations exploded in popularity. So when it comes to searching for the perfect holiday look this season, you really won't need to go further than hairstyles from the '50s to find all you need.

While any decade is a viable option for pulling inspiration, there's something about hairstyles from the era of rockabillies and pin ups that fit so perfectly for when festivities roll around. Not only were '50s hairstyles versatile, but the breadth of options was impressive.

Although coifs and pin curls may be the first things you think of, sleek bobs, brushed out waves, and accessorized updos were equally as trendy, making it a decade of plenty of copyable styles — most of which are still stylish today. While you probably won't be wearing a poodle skirt to your family's dinner, you can still pay homage to a bygone era that seriously knew what it was doing with hair.

If you're unsure of the style you'd like to emulate this holiday season, leave it to the below nine celebrities and their flawless hairstyles to inspire your festive looks.

'50s Hairstyle: Low Chignon

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Slicked back, but soft, a low-lying updo is put-together but simple. Case in point is this elegant chignon courtesy of Audrey Hepburn, which shows how sophisticated this looks for a festive gathering.

'50s Hairstyle: Tousled Updo

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If "undone" looks are more your thing, then a messy updo like this one Sophia Loren mastered is a worthy option. This tousled bun adds texture and interest and goes beyond a classic ponytail. Pair it with a winged liner like Loren, and you're all set for the season.

'50s Hairstyle: Chic Hairpiece

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Sometimes, to really take a look from everyday to festive, you need to incorporate accessories. Hazel Scott's pretty hair piece here is the perfect inspiration for adding a little glitz to a regular updo. Add a red lip and voila — a supreme holiday look.

'50s Hairstyle: Voluminous Curls

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Super voluminous waves will forever be a go-to look for special occasions. Elizabeth Taylor was the queen of this, and whether you spice it up with a dramatic smoky eye or keep your makeup and attire minimal, the curls will do all the attention-grabbing work.

'50s Hairstyle: Sleek & Straightened

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A modern sleek bob inspired by the likes of Nina Simone is a must for those who appreciate cutting edge, sharp looks. Straightening your hair into a shiny pin-straight 'do is a chic move for the holidays, but truly is an evergreen look for any time of year.

'50s Hairstyle: Deep Side Part

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Jane Fonda's deep side part and silky curls are perfect holiday hairstyle material. Dramatic parts always go down well at dinners and drinks, but this look is equally suitable for things as simple as going gift shopping.

'50s Hairstyle: Dazzling Hair Clips

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Take a page from Dinah Washington's book and add a couple of hair clips to spice up any hairstyle for the holidays. The second December rolls around, sparkle and glitter are practically a requirement in some form to really make things feel festive.

'50s Hairstyle: Wavy Bob

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Old school glamour is especially prevalent when glittering holiday parties pop up. If your New Year's look is feeling a bit lackluster, brushed out waves a la Marilyn Monroe can be your saving grace. Add a bit of hair oil for plenty of shine and a hair clip or two if you're really feeling sparkly.

'50s Hairstyle: Ponytail Scarf

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If you're not one to add tinsel and shine in the form of accessories to your hair, a scarf or tie is a worthy replacement. Eartha Kitt's slicked back ponytail here looks chic on its own, but the addition of a scarf makes this perfect party attire.

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