7 Hairstyles From The ‘70s To Reminisce Over — & Maybe Copy, Too

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Nothing will ever beat the '70s hairstyles that stars adopted during the decade. The fact that there's a resurgence of an entire era of trends this year says a lot about the timelessness of these styles. Between the sleek hair from the '60s and the wild perms of the '80s, the funky looks that came out of this time were a mix of flowing lengths, lots of volume, and even a few chic lobs.

Some well-known styles that may come to mind from the '70s were looks like Farrah Fawcett's windswept curls and Cher's super-long locks. While there's no denying that they were iconic, there were far more trends to spread throughout this era that deserve as much recognition.

It can't be forgotten that Donna Summer also rocked voluminous waves, as big and bold as Fawcett's. And long hair may have won over the majority of '70s stars, but that didn't prevent shorter hairstyles from taking center stage. Like the ones seen on Tina Turner and Tamlyn Tomita, even bobs and lobs rose up to trend status. Honestly, these 10 years were a nonstop stream of fabulous hair, and it's no surprise that most of these styles are having a moment again in 2020.

Ahead, see the hairstyles that were as iconic as the stars who wore them.

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