7 Hairstyles From The ‘70s To Reminisce Over — & Maybe Copy, Too

Nothing will ever beat the '70s hairstyles that stars adopted during the decade. The fact that there's a resurgence of an entire era of trends this year says a lot about the timelessness of these styles. Between the sleek hair from the '60s and the wild perms of the '80s, the funky looks that came out of this time were a mix of flowing lengths, lots of volume, and even a few chic lobs.

Some well-known styles that may come to mind from the '70s were looks like Farrah Fawcett's windswept curls and Cher's super-long locks. While there's no denying that they were iconic, there were far more trends to spread throughout this era that deserve as much recognition.

It can't be forgotten that Donna Summer also rocked voluminous waves, as big and bold as Fawcett's. And long hair may have won over the majority of '70s stars, but that didn't prevent shorter hairstyles from taking center stage. Like the ones seen on Tina Turner and Tamlyn Tomita, even bobs and lobs rose up to trend status. Honestly, these 10 years were a nonstop stream of fabulous hair, and it's no surprise that most of these styles are having a moment again in 2020.

Ahead, see the hairstyles that were as iconic as the stars who wore them.

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Rapunzel-Like Lengths

Though she's a woman of many styles and talents, Cher's long hair is a testament to a trend that has lasted for decades. Wearing this style for most of her life (despite a stint with a short curly perm in the '80s), the singer and actor is proof that the groovy look has outgrown every decade.

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Voluminous Waves

Waves like Summer's gorgeous, high-volume ones could be considered one of the top trends — if not the top trend — during the '70s. Sleek and brushed out, this certain style had a uniformly "crimped" vibe about it, minus the harsh angles. It looked glamorous but could just as easily be worn out to run errands, which is why it has never gone out of style.

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Blunt Bangs

On the opposite end of the long hair spectrum were cuts like Turner's gorgeous reddish brown lob and bangs. Thick fringe and blunt cuts were completely on-trend and a sophisticated option for those who preferred a shorter style. In the past couple of decades, this has reappeared as a popular choice, especially for summer and fall.

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Undone Updos

Even in 2020, that slightly undone updo with a California-inspired vibe is still super trendy. Despite many people spending hours trying to get the perfect mix of messy and put together, Goldie Hawn is one star in particular who always seemed to get it just right. While she's gone through many fun hairstyles over the years, arguably her best were her messy buns and laissez-faire updos, like this one.

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Gravity-Defying Volume

This decade was the start of relentless volume — no matter how many cans of hair spray and gel it took. Brushed up and out, lengths and hair types weren't of concern, but rather how much height you could achieve. Oprah Winfrey's thick and voluminous 'do here is enviable even in today's times.

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Curtain Fringe

The only thing more famous than this '70s icon was her hair. Fawcett was one star who helped define what volume really means when it comes to waves and curtain bangs. It was rare to find anyone who didn't at least try this look that consisted of curls shimmying down from your fringe to just past your shoulders (just take a peek at your mom's yearbook).

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Sleek Lobs

When you first think of the '70s, your mind might invoke images of ultra-voluminous waves and curls, but sleek 'dos were equally as popular. A shining example is Tomita's sleek lob and side-swept bangs, which couldn't look more sophisticated paired with her white red carpet dress. Like Turner, the actor was onto something with this trend as it's still a much-loved style today.

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