This $13 Zara Top Guarantees An Instantly Elevated Look

Courtesy of Zara

For most, sequins can be a little much. And if not careful, you can easily overdo it on the sparkled embellishment. Though the task of elevating sequins into something more sophisticated may seem tricky, this cherry-picked selection of sequin tops at Zara, will create an instantly elevated look.

When it comes to trends one rule of thumb rings true: If Kate Middleton is doing it, you probably should be, too. And one way to mimic the royal's sparkly look for every day is with more pared back styles. Enter: Sequin tops. And while one specific style may come to mind, really, there are a slew of unique and appropriate options on the market right now to get you on the right path. Try trading in your argyle vest for one a touch more festive. But if adding an elevated party outfit is on your shopping list, a semi sheer blouse decorated in sequins is not only presentable, but fashion-forward, too. Or for a more casual occasion, a slinky wrap tank top that's reminiscent of 90's nostalgia quickly dresses up a pair of boyfriend jeans for an unexpected 'cool-girl' combination.

However, if you're still not convinced shimmery sequins will step up as a key player in your wardrobe, then look ahead to some quite refined options.