This 2020 Dress Trend Is The Opposite Of What You Wore Last Year


This summer saw millions give up their travel plans in favor of staying inside. As a majority of time is spent at home, the biggest summer 2020 fashion trends are shaping up to be understandably different than 2019's. With comfort continuing to remain a top priority when dressing for the new season, many of the top styles are influenced by that same notion.

"In general, everything is a bit more easy this year and less obvious," Tiffany Hsu, fashion buying director at Mytheresa, tells TZR. "I think a lot of trends are moving into the more comfortable and timeless direction in these difficult times." Where last year, every week ushered in a new trend to shop or save on Instagram, but this year, many shoppers have balanced buying new items with focus outside of the industry. But that's not to say there aren't a few simple trends that will help elevate your summer ensembles (see: sleek skinny strap, comfy dresses, chic sandals). For expert advice on what to look out for, TZR asked a few prominent women in the fashion industry what trends they are spotting, and how they vary from summer 2019. Keep scrolling to find eight trends to sport all summer long.

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Summer 2020 Trend That Is The Opposite Of 2019's: Fitted Knit Silhouettes

"Floaty cloud-like shapes have been plentiful in the dress world and continue to be a popular choice," Celenie Laura Fleur Seidel, senior womenswear editor at Farfetch, tells TZR. But the beloved voluminous shapes are competing with a style that's a bit more sleek. "On the other end of the spectrum, we are seeing a movement towards new, more slimmed-down, body-skimming silhouettes via knitted dresses."

Summer 2020 Trend That Is The Opposite Of 2019's: Skinny Straps

The summer 2019 puff-sleeve top craze is being replaced with the re-emergence of '90s styles. "This summer we take it very much back to the '90s with more minimal fabrics, skinny straps, and great cut-outs," Hsu notes. "We have been seeing some dramatic silhouettes for awhile, but this trend is definitely here to replace that and the '90s are in full swing again."

Summer 2020 Trend That Is The Opposite Of 2019's: Shorts Are Getting Shorter

Bermuda shorts are getting traded in for a shorter style this season. "Knee shorts in both tailored fabric and leather versions were one of last summer’s greatest hits, with Bottega Veneta turning out some of the best versions," Seidel explains. "This summer, hemlines are creeping up and micro shorts are working their way into the offer."

Summer 2020 Trend That Is The Opposite Of 2019's: Subtle Skin Showing

Stylist Peju Famojure says in summer 2019 she saw women influenced by men, and incorporating the rebellious skater subculture trend by wearing bike shorts, bucket hats, and ironic florals usually worn by dads on vacation. But for this summer, she's seeing different types of rebellious fashion choices emerging. "First is conscious clothing and making a statement with your dollars," Famojure explains. "Second are the subtle flashes of skin in barely-there sheer options with cool graphics, or alluring and experimental cut outs."

Summer 2020 Trend That Is The Opposite Of 2019's: Oversized Bags

Ida Petersson, womenswear and menswear buying director at Browns, is expecting bags to get bigger this summer. "Micro bags were the ultimate accessory in 2019. And 2020 it’s all about maxi styles and silhouettes," she tells TZR.

Summer 2020 Trend That Is The Opposite Of 2019's: Strappy Sandals

The chunky sneaker has been the footwear du jour over the past few years, however Michal Kurtis, director of fashion office and merchandising at Barneys, thinks it's time to retire the silhouette. "Cult worthy developing brands like By Far and ATP are churning out summer staples like strappy sandals, updated flip flops in classic leathers, and novelty glitter that will make you want to pass on lacing your toes in heavy trainers when the temps rise."

Summer 2020 Trend That Is The Opposite Of 2019's: New Prints

It's time to introduce new exciting prints into your wardrobe for summer 2020. "Some prints we are seeing for 2020 in general that are the opposite of 2019 are your classic but underdog prints like a cow print, checks, and, people," Gabriela Pelletier, associate buyer and brand Partnerships coordinator at Lisa Says Gah, tells TZR. "The options have felt quite endless, but in 2019 we saw lots of large scale floral prints along with fruit and gingham prints."

Summer 2020 Trend That Is The Opposite Of 2019's: Summer Black

Even with hot temps, the fashion crowd is proving black can be worn in the summer. "While we’ve been enjoying a pleasing palette of soft pastels for a while, taking a more forward-looking view it is evident that classic black is prevalent in high summer and pre-fall deliveries," Seidel explains.