How To Get The Shiniest Hair Of Your Life

Glossy locks are a hot commodity, especially in the summertime—nothing goes with a sun-kissed glow quite like hair that just perfectly catches the light. Whether or not you’re naturally blessed with a lustrous mane, there are a handful of trade secrets anyone can employ to boost the shine factor. Here, six trusted pros share the tips they swear by for gorgeous, shimmering hair.


Shine Bright

"The best way to get shiny hair is with an apple cider vinegar rinse. Mix one-quarter cup vinegar with two cups water for the formula—shampoo hair as normal, then apply the rinse. Leave it on for a few minutes or use it as a mask and sleep with it on overnight. It stimulates the scalp and restores its pH level, cleanses the hair without stripping natural oils, removes buildup from chemical products and helps retain moisture—all things that make hair glossy!"

Adir Abergel

"Getting shiny hair is all about choosing the right products. Use a frizz-taming shampoo (which smooths the cuticle layer of the hair) to prep tresses, then follow up with the OUAI Treatment Masque. My favorite way to use the mask is during a workout— the heat from a sweat session allows it to work deeper. The mask uses artichoke leaf extract, which provides a moisture barrier, prevents UV damage and seals in color. Use cool water to rinse, then apply hair oil throughout before styling. When blow-drying (I suggest the Dyson Supersonic for the smoothest blowout in the fastest time), make sure the nozzle attachment of the dryer is facing down so that everything lies flat. Finish each section with a cool shot to seal in the style."

Jen Atkin

"Post-shower, use an old cotton T-shirt to dry hair. Towel fibers can be too harsh on wet, delicate strands and can cause frizz and breakage. Gently squeeze out moisture with the T-shirt instead of shaking the hair or roughing it up. Another tip is to sleep on silk pillowcases. The fibers in most sheets can be too harsh (hair is delicate and should be treated that way!). A silk pillowcase or silk scarf allows the hair to lie flat, keeps natural oils intact and prevents frizz and flyaways."

Justine Marjan

"Ditch dandruff and lock in luster by crushing aspirin into your shampoo. Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which works to target all the product residue and dead skin cells that accumulate on the scalp. We all know just how harmful product buildup can be, and dandruff actually causes your hair to look lifeless (not to mention how irritating and embarrassing an itchy scalp and flaking can be). To revive your hair, break and mix in two aspirin pills with your usual shampoo and simply wash all the gunk away. Just remember not to overdo it, because salicylic acid can have a drying effect and may rob your scalp of its natural oils. Start out with a weekly treatment, and as you see improvements, move to a bi-monthly schedule."

Sascha Breuer

"Mix your own treatment by using L'Oréal's Pro Fiber Restore Masque with any kind of coconut oil. Apply weekly, and sleep in it, do yoga in it, etc. To maintain shine, get gloss and conditioning treatments with your stylist every four to six weeks."

Johnny Ramirez

"If you want shiny hair, avoid hot water at all costs. Cold water helps seal up the cuticle [for a shiny finish]."

Anh Co Tran