How To Survive Winter Like A Stylish New Yorker

Melodie Jeng / Getty Images

Though New Yorkers have experienced unseasonably warm temperatures the last couple of weeks, the weather is inevitably bound to turn. (It's always so fickle this time of year.) Typically, when winter returns, the city's residents immediately ditch their summery skirts and tees and slip into a uniform that's equal parts fashionable and functional. New York in particular is a city where dressing to impress remains key, no matter how cold it gets — so you can imagine the city's residents have figured out the necessary staples. So, jumping on board with the key fashion essentials for New York winters can help you no matter where you call home.

Not graced with that 212 area code? Not a problem. This quick, effortless seven-piece winter uniform translates anywhere that's especially chilly this time of year, because it employs a tried and true style trick: layering. Anyone who lives in a cold climate knows the secret to staying pleasantly toasty December through March is to layer, layer, layer. So without further adieu, scroll down to find out what seven items you can mix and match together to create the perfect winter wardrobe, as approved by NYC residents.

Piece #1: Toasty Topper

There's perhaps nothing more dreadful than frozen earlobes. Avoid the conundrum altogether with the easy addition of a simple beanie. If you're looking to feel a bit more polished, opt for a furry iteration or a beret (worn over the ears).


Piece #2: Wool Scarf

New Yorkers know the importance of bundling up to keep your neck warm. Thankfully, there is a myriad of ways of tying this timeless accessory, which means your uniform can feel fresh and different each time.


Piece #3: Chunky Sweater

This one's a no-brainer and it's fun. Thick wool and cashmere sweaters in a range of hues and patterns will help keep your body toasty and your ensemble exciting. Layered with a contrasting jacket, you'll be ready to brave the elements.


Piece #4: Versatile Coat

There's virtually no way to survive a New York winter without a coat in tow. Invest in outerwear that you feel like you can wear with almost everything in your wardrobe. Wool, shearling, and other similar textures are the best for insulating.


Piece #5: Durable Denim

For special occasions a dress and tights are fine, but for everyday wears, a pair of stiff denim or wool slacks is the way to go for your bottom half—it's simply the warmer, wiser choice. Layer heat tech underneath for the days when it's especially chilly.


Piece #6: Tall Socks

Skip the no-shows until spring and invest in a slew of fun socks that'll not only prevent frostbite (having your pinky toes go numb is no fun) and maybe even add a pop of personality to your look.


Piece #7: Comfortable Boots

A pair of sneakers is usually the most comfortable option but when it's freezing outside they often can't provide adequate insulation—that's where boots come into the picture. Reach for a pair of ankle boots that you can walk all day (and night) in and that will instantly elevate any look. A low heel is fine as long as they're on the chunkier side.