"Mushroom Blonde" Is Still Trending For Fall 2019 — Along With These 6 Hues

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A woman with blonde hair and red lipstick looking directly into the camera

For some reason, the slightest hint of a windchill prompts most people to switch over to darker hues, whether it be with clothing or makeup. And while darker shades rule the season, blonde hair trends for fall 2019 aren't necessarily exempt. Bright and dark shades are equally popular, according to stylists across the country.

In the past, blonde hair required a ton of upkeep. Now with techniques like balayage and simple highlights, blonde is becoming a lower maintenance color. “Low maintenance blonde lasts up to six months with the proper maintenance," Christine Silverman, a Los Angeles-based hair colorist at the Ramirez | Tran Salon tells TZR. "At four months, most people usually want to touch up their natural regrowth, sometimes sooner or sometimes longer depending on the placement and technique.” And if you cleanse with a gentle sulfate-free shampoo and do a mask regularly to seal the hair cuticles, you will see better longevity with your blonde in terms of fading and hair health, Silverman says.

And in New York, “people are opting for rooted citrine blond, which has golden and buttery tones that brighten the face,” Stephanie Brown, master colorist at IGK Salon SoHo in New York says. Mushroom blonde, which is a slightly darker and a warmer dark blonde will also continue to trend, too. “It’s a bit more neutral with a few lighter ombré strands woven through the hair,” Brown explains.

Ahead, see seven blonde shades that colorists say will be the most popular this fall.

Striking Bright Winter Blonde

Caitlin Richardson, owner of Los Angeles’ Blonde / Blond Salon says to opt for an almost white shade for the new season. The color is still bright, but the white tones make the hair appear darker.

Photo by April Kayganich

Honey Blonde

"For fall, it seems that a lot of people love warm tones. We still see a lot of very natural-looking balayage highlights, but the tones are honey, caramels, and beige blondes," April Kayganich, an Austin, Texas-based colorist, and curl expert says.

Buttery Blonde

“Striking bright winter blonde is a huge trend this fall,” Richardson tells TZR. The color gives a golden and buttery warmth to the hair and reflects the light adding to a healthy appearance.

Citrine Blonde

"Think Rooted Citrine Blonde this fall, which have golden and buttery tones that brighten the face but is lower maintenance," Brown says.

Blonde For Grey Hair Coverage

Having your grey blend into you hair color is a simple option for blonds this fall, too. "A blonde client looking to cover gray roots will have their color last an average of four to six weeks," Damian Valverde, a colorist at the Osgood O’neil Salon in Dallas, Texas says.

Mushroom Blonde

"Mushroom blonde is a slightly darker and warmer dark blonde or dirty brunette. It’s a bit more neutral with a few lighter ombré strands woven through the hair," Brown says.

Golden Glow

"Golden" blonde is trending for fall 2019 Nikki Lee, a celebrity hairstylist who works with Emma Roberts and Lindsay Lohan, tells TZR.

Fire Golden-Glow

And if you want a bit of warmth, try adding red undertones to your blonde, as seen on Emma Roberts.