7 2020 Engagement Ring Trends To Bookmark For Safe Keeping

Whether you're getting ready to take the next step with your significant other or are just seeking inspiration for a later date, the 2020 engagement ring trends that have popped up so far are not to be missed. Though we're only a few months into the year, there are already some interesting ring trends on the rise. Curious to know what they are? Well, you've come to the right place — and you'll want to bookmark these stunners for safe keeping.

Though you've likely scrolled passed several sparklers on your Instagram recently (and maybe even tried to zoom in on a newly-engaged celebrity's rock), it's not always easy to get a clear picture of what silhouette, stone, and design details are having a moment. This is where those who work in the glittery trenches come in — jewelry designers and experts from retailers have shared with TZR the trends you need to know, and also make predictions of what's likely to come as the year unfolds.

Click through to learn what industry insiders are seeing for 2020, and shop trending styles — one of which may just be the ring of your dreams.

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Brilliant Earth

Engagement Ring Trend: Elongated Center Stones

"Elongated center stones (think pears, ovals, and emeralds) are a rising trend in engagement rings. Last year we saw celebrities like J.Lo and Scarlett Johansson opt for elongated center stones, which elongate the wearer’s finger while also appearing larger in carat size," says Taylor Peterson, a rep from Blue Nile. "In 2020, we're seeing the trend continue with Nikki Bella and newly engaged Jenna Dewan, who is rocking a gorgeous oval-cut center stone. We expect to see these cuts continue to grow in popularity this year."

Similarly, Kristen Trustey of Forevermark shares with TZR, "Traditionally, round brilliant diamonds have been the most popular shape for engagement rings accounting for as much as 90% of diamond engagement ring purchases. However, in recent years, we've seen a surge in fancy shaped diamonds (any shape other than round) now accounting for 50 percent of diamond engagement rings, with some of the most popular shapes being cushion, oval, emerald, and princess. Elongated shapes like an oval, emerald, or elongated cushion are particularly popular and finger-flattering."

Meanwhile, designer Grace Lee calls out pear shapes specifically: "The biggest trend I have seen in 2020 so far is the rise of interest in pear-shaped diamonds. More than half of our custom inquiries are for pear-shaped diamonds."

Blue Nile

Engagement Ring Trend: Yellow-Gold Bands

"Across the jewelry category, it's no secret the warm hues of yellow gold are trending," notes Peterson, adding "Hailey Bieber’s yellow gold solitaire engagement ring cemented that this trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon. She goes on to say, "With yellow gold rings up 43 percent since 2018 at, we expect this engagement setting to continue to increase in popularity throughout 2020."

Kathryn Money, VP of Strategy & Merchandising for Brilliant Earth, tells TZR, "With former Bachelorettes JoJo Fletcher and Rachel Lindsay, along with celebs like Emily Ratajkowski all opting for yellow gold, we expect the metal to hold onto its moment in the spotlight well into this year. Yellow gold’s warm tone pairs beautifully with classic, contemporary and vintage-inspired styles."

Brilliant Earth

Engagement Ring Trend: Eternity Bands

"We've been seeing an increase in requests for a unique band over a solitaire engagement ring," says KATKIM designer Katherine Kim. "Client's seem to love the idea of going more non traditional with a statement band that feels more special to them."

Designer Grace Lee has seen this shift as well, a "trend I am seeing is that brides are choosing one ring that doubles as an engagement ring and wedding band." And, Kathryn Money, VP of Strategy & Merchandising for Brilliant Earth, predicts that this will continue, "In lieu of a classic engagement ring, we anticipate a rise in popularity of eternity bands, which are a glamorous and elegant alternative."


Engagement Ring Trend: Three Stones

"From Meghan Markle’s iconic three-stone engagement ring to Princess Beatrice’s showstopper, side stone accents got a lot of attention in 2019 thanks to the royals. However, as 2020 continues, fancy shaped side stone accents in particular will reign," says Money. "To replicate this popular trend, opt for an art deco-inspired look with tapered baguette diamonds or something more contemporary with pear, marquise or trillion shaped cuts."

Designer Ashley Zhang shares, "Three stone rings are a classic style that many of my clients are loving! They are a great way to have a timeless and elegant ring that is not just a solitaire style. The diamonds will elegantly sparkle across your finger."

Ashley Zhang

Engagement Ring Trend: Delicate Designs

Those seeking more pared-back silhouettes will be pleased to learn dainty designs are receiving attention, too. "We are seeing a lot of love for the more delicate silhouettes and I have plans to add more pieces like this into the collection," Designer Anna Sheffield shares with TZR.

On a similar note, Catbird recently unveiled new delicate designs as part of its in-house collection. "We just launched our first collection of solitaires, which riffs on our well-established engagement grouping that we call The Swans," Leigh Plessner, Co-Creative Director at Catbird tells TZR. "All of the diamonds in the solitaires are either recycled or laboratory-grown. I expect them to do quite well — part of the beauty of living in a time that eschews tradition is that one can choose to be traditional."


Engagement Ring Trend: Special Halo Details

"Feminine, romantic design details that almost have an heirloom quality are currently on-trend," says Trustey. "Think a floral-halo design around the center diamond (which can also make the center diamond appear larger without breaking the bank) or a rose gold setting."

Money adds: "We’re seeing engagement ring designs featuring surprise details and elongated diamond shapes continuing to trend through the start of 2020. Engagement rings with surprise details like hidden diamond halos continue to be some of our most popular engagement ring styles. In fact, in the last 12 months, Brilliant Earth’s social posts that featured hidden halos received almost 65 percent more likes than posts featuring non-halo designs."


Engagement Ring Trend: Colored Stones

Colored stones had a big moment last year and are poised to be popular again in 2020. "We continue to see a strong interest in center stones that are not white diamonds — tons of sapphires, which work well for their heartiness, and pearls, which have more specific care requirements," says Plessner.

And designer Anna Sheffield adds: "We've always dabbled in colored gemstones and mixing precious and semiprecious stones. You see there are clear trends for different colors. And right now it's very much about neutrals, and semi precious and diamonds together. We love Grey Spinel with any gold and some diamonds!"

Anna Sheffield