The Crucial Summer Trend You'll Wear Seven Days A Week


Ah, the simple satisfaction of finding a piece that you know you'll wear until it totally wears out. It could be a pair of designer heels that are actually comfortable, or simply a leather jacket from a vintage store that fits like it was made just for you. It's worth investing in a wardrobe that you know you'll be able to adapt every which way. This time of year, you're likely interested in acquiring key summer fashion essentials to get you through the balmy months ahead. This means, you'll need pieces that are simple, stylish, and work just as well for the office as they do for your hours off the clock.

While there are some pieces that simply won't work for a 9-to-5 situation, like a bikini or comfy denim cutoffs, you'd be surprised at how easy it can be to re-work some of summer's coolest trends to ensure that you'll be able to wear them weekly, if not every single day during the months to come. Ahead, see how to take key pieces like tie-dye tees and white denim from the beach to the boardroom by employing a few simple styling tweaks. Plus, if you're short on any of these summer staples, shop the picks to invest in for a smart wardrobe you can wear all season long.

Seashell-Bedecked Jewelry

Your gut reaction to a piece of jewelry embellished with seashells is probably somewhere along the lines of, "must put on bikini and reach for sunscreen," But, this aquatic accessory also translates to a 9-to-5 scenario, believe it or not. Simply style with a few polished jewelry pieces, like a simple gold chain or tennis bracelet, and wear with a cute tee tucked into a midi skirt. Finish with a structured handbag and low heels.

Strappy Sandals

The heels trend of choice for 2019 is confirmed to be the strappy sandal. and while this alluring footwear option is well-suited for packing in your suitcase for a warm-weather trip abroad, it also works perfectly with a linen suit for the office. Add a button-down into the mix, and you'll be ready for the boardroom.


This psychedelic style shows no signs of slowing down as the print trend du jour for 2019, which means there's all the more reason to find more ways to style it. Though it's a no-brainer choice for a relaxed weekend look with shorts, if you tuck it into a printed skirt and polish off the look with heels, it actually works quite well for an office environment.

Bermuda Shorts

Longer shorts of all shapes and silhouettes have cropped up for summer, ranging from sporty drawstring iterations to Bermudas. These below-the-knee iterations look especially cute worn with a bikini top and flip flops by the beach, but if you're headed to work, simply style them with a button-down shirt and pumps.

Lime Green

If bold lime green has yet to make its way into your closet, that may all change soon. The cheery hue feels fitting for a tropical environment, but if you pick slightly more polished silhouettes the color can work for the boardroom, too. If you want to ease into it, start small by adding a more low-key piece into your collection like a simple top or pair of heels.

White Denim

Whether you're headed to Greece or the South of France, a pair of crisp white jeans should be in your suitcase. But if you're wondering how to wear them during the week, consider layering a printed blouse and tonal jacket on top for structure. For footwear, these pants are particularly versatile and can be styled with boots, sneakers, or sandals — your choice!