6 Delightfully Extra Nail Trends To Try This Summer

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It comes as no surprise that neon shades and rainbow nails will stick around all summer — it's like the sunshine serves as a prerequisite to be as bright as possible. But according to Instagram's top nail artists, like Miss Pop and Jenny Bui, summer 2019's nail art trends will have upgraded touches.

"Personally, I stay inspired by fashion trends. Nail designs tend to compliment clothing patterns and fads," Bui, who works with Cardi B., notes of the latest fads for fingertips. Perhaps that's why neon acrylic powder-dipped manicures made the list... because everyone is still obsessed with all things slime green. And somehow, the negative space nail designs (which kind of look even better once your nails grow out) remind me of the strappy sandals that fashionistas are gravitate toward lately. Pearls still reign (Team TZR called it!), even if they aren't on your actual fingers. Oh, and if you think that florals for spring were groundbreaking, just wait until you see the the dried flower manicure that only looks complicated.

The point is this: While a plain, solid manicure will never go out of style, summertime is the right time to skip the subdued vibe and be unapologetically bold. And hopefully the styles below will give you a head start.

Neon Acrylic Powder

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"Clients aren't requesting gel polish as much," Bui says of this trend, which had a 442 percent boost in search on Pinterest in 2018. "And clients seem to really like the bright colors for summer."

Pearl Accents

"I’m seeing negative space being simplified and almost more graphic in a sense," manicurist Alicia Torello, who works with Emilia Clarke, says. "Designs are incorporating waves, faces or a lot of delicate appliqués lately." For our spring beauty shoot, manicurist Elizabeth Garcia hand-placed pearl accents in between the model's finger. It looked beautiful on camera, but isn't necessarily the most practical style for everyday wear. Torello's design, above, has every bit the whimsy with a little more functionality. How could you go wrong?

Electric Polka Dots

If you're not ready for a full set of brights, this dotted iteration is a bit more approachable. "Neon was all over the runways for summer, from the clothing down to the fingertips," Miss Pop, a New York City-based editorial and runway nail artist tells TZR. "'Dayglo' shades are fabulous in the sunshine, but are even more noticeable as they light up at night." Surprisingly, this chic shade that Miss Pop used last year is from your favorite pre-teen haven: Claire's.

"Jelly" Tips

"Clear and bright jelly-tinted tips are a fun way to try faux fingernails," Miss Pop says, citing her Moschino Fall/Winter 2019 manicure (done with Essie polishes) as an example.

Unconventional Scribbles & Squiggles


"Lines have gone wavy and wild," Miss Pop says of this expressive Moschino Spring/Summer 2019 look. "Nothing strict and straight, everything is in motion — an impression of the moment."

Dainty Dried Florals

Miss Pop says that dropping natural flower buds on your nails and sealing them with a strong topcoat is an "easy-peasy summer look."

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