This Shimmering Holiday Makeup Look Is Easy To Create In A Hurry

Dinner is cooking away, egg nog has been acquired, the presents are ready to be opened — and you're still hovering over your eyeshadow palettes, not sure where to begin with your holiday makeup. First of all, know that you aren't the only one in need of last-minute holiday makeup ideas. Between the gifting, decorating, video calls, and Netflix movie marathons, how to approach your evening glam is probably the last thing on your mind.

Until, you know, that evening. Then it can become a number one priority. And sure, there are staples you can pull out of your hat like a magician materializing a rabbit from thin air: you can't go wrong with a candy red lip, for one. Extra lashes, cat-eye liner, and actually taking the time to contour are all special occasion moves worthy of your holiday dinner.

But if you want to go the extra mile? Then continue scrolling. Ahead are six easy holiday makeup ideas that deliver that extra wow factor, regardless of if you're grabbing a seat at a table with your family or chiming into a crowded Zoom with friends. Plus, they all can be pulled off in a flash, because time is of the essence when a champagne toast is waiting on you.

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Last-Minute Holiday Makeup Ideas: Glossy Lids & Highlight

For the truly short on time — like, out the door in the next 10 minutes — speed-run your complexion routine then finish it by patting on a lid and cheek gloss. It's modern and a bit flashy, especially when paired with a lip gloss. (And who doesn't want that Patrick Ta glow?)

Last-Minute Holiday Makeup Ideas: Gold Glitter & Long Lashes

PSA: You only need to pat on a gold glitter or metallic eyeshadow to achieve holiday glamour à la Katy Perry. Really, that's it. Though if you have a steady hand and some extra time, pop on thicker faux lashes for the complete effect.

Last-Minute Holiday Makeup Ideas: Swept Silver Eyeshadow

Imagine silver as the older, futuristic sister to gold. Whereas gold is great as a glitter, silver sparkles when you wash it on, either as a true matte or softened gunmetal. Bring the pigment up to your brow bone and into the inner corner of your eye for a bolder look, or simply blend it out at the lid crease for something more subdued.

Last-Minute Holiday Makeup Ideas: Deep Scarlet Lipstick

A neat, red lip is like the holiday equivalent of Halloween's cat whiskers — a no-brainer that you can't go wrong with. It pairs perfectly with more natural glam (soap brows, nude eyeshadow) or with more finishing touches (shimmery eyeshadow, blushed cheeks). Skip the lighter reds and go with a darker romantic shade, like MAC's classic Ruby Woo.

Last-Minute Holiday Makeup Ideas: Perfected Pomade Brows

Is it a big makeup day when you apply lipstick? Then stick to what you know and prefer. To make it feel more special than usual, revisit pomade and powder to neatly manicure and fill your brows.

Last-Minute Holiday Makeup Ideas: Your Best & Brightest Lids

You know that bright eyeshadow you bought on a whim but haven't worn yet? How about the neon eyeliner? Now's the time to bring your brightest eye makeup out of the shadows. Go for a single-color look, or combine and blend to your heart's content.