My Go-To Fall Uniform Is About To Get A Major Upgrade Thanks To These 6 Pieces

by Shelby Ying Hyde

For The Zoe Report's fall fashion issue, TZR editors are sharing the Fall/Winter 2019 pieces they’re most excited to welcome into their wardrobes. Going into the new season, shopping news editor Shelby Hyde has her eyes set on a pair of chunky Prada brogues that go with just about anything.

I almost never know how to respond when asked to describe my style, mainly because it really just depends on the day and what I have planned. I've had friends even go as far as calling me "occasion Barbie," which I feel really sums up my desire to just have fun with what I'm wearing and try on a bunch of different hats. Ultimately, as cliché as it sounds, I try to go with what makes me feel most confident while not being afraid to take some styling risks. If it doesn't work, I tried it and now I move on.

That said, when it comes to building a wardrobe, I tend to lean more toward capsule curation, as I think it's really important to put your focus (and money) on high-quality basics, with a few heart-throbbing statement pieces that pop up along the way.

The same can be said for fall dressing. I always want to make sure that I'm investing in really nice jackets (be it blazers or casual) and denim, since I would consider these to be the backbone of my wardrobe. At the start of the new season I try to stock up on pieces I know I'll continuously reach for when I get dressed in the morning.

During fall more than ever, practical footwear is super important to me. But I'm a firm believer in finding the sweet spot between comfort and style (yes, both are attainable). I've found that dressing from the feet up makes deciding what to wear each day that much easier.

Prada Brogues

For fall I try to invest in super chic footwear that's both comfortable and practical. When I saw Prada's brogues walk down the runway, I was instantly drawn to the chunky silhouette and gripped sole that's perfectly suited for tailoring, but would edge up a loose-fitting dress just as easily. Plus, it gives me a chance to show off fun hosiery — something that a seasonal pair of boots couldn't offer.

Martin Grant Trench Coat

Anyone who knows me knows that I have quite an extensive trench coat collection, and with Martin Grant's reversible version it's like I'm getting two very different designs in one. I especially love when a piece has two distinct personalities — one side is coated, while the other features a classic houndstooth print. It makes the styling options truly endless.

Magda Butrym Jeans

Jeans are such an integral part of my fall wardrobe, and Magda Butrym's "Grangeville" style are my ideal fit and wash combo, realized. I feel like you can never have too many pairs of jeans, and that they all should be able to go with just about anything you own (I admittedly use this as an excuse to keep accumulating pair after pair).

Alessandra Rich Cardigan

I love adding traditionally feminine pieces to my wardrobe and pairing them with separates or accessories that might be a little bit more laidback, and for fall this is reflected in my selection of knitwear or pastel color palettes. Combining the two, Alessandra Rich's cardigan is great for layering and can be buttoned up or tied around my shoulders if the weather suddenly shifts. The cropped silhouette will also go well with high-rise trousers or denim, which gives off an effortless '90s vibe.

Jacquemus Earrings

For as long as I can remember, I've always been a gold hoop kinda girl. These dangly accessories from Jacquemus pull together any outfit in a way that's unexpected, but fun.

Wardrobe NYC Blazer

During fall I typically wear a blazer every single day. Whether it's with a pair of jeans or draped over a slinky dress, it's such a quick and easy way to elevate and "smarten" up just about any look. Since Wardrobe NYC announced its first release, I've been lusting after its high-quality staples, and what better place to start than with a well-tailored piece that's sure to work hard in my closet. Not to mention I'm a sucker for an oversized fit.