If You're A Fan Of Cuyana's Structured Tote, Then You'll Love This Brand, Too


High-quality wardrobe essentials are a must in anyone’s closet. After all, these basic necessities can serve as the foundation to your ensembles, the hero of your outfit, or — depending on how you style them — both. You might feel the need to invest in a timeless blazer or a pair of vintage jeans, but if you’re looking for a piece you can wear with anything, it’s a chic leather accessory. More likely than not, you’ve looked to Cuyana for a staple that’ll complement your look. Of course, fashion lovers always appreciate a wardrobe well versed in a variety of labels. And there are plenty of brands like Cuyana that offer up premium leather pieces. And as you might expect, they’re just as cool.

San Francisco-based Cuyana has built a sizeable following for its timeless, streamlined leather handbags and accessories, encouraging shoppers to not only invest in quality items but also pare down their wardrobes. And in an era where minimalist fashion has become more popular than ever it only makes sense that its elevated pieces would be a crowd favorite across the board. Of course, it certainly doesn’t hurt that Meghan Markle is a fan of the brand, too.

If you’ve already added a piece from Cuyana into your wardrobe and want to bring some new labels into the mix, the brands below will have exactly what you’re looking for. Read on to see the six brands with premium leather goods, and start adding them to your cart, now.


New York-based brand IMAGO-A has created its offerings to be sleek, design-forward, and most importantly, functional. The label, which is inspired by art culture — which ranges from modern art to architecture — has original, playful pieces that will without a doubt be a subtle statement to your ensembles.

Want Les Essentiels

Canadian leather goods brand WANT Les Essentiels first launched in 2007 to provide travel pieces, which are equally fitting for your daily commute. The brand continues to do this today, with high-quality tote bags, backpacks, and other leather essentials.

Manu Atelier

Perhaps you’ve come across Manu Atelier on your Instagram feed. The Turkish leather goods brand has become a popular choice for its unique take on handbags and shoes, which feel undoubtedly different from anything else on the market while maintaining a versatile quality for any occasion.

Aesther Ekme

Founded by Alexander Wang’s former accessories designer, Stephanie Park, Aesther Ekme has pieces that carry the perfect juxtaposition of a modern classic. With clean lines and expansive color palette, there’s no doubt you’ll find a piece that’s perfect for your closet.

Opus Mind

For those who want handbags with a sustainable touch, Opus Mind creates items made with 100 percent upcycled leather. Get yourself one of the label’s crossbody bags or its $75 Circle Box for your next night out.

The Daily Edited

Whether you’re looking for an everyday purse, a weekend tote bag, a travel case for your makeup, or something else, The Daily Edited’s expansive collection is sure to have what you’re looking for.