The Solo Vacation You Should Take In Your 30s

Black Tomato

Are you in serious need of some perspective, pampering, and alone time? Enter: The luxury solo vacation. If you're in the midst of a painful breakup, struggling with a bout of prolonged boredom, or you're burning out at work, sometimes, you just need to get away. And nothing delivers a mental reset like a decadent getaway.

In today's plugged-in society, one needs the chance to de-stress more than ever before, and there's no better way to facilitate a mental reset that to skip town. Solo vacations allow you to decompress, self-reflect, and conquer new challenges on your own, all while allowing you to recharge away from the pressures of everyday life. The best part about traveling stag is that your getaway can cater to your needs, without the distraction of worrying about someone else's (and, after all, that's the whole point, right?).

Ahead, the experts at Black Tomato, a luxury travel tour operator, share their top destinations and activities for women in need of a solo holiday. From soaking in the hot springs of Colorado, to exploring ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico, to glamping on the salt flats of Bolivia, there's a trip for every solace seeker, near or far. Now, get ready to book your next big adventure.

Zion National Park // Utah

Under Canvas, Zion National Park via Black Tomato

Zion National Park, is the perfect place to unplug and get back in touch with nature. (And, depending on where you live, it may not be too far from home.) Once there, you can canyon through mountains and waterfalls, take a private helicopter ride, and float above the world in a hot air balloon. Come nightfall, try glamping under the stars in an Under Canvas, Zion National Park luxury tent, or retreat to the Amangiri, a five-star hotel.

"Utah is the ideal destination for the traveler who wants to replace their stress with adrenaline rushes and relaxing star-filled night skies," says Carolyn Addison, head of product at Black Tomato. "Crammed full of otherworldly landscapes and plunging canyons, Utah is an adventurer’s playground and the perfect place for an intrepid traveler to fully disconnect."

Dunton Hot Springs Resort // Colorado

Dunton Hot Springs via Black Tomato

Book a stay in a rustic-chic Dunton Hot Springs Resort cabin for a rejuvenating experience that'll wash your stress away. Spend your days hiking mountainous trails, horseback riding, and swimming or boating on Lake Powell. Or, enjoy some much-needed relaxation by soaking in the natural hot springs, detoxing in the floating sauna, and getting pampered at the on-site spa. Come cocktail hour, you'll be sipping a glass of signature Chardonnay from the resort's private vineyard in McElmo Valley.

"This beautifully restored, luxuriously-appointed former ghost town and cluster of cabins in the Colorado wilderness feel eons away from the daily stresses of modern life," says Elizabeth Fuller, director of US marketing for Black Tomato. "[It's] the perfect locale for an active escape balanced with spaces to relax and unwind."

The Yucatan Peninsula // Mexico

Chablé Resort & Spa via Black Tomato

Ready to pack up and leave the country? Head south for a change of scenery and get your fill of colorful culture, tropical beaches, and Mayan ruins. Take a sunrise tour of the Chichen Itza, stop by the Celestun Biosphere Reserve, site of a saltwater lagoon that's home to a flock of 2,000 flamingos, and don't miss the city views atop the Great Pyramid.

At the Chablé Resort & Spa, you can indulge in massages and body treatments, and be sure to make a trip to Coqui Coqui, where you can concoct your own fragrance, to your itinerary.

"The Yucatan Peninsula is a haven for nature-loving spa enthusiasts," explains Fuller. "The ideal destination for travelers in search of tranquillity and rejuvenation, this revered and discreet part of Mexico will wash away the wrinkles and stress knots from your past-life spring break trips to Tijuana."

The Blue Lagoon // Iceland

The Retreat At Blue Lagoon via Black Tomato

If you're in search of once-in-a-lifetime experiences like you've never had before, plan a visit to The Retreat at Blue Lagoon, about 20 minutes outside Reykjavik, where you'll have on-site access to the legendary healing waters.

During your trip, be sure to add the Eyjafjallajokull glacier volcano, the Gígjökull glacier tongue, and Nauthúsagil canyon to your itinerary. You can also check off bucket-list excursions, such as snorkeling in the crystal clear lakes between tectonic plates and descending through a crater and into a magma chamber.

"Typified by jaw-dropping, otherworldly landscapes and powerful geothermal forces, Iceland is a must-visit destination for a solo traveler seeking to push themselves to new and inspiring limits and see some of the most magnificent sights available with ample time for relaxation," Fuller says. "Reykjavik boasts an impressive arts and food scene with an array of distinctly Nordic shops to wander in and lose yourself. It’s hard to believe it’s all a short ride from the US."

La Paz (& Beyond) // Bolivia

Blink Dome Tent via Black Tomato

Solo travelers looking for a challenging and life-changing trip should set their sights on Bolivia. In La Paz, you'll satisfy you inner foodie, and if you're feeling social come evening, you can mingle amidst the city's bustling nightlife.

If you're seeking solace, make your way to the vast quiet of the country's famous salt flats. You can also take a dip in Laguna Verde, a salt lake known for its emerald green waters and stunning white shores.

For a truly unique accommodation, Black Tomato's Blink team can make your dreams a reality by setting up a customized luxury dome tent on the Uyani Salt Flats where you can stargaze in complete serenity.

"There is no better place to experience the powerful journey of solo travel than in the dynamic country of Bolivia," says Fuller. "So preserved, travelers can forge an entirely unique path through this endless expanse of show-stopping landscapes that likely has never been traveled before ... Not to mention, the wine scene is exceptional."