A Bright Nail Design Even Minimalists Will Love

Courtesy of Vanity Projects

Whether your nail salon has opened back up according to social distancing guidelines, or you're still your own at-home manicurist, there's no excuse for your mani to be slacking this July. This month's trending designs — including stars, colorful french manis, neons and more — prove that the best July 2020 nail art designs refuse to shy away from eye-catching extravagance.

There's only one caveat: you have to be as bold as the designs. If you've been scared of testing your skills or worried your homemade manicure won't do the trick, don't be. Not only could you learn a new skill, but it can also be therapeutic. "The biggest mistake you can make is to not try your hand at doing your own nails," Charlyne Muhammad, nail artist at Pear Nova studio in Chicago, tells TZR. "Giving yourself a mani or pedi is such a great way to relax and take your mind off of life’s stress."

So whether you're already running back into the arms of your nail tech, or are still getting the job done yourself, check out these five vibrant trends that will elevate your nail game and can be done in (or out) of the salon.

July 2020 Nail Art Idea: Pastel French


"We are seeing a lot of pastel rainbow french manicures," Rita Pinto, founder of Vanity Projects nail salon in New York City and Miami says. "So fun and so summer." You can also play with the shape of your french, doing hearts, small lines, or v-shaped tips. And while pastels are generally a spring staple, as most of us skipped our manis during the beloved season, those must-have colors are having their moment now.

July 2020 Nail Art Idea: Neon Accents


Neon is always ideal for the summer. However, if you don't want to fully commit to the bright color all over your nails, you can add a few specks of color atop a neutral base for a chic yet easy manicure. Pro tip: use the side tip of the paint brush to place the color where desired.

July 2020 Nail Art Idea: Stars


"Stars are always huge for July," Pinto says. "It's a great way to celebrate the holiday with your nails." If you don't want to paint your stars on, try decals — they look just like the real thing.

July 2020 Nail Art Idea: Purples


"We've been getting so many requests for nails incorporating purple," Pinto says. "It looks like purple is the color of the month." Whether it's more of a lilac, periwinkle, or more of a violet, the hue is everywhere. It can be incorporated in ombrés, floral designs, or simply painted one shade.

July 2020 Nail Art Idea: Geometric Corners


Muhammad suggests using the old trick of tape to create geometric shapes on the fingernail. Create a nude base of the nail, and play with color and texture on the corner. The look is subtle yet eye-catching.