This Game-Changing Storage Hack Will Give Your Closet The Best Upgrade

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A closet is one of those things that presents the greatest joy (in that it holds your most prized sartorial possessions) as well as your deepest frustration (when nothing seems to fit in there). No matter how you fold, pile, and purge, space — or lack thereof — seems to be a constant issue. Which is why you’re probably always in the market for a brilliant storage hack that will serve as the holy grail of solutions.

And who else but the masterminds at IKEA to weigh in on the great closet organization debate? After all, the affordable Swedish home retailer has been equipping you with functional furniture since, well, forever, so it’s only natural to to turn to the brand for your closet needs, as well.

According to Janice Simonsen, design spokesperson, for IKEA, US, the first step in organizing your closet and figuring out what your needs are in terms of storage, is starting with a clean slate. “Purchasing storage items before really knowing what needs to be stored [is a common mistake many people make],” says Simonsen. “The best tactic is to pull everything from the closet, organize according to length and storage need, and then decide what the best storage solution will be.”

With that out of the way, you can now get to the main event. While you can go the easy route and find traditional closet storage tools, this can be a tad limiting. In actuality, there are some storage treasures to be found in atypical items that are not even necessarily meant for your wardrobe. Ahead, Simonsen lists some must-know hacks for organizing your closet, whether you have a reach-in or walk-in.


Kitchen Essentials

While designed for holding leftovers and meal-prep concoctions, kitchen containers also offer a roomy solution for storing jewelry and other compact accessories. “Some kitchen storage boxes like the KUGGIS and the IKEA 365+ Food containers can offer good options for storing and organizing small items,” says Simonsen.

Get Hooked

For hats, bags, and scarves, utilize your closet walls. “Great items to use are products like wall hooks, which grab every last inch of vertical space,” says Simonsen.

Shoe Cabinets

While designed for shoes, hangable cabinets are ideal for storing seasonal clothing you won't be wearing for a few months (think sweaters in the winter and jean shorts in the summer). “The TRONES shoe cabinet, which can be hung on the back of the door to maximize space ... provides closed storage, keeping the look uncluttered."

Stackable Chests

“Small chests work well to provide closed storage if space in a closet allows,” says Simonsen. These buildable units are super convenient for keeping shoes, bathing suits, accessories, or lingerie.

A Closet For Your Closet

“Look for customizable storage units like the ELVARLI storage unit, which can easily be altered with shelves, drawers, and hanging storage, according to your needs,” says Simonsen. “It can also be altered as those needs change. Keep storage products the same color for a uniform look.” The beauty of this unit is that it works for both a walk-in and reach-in closet.

Another hack for this unit? "Stacking clear storage containers on that single upper shelf is a good way to store seasonal items that are not used every day, while still seeing the contents as needed," says Simonsen.