5 Influencer-Approved Denim Trends Defining Festival Dressing In 2019

For any devoted summer concert-goer, a very specific set of trends have come to define what constitutes festival style. There are those that came first, like flower crowns, boho fringe, cowboy boots, and there are the combat boots and bucket hats that are a bit more of-the-moment. But, leave it to good old-fashioned denim to make for the ideal foil to whatever Insta-worthy trend may fit the current whim of Coachella-goers of all ages and styles. Still, in its own way denim can morph and evolve season to season. The denim trends you'll spot at festivals this year are fresh variations on the classics you already know and love.

While you might dabble in a more extreme denim trend here or there (hello tie-dye), you can just as easily refresh your look without needing to be quite so daring. Shorts come with a longer hemline and a higher waist, but they're not so far a cry from the daisy dukes you have tucked away somewhere. And while jean silhouettes are skewing a bit roomier in 2019, if skinny jeans are your thing, there's no reason to abandon them completely. The bottom line: these fresh denim styles are worth buying into, but ultimately there's nothing better than a pair of jeans your comfortable enough to get you through a day outdoors in the sun. Now, before you head to Governor's Ball or Glastonbury, check out the denim trends you're bound to see on festival grounds across every continent.

Bermuda Shorts

Considering a festival outfit DIY? Consider cropping your shorts just above the knee. A Bermuda length has become a favorite among industry trendsetters. Not only is it a bit more practical for those planning on sitting on a grassy hill while rocking out to Tame Impala, you won't risk any awkward burns trying to apply sunscreen in those hard to reach spots on your upper legs.

Flared High-Rise

In a tribute to the rock-steady looks of the '70s, a cool high-rise bellbottom is a favorite for those looking to pull together a more polished festival look. Consider styling with a classic retro sneaker (Converse perhaps), or platform heels if you dare.

Matching Set

Not so long ago, Reformation's breezy linen matching sets were a festival uniform. Now, it's all about coordinating your denim look from head to toe. Look for fun prints or bright colors that you can layer when pulling together your look. And while you're by no means obligated to wear your jacket all day long, it will come in handy when things cool off post-sunset.

Distressed Shorts

If there's one denim style that endures year after years at music festivals, it's the distressed denim cutoff. Though this year's iterations are a bit looser than previous styles, they still embody the relaxed concert-ready look. Throw on a vintage tee or try a cropped blouse for a dressier take.

White Denim

While not ideal for sitting down anywhere particularly dusty, white jeans are a summer style staple. For those planning on dancing the day away, or perhaps hanging in a VIP section somewhere, they're the ideal choice.