This Fall, I’m *Only* Wearing Pieces Outside My Comfort Zone — And These Are My Top Picks

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For The Zoe Report's fall fashion issue, TZR editors are sharing the Fall/Winter 2019 pieces they’re most excited to welcome into their wardrobes. Here, beauty editor Khalea Underwood shares her top picks — including the perfect pair of snakeskin boots.

Some people claim they come alive at night. I come alive in the fall. There is something about the warmth of a whisper-soft cashmere scarf on my skin, or the way my favorite feather-light summer slip dresses transform underneath an oversized, structured blazer. The fun in fall dressing, I think, lies in the way that everything is so customizable. Summer is about staying cool. Winter is about staying warm. But the sweet spot seasons of spring and autumn are where mixing and matching are optimal, and when my creativity sings.

By nature, my style is somewhat simple — I like dresses since they're so easy. I rock the same rotation of gold jewelry nearly every day (I'm a Brooklyn girl through and through; my nameplate jewelry rarely leaves my neck). When I do wear jeans, I like something loose and billowy up top. These tried-and-true combos are foolproof enough to get me through long days and nights of breakfast meetings, lunch runs, and dinner dates. But this fall, I plan on breaking up the monotony by playing with textures and silhouettes that rest just outside my comfort zone. There are only a few weeks for me to show these pieces off before they're underneath a heavy winter coat, anyway. So why not have fun?

Ahead, my top picks for fall.

Eloquii Boots

Leopard is usually my favorite neutral print. I plan on treating snakeskin the same way, teaming these gorgeous boots with fun floral prints or even my go-to oversized flannel for brunch.

Universal Standard Dress

Satin typically scares me. Sometimes it's too clingy, and nine times out of 10, I'll stain it with salad dressing grease or something of the like. So I'll be extra careful when I wear this slip dress — either by itself, underneath a big cardigan, or layered with a turtleneck.

And Comfort Shirt

OK, OK — so this one's technically *in* my comfort zone. But can you blame me? It's the perfect button-down.

Fendi Bag

What's a fall shopping list without a delicious leather bag?

Tamara Malas Pants

The pleated panels on these pants are so cool. And the stretch gabardine would hug my legs in all of the right places, too.

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