5 Delicious Canned Wines That Are Sommelier-Approved


Not too long ago there was a widely embraced notion that to fully appreciate wine one had to be not only extremely well-versed on the topic, but also exclusive to the fanciest — and most expensive — bottles around. By now the wine world has offered ample proof that enjoying a little vino doesn't have to be a restrictive experience. From cheap grocery store finds to sommelier-approved boxed wines, the industry has evolved so much, and one of the latest ways to enjoy shockingly good wine is by cracking open a can of the stuff.

The concept of drinking wine from a can may still make some connoisseurs a little squeamish, but according to Coly Den Haan, owner of Los Angeles's female winemaker-focused shop Vinovore: "Don’t can the can ... While there might be a slight bit of romanticism and class lost with drinking canned wine, there are also a lot of fun perks to help tip the scale towards it." The number one benefit? Portability. Because the can format is more lightweight than lugging around a bottle, this can be an ideal way to enjoy wine at outdoor movie screenings, beach picnics, concerts, etc.

And beyond what they have to offer in terms of convenience, many modern canned wines are legitimately great. In fact, Vinovore stocks — and frequently sells — a slew of delicious options. "You may also be surprised at the quality of wine you can find in a can these days," Den Haan explains. "Many times better than the options at a large venue." To prove this point, ahead, five stellar cans ahead that are just waiting to be unpretentiously enjoyed.

Ramona Ruby Grapefruit Wine Spritzer

Technically Ramona's best-selling cans are wine spritzers, blending vino with grapefruit juice (or lemon, the brand's newest flavor option) for a tart, fruity, and fun twist. Plus, as Den Haan points out, the can itself is pretty cute. "This adorably packaged wine spritz is made with all organic grapes from Sicily and a hit of fresh grapefruit," she says. "Just a hair sweet but still fresh, unique, and totally quaffable."

Onward Pét-Nat

For anyone who doubts that canned wines can, in fact, be fancy, you need only try Onward's natural sparkler. "This is by far the most special and high end of the canned wines I have come across," says Den Haan. "[It's made] by Faith Armstrong, an extremely talented natural wine maker from Northern California. She did the impossible and put a pét-nat in a can and, damn, is it special and delicious."

Underwood Get It Girl

"Underwood was one of the first to really put out and promote canned wine," says Den Haan. "They also have an amazing wine truck that helps spread the wine in a can love — preach!" Union Wine Company's canned blend of bright, floral, and fruity varietals (Riesling and Gewurztraminer) tastes great and is for a great cause. The brand teamed up with Wildfang to produce this limited edition beverage to benefit women's and human rights, and 100% of the profits benefit Planned Parenthood.

Dark Horse Pinot Grigio

A crisp Pinot Grigio never goes out of style and Dark Horse's canned version should satisfy any lover of this varietal. That said, don't underestimate the size. As Den Haan explains, "Each can equals half a bottle of regular wine and they are crisp, delightful, and go down super easy — so pace yourself!"

The Drop Red Wine

For anyone who loves their reds a little on the cooler side, a can is a terrific option and this slightly sparkling blend of Zinfandel and Petite Sirah might just be the drink you've been dreaming of for your next dinner al fresco. "The Drop red is a California blend with just a hint of fizz, plenty of juicy fruit, and a nice dry finish that will keep you pounding tin even on colder days," says Den Haan.