47 Luxurious Products On Amazon That Come In Under $20


You might love luxurious, elegant items — who doesn't? — but no matter how high-end your taste is, everyone appreciates a great deal. Thankfully, Amazon is filled with incredible products that seem more expensive than they actually are. Whether you're browsing this category in order to find a chic gift for everyone on your list, or you're creating your own much-needed self-care basket, luxury costs only $20 or less if you know where to look.

In fact, thanks to these 47 well-designed products that utilize high-quality materials and ingredients, you'll be able to transform so many areas of your life. Preserve your hairstyle and minimize damage to your skin while you sleep with a real mulberry silk pillowcase. Wake up with a homemade latte thanks to this stove top espresso maker, and relieve some stress during your morning commute with an aromatherapy locket that brings your favorite essential oils anywhere. Then, when you get home, unwind with some fizzy bath bombs or a pair of plush memory foam slippers.

After all, luxury is a state of mind — not a price tag — so check out these products on Amazon under $20 that are just too amazing to pass up.


This Real Mulberry Silk Pillowcase That's Gentle On Hair & Skin

With real, pure mulberry silk on both sides, this 400-thread-count pillowcase is hypoallergenic, cooling, and extremely smooth. Instead of absorbing sebum like cotton does, it distributes it evenly for skin and hair that are healthier, more moisturized, and more resistant to breakage. It's available in two colors and three sizes.


The "Best Leave-In Conditioner" Ever, According To Reviewers

According to reviewers with heat- and chemically-damaged hair, ORIBE's Supershine crème completely transformed their strands: "To my amazement, my hair never looked fuller [or more] frizz-free." Because it contains lightweight ingredients like watermelon, lychee, keratin, and soy proteins, even those with extra thin hair say it "adds moisture and shine," but "doesn't weigh hair down or look greasy."


A Plush Robe To Make You Feel Like You're At The Spa

This any-season knee-length robe is woven into a herringbone pattern and made from plush brushed microfiber that glides against your skin. It's also machine-washable, available in several stylish colors, and has buyers saying, "I love to slip into it every night after I shower."


This Velvet Throw Will Be The "Softest, Warmest, Most Comfortable Blanket" You Own

"All other blankets are dead to me now that I have this in my life," says one of many reviewers who refer to this as the "best blanket ever." The Exclusivo Mezcla throw is made from a plush velvet microfiber that's lightweight, but warm — and since it's washable, extremely durable, and won't cling onto hair, it's so easy to love.


This Stovetop Espresso Maker Allows You To Embrace Your Inner Barista

Instead of standing in line at the nearest coffee house, spend your Sunday mornings curled up on the couch (in your pajamas) with a homemade latte or cappuccino. The Vremi only requires a stovetop, some water, and ground espresso beans in order to make "the most delicious and rich espresso" reviewers have ever tasted. Pair it with a quality milk frother to create cafe-style drinks in your own kitchen.


This Gold Pearlescent Dusting Powder For A Shimmery Glow

Made with real mica — a pearlescent diamond pigment that catches the light — this dusting powder "shimmers like 24 karat gold," according to reviewers. Mix it with your moisturizer, add sparkle to your lipstick, put some on your eyelids, or even add an ethereal touch to your hair.


This Bath Pillow That Cushions Your Neck & Back Against The Tub

On the front, you'll find two thick foam panels and quick-drying material that won't allow moisture to permeate. On the back, there are six durable suction cups that keep the pillow secured to your tub without damage. No wonder reviewers say that the GripMAX spa pillow makes their baths "that much nicer to take."


This Face Mist Made From Hand-Picked Botanical Ingredients

"This is perfect for sensitive skin," says one reviewer who doesn't do well with most typical toners, which tend to be drying. Since Jurlique rosewater balancing mist is made with real botanical ingredients hand-picked from a farm in the Adelaide Hills, it nourishes, moisturizes, and tones using nature's balanced healing qualities.


A Unique Diffuser Crafted From Blue Sea Glass

Most high-end aromatherapy diffusers are made from glass — but you've never seen one like this. The COOSA diffuser features Aegean glass in a gorgeous mosaic pattern to give you a statement piece as well as an air purifier and humidifier. It's also whisper-quiet, changes colors, and has an auto-off function for your safety.


This Jade Facial Set To Boost Circulation & Ease Inflammation

This facial care set from Reluen includes a double-sided jade roller and a Gua Sha tool. Both are made from real jade, which is cooling and gentle against the skin to improve circulation, ease inflammation, and even get lymphatic fluids moving. Buyers say the routine is "relaxing and therapeutic," but also "reduces excess fluid and puffiness" for a healthier-looking complexion. Keep them in the fridge or freezer for an even more refreshing sensation.


These Lavender Bath Salts With A Perfect Five-Star Rating

Made with real sea salt from Germany and genuine lavender essential oil, this Kneipp bath soak makes for a lovely gift or a "heavenly" way to treat yourself. It's packed with body-nourishing minerals that soak in through your skin, and the aromatherapy oils help to balance your mind and ease your stress levels.


This Enzyme Peel That Exfoliates Skin Without Irritating Microbeads

Instead of rough salts or environmentally-damaging beads, the ELEMIS papaya peel exfoliates skin using natural fruit enzymes. It then nourishes and hydrates the skin underneath with ingredients like milk protein, marine algae, and pineapple extract. "Use this mask if you have oily to dry skin because you face will clear right up," one reviewer says.


This Soothing Eye Mask Made From Real Mulberry Silk

Because it's crafted from 100 percent real mulberry silk, this LULUSILK eye mask is lightweight, breathable, skin-friendly, and extremely smooth. Thanks to the silk-wrapped elastic, it'll fully cover your eyes without excess pressure and without getting tangled in your hair — and it's available in eight other colors and patterns.


These Roll-On Essential Oil Blends For Aromatherapy Anywhere

When you're traveling, commuting, or running errands, aromatherapy can be a quick and simple source of stress-relief — but not if the bottles leak all over your bag. The ArtNaturals roll-on set is comprised of eight different blends to help with headaches, mood balance, anxiety, and more — all in skin-friendly, easy-to-apply roller bottles that you can take anywhere.


An Easy-To-Apply Waterproof Eyeshadow That Goes From Cream To Powder

The Julep Crème To Powder eyeshadow stick has many descriptors, but a few of the most common are "shimmery," "beautiful," "blendable," and "extremely easy to use." In fact, since it contains the waterproof formula on one end and a built-in smudger on the other, you can apply it anywhere — and without a brush, too. It's available in 20 colors, but this sparkly champagne shade looks great on all skin tones and is a favorite for festive occasions.


These Portable Spray Bottles For Your Perfume, Toner,& Essential Oils

Thanks to these airport-approved twist-up spray bottles, you don't have to leave your essentials behind when you travel. They come with tiny funnels, so you can easily fill them with your favorite perfumes, body sprays, toners, and essential oils — and the metallic aluminum finish is both durable and stylish.


This Swirly Rainbow Face Powder That Corrects Discoloration

The pink brightens, the green tones down redness, and the yellow adds a sun-kissed glow — this three-in-one rainbow mineral powder swirls together to correct skin tone with gentle, oil-absorbing ingredients. It's even hypoallergenic, available in three tones, and especially great for sensitive skin.


This Glass Infuser Bottle For Teas & Fruit-Flavored Hydration

Fill the stainless steel infuser chamber with loose tea leaves, fruit, or vegetables, and the flavors will continue to seep into your water until you've finished drinking. The TOPOKO infuser bottle is made from borosilicate glass (so it's BPA-free, durable, and dishwasher-safe), and it comes with a nylon sleeve for protection, moisture-absorption, and easy carrying.


A Set Of Lava Stones To Take Your At-Home Massages To The Next Level

Warm tense muscles, improve blood circulation, and boost relaxation with these hot massage stones. Each one is polished to a smooth texture and made from natural basalt, so they'll retain heat much longer than other types of rocks.


These Natural Dried Rose Petals For DIY Tea, Bath Bombs, & Potpourri

This one makes a wonderful gift for the tea-lover or crafter in your life. Wild Tea #15 contains only natural dried rose petals. They're free from all the usual allergens, so you can add them to your teas, homemade bath bombs, potpourri mixes, and bath salts for a touch of wild luxury that's surprisingly affordable.


This Non-Drying Face Wash That Vanishes Makeup, Dirt, & Oil In Seconds

Instead of skin-stripping ingredients, this natural makeup remover contains various oils from ingredients like rice bran, vitamin E, and grapefruit. The result? A skin-friendly formula that loosens makeup, dirt, and impurities without leaving your complexion dry and flaky. Even though it's affordable, reviewers say it's very "similar to high-end cleansing oils."


This Hand Moisturizer That's Been One Reviewer's Go-To For "Almost 15 Years"

It's extremely rare that I'm 100 percent happy with a hand moisturizer — so the fact that Archipelago Botanicals' soy hand creme has been one reviewer's go-to for "almost 15 years" is pretty impressive. It's packed with proteins, amino acids and lipids that permeate the skin for long-lasting moisture, but reviewers say it "absorbs completely without any greasy residue."


A Clever Locket That Diffuses Your Favorite Essential Oils

Choose whichever one of the colored felt pads best matches your look that day — then place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on it and put it inside the Maromalife locket. As the scent diffuses, you can enjoy the various benefits of aromatherapy all day, wherever you happen to be. The bracelet itself is adjustable and made from stainless steel, so it won't discolor or irritate skin.


This Sonic Gold Facial Massager That Tones & De-Puffs Skin

It's plated with real 24 karat gold, it's fully waterproof, and it vibrates 7,000 times a minute to improve circulation and reduce inflammation — needless to say, reviewers are raving about the "fantastic price." Since the Beauty Bar facial massager is also battery-operated, you can take it anywhere with you.


A Luxurious Set Of Homemade, Natural Bath Bombs

Fizzy, colorful bath bombs (especially ones made from natural ingredients) are typically pretty expensive — but this gift set from Aprilis comes in at just $17. Each one features a different spa-like skin treatment, but all scents and ingredients are completely natural and have reviewers saying, "I have never had a more relaxed bath in my life."


These Stemless Glasses To Boost The Appearance Of Your Homemade Cocktails

Stemless wine glasses are extremely trendy right now — but your guests will be even more impressed with these stemless martini glasses. Even though they're made from real glass, the weighted base and cone design make them "quite durable," even in the dishwasher. Since reviewers love how "chic and modern-looking" they are, they've got over 700 reviews and a 4.8-star rating.


This Bling Brush So You Can Polish Your Jewelry On The Go

"This makes the perfect engagement gift for any bride-to-be," one reviewer says about the Baublerella Bling Brush. The colorless, fragrance-free formula is gentle enough for any piece of jewelry, and the portable soft-bristled pen ensures that you can use it anywhere with just a twist.


This Four-In-One Facial Cleansing Brush For An Incredible Price

Most sonic facial cleansers are well over $200, but this one comes with four interchangeable heads and a 4.3-star rating — all for $20. It can exfoliate, cleanse pores, scrub away makeup, and even apply and blend your foundation. It's also battery-operated and waterproof, so you can use it anywhere.


These Gold Facial Masks To Brighten, Firm, & Plump Your Skin

"These masks are amazing!" says one reviewer. "I have been looking for a go-to mask for my night routine that both relaxes my skin and depuffs my eyes. The mask has a jelly-like form that fits any face shape and rests nicely." Since it's packed with rose oil, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and plant-based collagen, it's great for any skin type — whether you're looking for moisture, exfoliation, or firming ingredients.


A Chrome Bathtub Caddy For Your Wine, Candles, Books, And Beauty Products

Light a candle, pour a glass of wine, and fully enjoy your bath — or use this plated steel caddy as an organizer for your shampoos, conditioners, and body washes. It's 27 inches long to fit most standard tub sizes, and the ends are coated in a protective vinyl so they won't scratch or cause damage.


This Overnight "Holy Grail" Mask That Transforms Chapped Lips

If your lips get severely chapped in the winter, standard lip balm probably won't cut it. Apply the LANEIGE lip mask before bed and allow the intensive moisture to permeate your skin while you sleep. Reviewers say it "saved [their] lips when nothing else was working," and it creates a "protective barrier" that's especially helpful when it comes to smooth, flake-free lipstick application.


An Aromatherapy Spray Made From 100 Percent Lavender Oil

Since it contains nothing except 100 percent pure lavender oil, this Luna aromatherapy spray is safe for the air, your pillow, your yoga props, and your body. Simply shake and spray it to soothe your mind and relax your body. "I have used this mist as a sleep and meditation aid and it has been incredibly effective as both," one reviewer raves.


This Lightweight Serum That Has Been Called "A Miracle Product"

Real buyers have called Vichy's Minéral 89 Serum a "miracle product" and "by far," the "best product [they] have ever used." The secret? Hyaluronic acid to deeply-hydrate the skin with a clean, matte finish, and 15 essential minerals that strengthen and nourish your complexion without harmful additives.


This Crystal Vanity Tray To Display Your Cosmetics Or Perfumes

Display your cosmetics and perfumes on this mirror tray to make your vanity or dresser look infinitely more high-end. Its gold-plated corners, mirrored surface, and crystal border not only help organize your essentials, but they cause your bottles to "dazzle and light up in the reflection, making it a joy to put them on," too.


A Hand-Crafted Tea Pot With A Built-In Infuser Chamber

Display, steep, and serve your tea all in the Hiware glass infusion teapot. Since it's hand-crafted from Borosilicate glass and high-grade stainless steel, you don't have to worry about BPA or other nasty chemicals — and the mesh filter works with any size tea leaves, thanks to its extremely small holes.


This Rechargeable Nano-Mister For Deeply-Permeating Moisture On The Go

Especially in the dry winter months, skin can feel cracked and flaky no matter how often you apply lotion. Cue the Frcolor Nano facial mister, which releases nano-particles of moisture that can easily permeate the top layers of skin. It's rechargeable, sleek-looking, and great for "frequent flyers" or those with "eyelash extensions," reviewers say.


This Linen Shower Wrap With A Convenient Pocket

Available in over 15 gorgeous colors, this linen shower wrap is made from lightweight cotton and woven into a waffle texture, both inside and out. Because of the material and the adjustable closure, it dries quickly and actually stays on your body. It also has a convenient pocket for your phone, makeup brushes, or hair clips.


A Pair Of Zen Candles To Calm Your Body & Mind

With individual burn times of 50 hours each, you can gift one of these Chesapeake Bay balance and harmony candles, or keep them both for yourself for at-home spa days. They smell like a combination of tropical fruits, fresh flower petals, and creamy coconut, and they come in blue-green frosted glass jars with natural wooden lids.


This Heavenly-Smelling Hand Balm That Meets Especially High Standards

According to reviewers (even those who are "very picky when it comes to lotion"), this Rituals... hand balm is "super hydrating," but "doesn't leave your skin feeling heavy or gross." It also smells incredible — some say they've "just about never smelled anything better."


An Electric Milk Frother For DIY Lattes & Cappuccinos

Thanks to its powerful motor, stainless steel whisk, and one-touch switch, this battery-operated milk frother helps you create delicious foam for all your homemade coffee drinks (or milkshakes). It's easy to clean and reviewers call it a "great little appliance" that "saves [you the] time and money" you'd otherwise be spending at Starbucks.


This Lightweight Coconut Water Toner Made For Extremely Dry Skin

When your average hydrating mist isn't cutting it, the addition of hyaluronic acid is a brilliant idea. Provence Beauty's coconut water does just that, so in addition to toning and minimizing the appearance of clogged pores, it also clings onto moisture molecules for softer, smoother skin. Since it's extremely lightweight, you can even mix it with your existing facial creams or primers.


These Silky Smooth Sheets That Are Extremely Easy To Care For

"I never want to leave my bed in the morning," one buyer says, while another comments, "These sheets feel like expensive, luxurious sheets at such an affordable price." The Utopia Bedding sheet set is available in five colors and four sizes; it's made from silky, breathable microfiber that's resistant to fading, stains, wrinkles, and dust mites, too.


This "Liquid Gold" Moisturizer That Might Just Start A Gifting Chain

Enriched with almond extract in the form of milk and oil, this L'Occitane body cream helps to nourish, moisturize, and soften even the driest skin. "I received this as a gift and have been giving it as a gift to others ever since," says one reviewer. "It's so wonderful to use in our dry, arid climate, especially in winter with the heater drying us out even more!"


These Makeup-Artist-Approved Brushes At An Incredible Price

"I'm a professional makeup artist and I would definitely recommend these for purchase," says one reviewer. In fact, the Qivange brush set has nearly 700 reviews that speak to the quality of the wooden handles, the softness of the no-shred bristles, and the versatility of the 15-piece set.


A Stylish Mug That Keeps Your Coffee Hot For Hours

Insulated travel cups do keep your coffee hot, but if you want something a little more homey, try the DOKIO mug. It's shaped like any other mug in your pantry — handle included — but it also features double-walled stainless steel insulation and a spill-resistant lid that "keeps [your] coffee hot for a long time." The rose gold finish is a luxurious touch.


These Velvet Memory Foam Slippers In Ten Different Colors

On the very bottom, these slippers have waterproof, anti-skid soles so you can go outside to grab the mail. Inside, there's a layer of high-density memory foam for optimal cushioning and support, and on top, you'll find a moisture-wicking velvet lining in your choice of ten colors. No wonder reviewers are calling it, "The best purchase [they] have made in a while."


This Solid Makeup Brush Cleanser That Just Might Work Better Than The Liquid Ones

Clean your brushes anywhere — without hassle and without mess. Unlike traditional cosmetic shampoos, the JAPONESQUE Goat Milk Solid Brush Cleanser is a solid formula that dissolves impurities and removes build-up without damage. "Smells amazing, and cleans my brushes better than any cleaners I've tried!" one reviewer says.

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