35 Useful Products On Amazon That Seem Expensive But Cost Less Than $35


Amazon isn't just a great place to find gadgets or buy toiletries in bulk; believe it or not, the online retailer is also a treasure trove of gorgeous home goods and elegant electronics that are shockingly affordable. For less than $35 you can find tons of hidden gems on Amazon that are not only must-haves in any home, but also look like you snagged them from a luxury boutique or high-end department store.

Case in point: a set of handmade Turkish cotton peshtemal towels that were woven on traditional wooden looms. These towels are high-quality, elegant, and cost less than $25 for a set of four. And as if that weren't enough to entice you to add them to your cart, then let's talk about the unique benefits of Turkish cotton — which isn't just another buzzy marketing word. Unlike your typical Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton dries quicker, making it less susceptible to mildew and musty odors. And because Turkish cotton fibers are longer, they're also more durable and will become softer with every wash.

But even if you're not in the market for a set of luxury towels or chic new Bluetooth speaker, this list is full of other amazing deals on items that no one will believe you spent less than $35 on.


A Compact And Versatile Three-In-One Vacuum

The Eureka Blaze swivel vacuum manages to avoid both the clunky design and the hefty price tag. This three-in-one life-saver weighs only 4 pounds but can be used as an upright stick, a handheld, and a stair vacuum. It comes with multiple attachments and an 18-foot power cord, so no job is too big or too far.


An Ionic Eye Massager That Helps Boost Circulation, Absorption, And Brightness

Using a combination of heat and gentle vibration, this ionic massager increases circulation, minimizes puffiness, and boosts absorption when used alongside your favorite eye creams. Simply insert a battery and hold the conductive bar against your skin. Its slim design works well with hard-to-reach areas (like the lid or under-eyes), and buyers love it because it's affordable, relaxing, and effective.


A Vibrating Facial Brush Packed With Features

Some sonic facial cleansing brushes go for well over $100, but this brush has all the same features for just $30. It's rechargeable, waterproof, and vibrates 220 million times per second to deep-clean pores and exfoliate dead skin. It also comes with three brush heads and has four settings to suit a variety of skin types.


A Set Of Spa-Quality Towels Made Of Turkish Cotton

Made from 100 percent Turkish cotton, these Amrapur Overseas towels are described as soft, thick, and absorbent. One of the best things about Turkish cotton though, is that that it dries quickly and is less likely to develop mildew or take on odor. They're available in ten different colors, and each set comes with two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths — and yes, everything is machine washable.


This Soothing Salt Lamp That Cleanses The Air In Your Home

Himalayan salt lamps are extremely trendy right now, and that's because they bring a Zen-like feel to your space while simultaneously purifying the air with negative ions. The Levoit Elora lamp is hand-carved from real Himalayan salt, features a modern stainless steel base, and has a touch dimmer built into the switch. It even comes with two additional bulbs.


This $30 Comforter That Has A Cult Following

Thousands of five-star reviews are always impressive — but especially when the price tag reads "$30." Instead of down, the Linenspa all-season quilted comforter is made from a hypoallergenic microfiber fill, which buyers describe as "soft, plushy, airy, and lightweight." It's box-stitched to avoid the fill from shifting, and it's machine-washable and dryer-safe, too. This one's available in eight sizes and six colors, though it's equally as comfortable with a duvet cover of your choice.


An Accent Piece That Adds Storage To Any Space

This five-rung decorative ladder allows for additional storage, but it takes up minimal room and doesn't require any installation (Read: no new holes in the wall). The free-standing design simply leans up against the wall to provide five bars for towels, blankets, sheets, or magazines, and since it's made from steel and has a modern bronze finish, it's both durable and attractive.


A Shampoo And Conditioner That Heals Damaged Hair From The Inside-Out — Without Weighing It Down

Yes, NatureLab Tokyo shampoo and conditioner comes in aesthetically-unique bottles that look great in your shower — but it's what's inside that matters. These deep-repairing formulas are made with bamboo stem technology (which boosts the hair growth cycle), and they're infused with argan oil, prickly pare oil, and smart keratin to hydrate without any weighing it down — a godsend for someone whose hair is damaged, but thin.


A Shower Head That Will Make It Feel Like Your Washing Your Hair In A Waterfall

Rainwater shower heads are a luxurious way to upgrade your bathroom, but luxurious doesn't have to mean expensive. This one from ViVer is extremely affordable and highly rated. It installs easily without tools (or a plumber), and the silicone jets offer more water pressure without leaking or corrosion. Best of all, with its elegant chrome finish and rotating swivel head, guests will never know you paid $20 for it.


An Electric Toothbrush That Helps You Brush Better

A fancy toothbrush doesn't need to cost a fortune. The Fairywill electric toothbrush has a sleek black finish, a rechargeable battery lasts nearly a month, comes with three replacement brush heads, and it has five built-in modes for all types of sensitivity levels and functions. Since it's waterproof, you can even use it in the shower — and the simple USB charging cord means there's no need for a bulky stand.


These Luxuriously Soft Sheets That Feel Like A Major Upgrade

With over 5,000 reviews, the Utopia Bedding sheet set is one of the best ways to upgrade your bed on a budget. The breathable microfiber is resistant to stains, wrinkles, allergens, and fading, and reviewers say the material feels amazing against your skin. Each set comes with two pillowcases, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet, and it's available in four sizes and six colors.


A Modern Bluetooth Speaker With A Rich Sound & Long-Lasting Battery Life

According to reviews, the Jonter Fashion bookshelf speaker sounds and looks way pricier than it actually is. Buyers say it is easy to pair with their other devices and has a "nice, robust sound," thanks to its deep bass and full-range stereo output. They've also given it kudos for its modern, "unobtrusive" appearance, and since the battery can last up to 15 hours on one charge, it works seamlessly in any room — outlets or not.


This Minimalist Bottle That Actually Keeps Your Water Cold

Most insulated water bottles are busy and sporty-looking, whereas the Proof bottle is subtle but beautiful. It's double-wall insulated using surgical stainless steel, meaning it won't leach chemicals and it stays cold for up to 24 hours. It's also leak-proof, available in multiple colors, and fits effortlessly in cup-holders and backpack sleeves.


Bluetooth Headphones That Look High-End & Have High-Quality Sound

Not only do these Picun Bluetooth headphones look upscale, according to reviewers, the sound quality is pretty impressive, too. They also have an eight-hour battery life, volume control, and can be folded down for travel. Plus, thanks to the built-in microphone, you can even answer calls.


A Subtle Fitness Tracker With A Ton Of Features

The Teslasz fitness tracker does so much more than just count your steps. It also records your sleep quality, heart rate, and calories, and can track your routes via GPS, send you text alerts, and allow you to hang up your phone calls remotely. Thanks to its semi-waterproof design, you can wear it in the rain, and it has an easy-charge USB port that plugs into your existing charging bricks.


This Matching Carry-On Luggage Set That's A Steal

The Rockland luggage set is the perfect traveling companion, and for just $35 you really can't beat the price. The set features a 19-by-13-inch rolling suitcase and a carry-on tote. They're carefully-designed with multiple pockets, padding in all the right places, inline wheels, and comfortable handles. They're also available in over 40 colors and patterns, so you can instantly find yours on the conveyor belt.


These Leggings That Look & Feel High-End

Beyond just your standard black, these leggings are available in range of on-trend hues — from pale pink to white to a rich jewel-tone purple. And they don't just look great, they feel great, too. Made with a nylon-spandex blend, the fabric is lightweight yet durable and offers a good amount of stretch. They also feature mesh panels on the calf and a wide waistband with front pocket for keys and cash.


A Smart Plug That Will Bring Your Home Into The Future

Smart-home technology has arrived, and it's surprisingly accessible. With the TP-Link smart Wifi plug, you can control your lights, appliances, or hot tools (like that hair curler you always leave on) no matter where you are. The plug fits over any existing outlet and allows you to access your electronics from an app on your phone. There, you can set schedules, monitor energy usage, turn things on or off, and even utilize Alexa or Google Assistant for voice-control — no extra hub required.


A Set Of Turkish Cotton Hand Towels That Are Beautiful & Absorbent

Most decorative towels are as useful as a wad of newspaper — albeit much prettier. These Turkish cotton towels, on the other hand, make a lovely addition to your kitchen or bathroom because they're practical, well-made, and available in over several different colors and patterns. Thanks to the thin and lightweight cotton material, they take up less space than traditional towels and dry much quicker — but they still easily absorbs moisture from your face, hands, or dishes.


This Wood & Coconut-Shell Water Filter That Looks Amazing On Your Counter

The Soma water filter pitcher is as elegant as it is effective. In addition to its wood oak handle and shatter-proof body, it utilizes an improved plant-based filter that removes chlorine, heavy metals, and other impurities from drinking water. It's easy to fill, easy to pour, and compared to the bulkier units, looks infinitely better on your counter-top.


A Good Stand Mixer At An Amazing Price

A good stand mixer may very well be the most coveted item in a kitchen, but most of them are upwards of $300. The Dash stand mixer, on the other hand, is $35 — but it has six speeds, a mess-free bowl, four interchangeable mixers, a compact design, a 250-watt motor, and six attractive color options.


This Glass-Jar Blender That Can Handle All Kinds Of Food Prep

With its stainless steel blades, durable glass jar, 400-watt motor, and multiple blending settings, you'd think the BLACK+DECKER counter-top blender would be a whole lot more expensive — but it's surprisingly affordable. It can crush ice, puree sauces, and act as a food processor for solid ingredients, and since all removable parts are dishwasher-safe, clean-up is easy, too.


A Porcelain Pot You Can Use In The Oven Or On The Stove Top

This Rachael Ray Cucina casserole dish is made from porcelain with aluminum handles, so it's oven-safe and can be used on the stove top. When your food is done, transfer it straight over to the table and serve. Plus, the non-stick interior ensures that clean-up is just as easy.


An Electric Kettle With All The Charm Of A Traditional Tea Pot Without Any Of The Hassle

Safer than a burner and faster than a traditional kettle, the BELLA electric kettle is the best way to boil water. In addition to its ceramic build and elegant design, it has a detachable base with built-in cord storage and a single-switch control. Thanks to its 1200-watt heating element, it boils water in mere minutes, and it automatically shuts off for your safety. If you don't love the black and white floral pattern, it's also available in other patterns, colors, and finishes.


An Espresso Machine That Can Make A Quality Cappuccino

Few things are quite as impressive as a counter-top espresso machine — and no one needs to know you paid $33 for it. This espresso machine is a number-one new release because it's surprisingly compact, but can brew four cups of espresso and froth milk for cappuccinos and lattes. All parts are BPA-free and easy to clean, too, so it's no wonder buyers are saying it'll "dramatically improve [your] morning routine."


Encourage Culinary Genius With This Matte Black Knife Set

It might seem too good to be true, but several reviewers confirmed that the quality of this Home Hero knife set is outstanding and the knives cut through everything "like butter." This set comes with 13 knives, all with a matte-black finish and a spot in the transparent acrylic storage block. You even get a sharpener, food scissors, and a peeler.


This Unique Crystal Decanter That Aerates Your Wine

Nothing says "classy" quite like a wine decanter. This one from Bella Vino is carefully designed with both aesthetics and function in mind. It's made from crystal glass and uses a double-spout design for easy pouring, optimal aeration, and a gorgeous display.


A Dust Pan & Brush That You Won't Mind Hanging In Your Kitchen

The Iris Hantverk table dustpan is made from oiled beech-wood and hand-bound bristles. It works perfectly for tabletop crumbs, eraser shavings on desks, and dust on shelves — and since it's modern-looking as well as constructed with a convenient hanging hole, this is one cleaning tool you'll love to display.


This Ceramic Pineapple Diffuser That Doubles As A Unique Statement Piece

This Round Rich pineapple diffuser is a statement piece that doubles as an aromatherapy humidifier. It has a color-changing LED light and a tank capacity that can run for more than four hours per fill. When the tank runs dry, it shuts off automatically.


A Set Of Trendy Mesh Bags That You'll Find Endless Uses For

Mesh fisherman totes were the unexpected status bag of the summer, and while there are designer iterations that cost well above $35, this set of two mesh bags costs less than $10. They're made from 100 percent cotton, so they're durable as well as machine-washable. If you're not in love with the pink and seafoam green, they're available in several color pairings, so go ahead and choose your favorite; they're an extremely useful thing to have around the house.


These Flickering LED Candles That Have A Realistic Flame

In-store, these highly-realistic LED candles go for $30 each, but this well-reviewed set offers five of them for $26. They're made from real wax, but you never have to worry about drips, messes, or fires. These utilize a battery-operated LED light and a flickering "flame" that actually moves. Reviewers say it's "truly the most realistic flame [they've] seen outside of the real thing," and the set comes with a remote control, too.


A Rustic Farmhouse Throw Blanket That Comes In Tons Of Colors And Patterns

Nothing says cozy quite like a stylish (yet high-quality) throw blanket. This pick from DII has a rustic farmhouse feel, thanks to its pure cotton weave and decorative tassels. It's available in over a dozen patterns and colors so you can find one that complements your decor.


More Like A Decorative Piece And Less Like A Storage Solution

Add some much-needed shelving space in your pantry or create a rolling bar cart with an industrial feel. This AmazonBasics shelving unit can hold up to 220 pounds thanks to its steel shelves, but its black-coated finish looks modern and clean so you won't mind having it out in the open. It even has wheels, so it is easy to cart from place to place.


A Powerful, But Quiet Fan With Vintage Vibes

The Holmes Heritage desk fan features an industrial copper-colored finish and an all-metal design. Despite the fact that it's small and unobtrusive, its 6-inch blades and two speed settings produce a surprising amount of airflow without any unnecessary noise. No wonder reviewers have given it a 4.5-star rating.


A Sophisticated Alternative To The Classic Lunch Box

Insulated, leak-proof, and created from stainless steel, the ArderLive stackable lunch box makes it easy to bring your home-cooked meals to work. Each colorful stack comes with three distinct food containers, a top lid that doubles as a bowl, and a carrying sleeve, so your food stays hot, your crackers stay crispy, and your other belongings stay stain-free.

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