42 Money-Saving Products On Amazon That Give You Professional Results

Hand paints the nails, gel purple, gel nail manicure through the lamp for manicure

If you maintain a regular appointment (monthly gel manicures, once-weekly blowouts) or have an expensive habit you can’t break (hello, fellow cold brew fanatics), it might be time to look into a DIY alternative that’ll save you not only money, but time and effort, too. When it comes to finding the best selection of DIY innovations out there, there’s only one place to look: Amazon, of course. Just take these 42 money-saving products on Amazon that give you professional results, for example. Whether you’re looking for a more affordable way to whiten your teeth or a less expensive alternative to getting monthly facials, the products on this list offer up plenty of smart, fun solutions that you can accomplish on your own.

Though some of the products on this list cost less than $20 and others demand a hefty investment upfront, the one thing they do have in common is that they’ll save you money in the long run. Also, they all deliver pro-level results: so be prepared to become your very own tailor, nail technician, jewelry cleaner, and more by simply clicking "add to cart." Intrigued? Then keep reading to discover 43 of the most brilliant DIY products on Amazon right now.


A Cult-Favorite Hair Styling Tool For Salon-Worthy Blowouts At Home

This cult-favorite hair tool is a consistent best-seller because of its ability to give you a salon-worthy blowout at home. The Revlon One-Step blows your hair dry, styles it, and adds volume — plus, it couldn't be easier to use. Never spend $50+ on an in-salon blowout or struggle with a round brush again.


A Steamer & Extraction Set To Give Yourself A Pro-Level Facial

Give yourself the type of facial you'd get at a derma clinic with this best-selling NanoSteamer. Steaming your skin not only helps restore moisture, but it also opens up your pores so they're easier to unclog (plus, this helps products like serums penetrate better, too). The NanoSteamer doubles as a humidifier, which will come in handy when you're sick, and it comes with a set of five extraction tools to treat your own blemishes and clogged pores at home.


A User-Friendly Pasta Machine With Thousands Of Rave Reviews

Make delicious, homemade pasta in your own kitchen with the Marcato 8320 Atlas 150 Machine. Made in Italy, the pro-quality pasta-maker has over 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon; one called it "the Cadillac of pasta machines," while others warn their fellow shoppers not to consider buying any others – this is as good as it gets. It'll save you money on going out for date night, and it's a fun activity to do with someone else, too.


An LED Nail Curing Lamp So You Can Do Your Own Gel Manicures

Cancel your next manicure and pick up this LED lamp instead. The salon-quality machine cures gel polish, so you can say goodbye to pricey nail appointments for good. This lamp doesn't include any gel polishes, though, so you'll have to pick those up separately. "Works like one in the salon!" summed up one reviewer.


A Waxing Kit That Comes With Everything You Need

If you've got unwanted hair anywhere on your body, skip the pricey waxing session and pick up this all-in-one waxing kit instead. It comes with a wax warmer, four different types of wax beads (that melt into wax in the warmer), 20 application sticks, an after-wax treatment, and a pre-wax treatment spray. Basically, it contains everything you'd ever need to do your own wax at home.


An Easy Way To Make Deli-Worthy Breakfast Sandwiches At Home

If you love a good breakfast sandwich, skip a trip to the deli and make your own instead. This appliance couldn't be easier to use, and it only takes a few minutes. A number-one best-seller on Amazon, it has over 5,000 perfect five-star reviews. Keep in mind that if you don't need one that creates two sandwiches, it also comes in a single model.


A Genius Styling Tool That Curls Your Hair On Its Own

If you aren't great at doing your hair and often find yourself booking an appointment with a pro, the CHI Spin N Curl will be a revelation. It curls your hair on its own, automatically, with the simple press of a button. Worried about tangles? It'll beep to let you know if you've inserted too much hair or if it senses a knot. Choose from black, rose gold, or red.


A Cold Brew Coffee Maker To Cut Down On Starbucks Runs

Sure, this at-home cold brew maker will save you tons of money on Starbucks runs — but it'll also cut down on environmental waste since it means less to-go coffee cups, too. Over 2,700 reviewers gave this best-selling, patented pitcher a perfect five-star rating. "This product is incredibly easy to use, and the coffee is delicious!" one wrote.


An Affordable Alternative To Hiring A Live-In Masseuse

You know those glorious chairs at nail salons that massage you while you're getting pampered? This massager gives you the same results at home. If you're often dealing with a sore back or neck and have resorted to shelling out major cash on massage appointments, this one-time $55 will be a major game-changer.


A DIY Teeth Whitening System That Really Works

Why bother with professional whitening when Crest Whitestrips give you the same results at home? Many dentists and beauty editors will tell you that it's the only at-home teeth whitening system that truly works. This 44-piece kit includes 20 sets of Professional Effects Whitestrips (for your top and bottom teeth) plus two bonus 1-Hour Express Whitestrips for last-minute whitening.


A Fun & Easy Way To Make Your Own Sushi

Got a weekly sushi habit? Then save money on takeout (or eating in) and make your own instead. Not only does this kit include everything you'd need to make restaurant-worthy maki at home — including a sushi Bazooka, a chef's knife, bamboo sheets, and more — but it's a fun activity for your next date night or get-together with friends.


A Microdermabrasion Tool For Aesthetician-Level Facial Rejuvenation

Dermarollers, like this one, from Sdara, improve your skin by creating tiny micro-tears on its surface, which then encourages skin to repair itself so it looks rejuvenated and refreshed. It's a lot less scary than it sounds, and it's an insider-secret for plump, radiant, even-looking skin.


A Tiny Machine That Creates Top Quality Espresso With The Press Of A Button

When it comes to creating cafe-quality espresso at home, every coffee-lover knows it's all about Nespresso. The Inissia is their smallest and least expensive machine, but it still makes delicious espresso (in two sizes) with the simple press of a button. Love frothy lattes and capps? Just pick up a separate milk frother and you're good to go.


The Oval Makeup Brushes That Pros & Beauty Bloggers Swear By

Makeup artists and beauty bloggers swear by oval makeup brushes for flawlessly-blended makeup, whether you tend to use liquids, powders, or creams. At under $15, you literally can't find a better set at a better price; it comes with 10 oval brushes for your eyes and face, and boasts over 1,800 perfect five-star reviews.


A Microcurrent Facial Roller That Reviewers Say "Works Like Magic"

Encourage lymphatic drainage, de-puff skin, and promote a generally clearer, firmer, more even-looking complexion with this 3-D microcurrent facial roller. The solar-powered, aesthetician-quality tool uses tiny electrical pulses to work its magic — no battery or charging required.


A Must-Have Set For Anyone Who Loves Making Pizza At Home

If you love cooking pizza at home, you need this pizza stone set. Not only does it come with a stone so your pizza tastes like it just came out of a wood-fired Naples oven, but it also includes a wooden serving board (which you can also use to serve cheese and charcuterie). You'll never be tempted to place a takeout order again.


A Hemming Tape To Save You A Trip To The Tailor

Instead of paying for a rush job on your hem, use this handy tape from Scotch. It hikes up the hem of your pants and holds it in place without the commitment — or expense.


An Easy Way To Brew Your Own Kombucha

Save money on pricey bottles of kombucha by making your own instead. This kit breaks the process down into easy-to-follow steps and comes with everything you need — it also makes for a great gift! Impressively, it boasts a rare 4.8-star overall rating on Amazon; almost 90% of customers gave the kit a perfect five-star review.


A Worthy Investment For People Who Spend All Day On Their Feet

Sure, it might be an investment up front. But the Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine will save you money on reflexology appointments and massages at the salon — plus, you're bound to use it every day. Using a shiatsu massage technique and compression technology, the machine helps improve circulation and alleviate foot pain of all types; it even heats up!


A Vacuum Sealer To Preserve Your Food For Longer

Save money on food by preventing waste with this handy vacuum sealer. The digital machine works (automatically) by removing air so your food doesn't spoil or suffer from freezer burn. It's also handy if you cook using a sous vide — over 1,700 reviewers gave it a rave five-star review.


A Travel-Friendly Steamer So Your Clothes Always Look Fresh

Make your clothes look like they just came from the dry cleaner with this compact, travel-friendly garment steamer. Tiny but powerful, it has a rare 4.6-star overall rating with over 5,800 perfect five-star reviews.


A Makeup Artist Secret For Flawless Foundation

Makeup artists and beauty bloggers swear by makeup sponges for flawless, perfectly-blended foundation. You can also use them with concealer or any other liquid/cream product, but they're useful for "baking" your face with powder, too. This five-piece set is a steal at under $10, and each sponge is nice and big, as well as reusable.


A More Environmentally-Friendly Alternative To Buying Canned Seltzer

Quit your expensive La Croix habit with the SodaStream Fizzi One Touch. It turns any water into sparkling water in mere seconds, and it couldn't be easier to use. You can also buy the brand's Fruit Drops if you love flavored sparkling water.


An At-Home Dry Cleaning System That Really Works

Dry cleaning is one of those expenses that kind of sneaks up on you. But with this genius system from Woolite, you can do your dry cleaning at home. You can use Woolite on any fabric (except leather, velvet, and suede) and since it's fragrance-free, it shouldn't aggravate allergies or irritate sensitive skin.


A Sous Vide Cooker For Restaurant-Quality Meals Every Time

Achieve restaurant-worthy meals at home with a sous vide cooker. And as far as sous vides go, the Breville Joule is the one you'd find any pro chef using. Create flawlessly cooked meat, fish, and veggies with this Bluetooth- and WiFi-enabled cooker, which can even be monitored using the Joule app on your phone.


A Jewelry Cleaner That The Professionals Use

Never take your favorite jewelry in for a cleaning again with this Magnasonic professional ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. It'll give your favorite jewels a pro-quality refresh so they look shiny, tarnish-free, and new. Powered by ultrasonic waves, it can also be used to clean glasses, utensils, watches, coins, and more.


A Ravioli Maker That Even Novices Can Master

Whip up your own, chef-worthy ravioli at home — you'll never be able to buy store-bought pasta again. The two-piece set is super easy to use — all you need is dough, and the metal cutter does the job for you. "This was so easy I thought I did something wrong," one reviewer wrote. "If you like fresh raviolis this is a MUST buy!"


These Dermaplaners That Work Great As Eyebrow Shapers, Too

Not only do these dermaplaners help to exfoliate your skin, but they're also great for grooming your eyebrows. Their angled designs makes it easy to achieve whatever shape you desire, and you can use them to remove any other unwanted facial hair, too.


A Milk Frother To Create Barista-Quality Lattes & Capps In Your Own Kitchen

Whether you use an espresso machine or a gold old fashioned coffee maker, a milk frother is an easy way to spruce up your daily cup of Joe. This one can be used to create a thick, frothy foam or to simply heat up milk, and it works quickly and without any effort involved. All you do is a press a button!


A Mini Keg So You Can Get Your Favorite Beer On Draft At Home

A game-changer for any beer-lover, this pressurized mini keg will make you wonder why you've been relying on a growler for so long. Not only will it keep your beer fresh for up to two months, but it'll keep it carbonated, too. It's like having your very own beer tap right at home!


An Investment-Worthy Juicer That'll Save You Money Over Time

Though it's quite the investment upfront, if you're addicted to cold-pressed juices, this Omega masticating juicer will save you so much money in the long run. (After all, at popular juice shops like Juice Press, a standard juice costs at least $10.) This juicer is the top of the line, and it's surprisingly easy to use — and easy to clean. Over 3,400 reviewers gave it a perfect five-star rating, calling it a "serious juicer for serious juicing."


These Silicone Molds That Create Mixologist-Worthy Ice Cubes

Create the types of fancy, jumbo ice cubes you see at fancy cocktail bars with these silicone ice molds. Perfect for keeping spirits like whiskey chilled, the set comes with two molds in assorted shapes: choose from rose, sphere, highball, and even mustache.


A Heat Press That Works Like An Iron For All Your Crafting Needs

This easy-to-use heat press works just like an iron. It's a must-have for anyone who's into crafting or customizing their clothes, tote bags, and more — though you can also use it to simply iron your clothes. One reviewer called it "A must have for iron-on crafters."


A Chef-Quality Machine To Create Healthier Versions Of Your Favorite Fried Snacks

Create healthier versions of your favorite fried foods with this COSORI Air Fryer; that's because it requires 85% less oil to get the job done. You can use it to make everything from fried chicken to donuts to, of course, French fries (or other yummy fried veggies, like zucchini chips and snap pea crisps). The best part is, all of the parts are easy to disassemble and clean.


The Type Of Proofing Basket That Professional Bakers Use

Turns out that baking bread at home is incredibly easy — as long as you've got a proofing basket. This one, from Bread Bosses, uses natural rattan cane to help bread rise without it sticking, and it even comes with a bonus bread scraper and proofing cloth liners to boot. Boasting a rare 4.8-star Amazon rating, almost 90% of reviewers gave it a perfect five-star review.


A Vibrating Facial Roller That'd Make Your Aesthetician Proud

Consider this the upgraded version of your basic jade facial roller — it's like the kind of high-tech tool an aesthetician would use. It promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage like other jade rollers, sure — but it also vibrates, making it an even more powerful skin-firming and de-puffing tool.


A Handy Kit To Repair Your Glasses

As someone who is constantly losing the screws in their glasses, I can't tell you how valuable a glasses repair kit is: owning one means you'll never have to take yours to the shop again. This Universal Souvenir repair kit includes everything you'd need to fix any glasses-related issue, including a duo of screw drivers that will fit any type of screw.


A Luxury Blender You'd Find In Any Smoothie Shop Or Cafe

Ask anyone who owns one, and they'll tell you that a Vitamix isn't a typical blender. A staple on cooking shows and in restaurant kitchens, it can be used to coarsely chop tomatoes for salsa, to purée squash for soup, or to create everything else from nut butters to ice cream. Whether you love smoothies or not, it's a revolutionary kitchen appliance for any home chef.


A Professional Cutter For Arts & Crafts Enthusiasts

DIY enthusiasts and crafters will love the Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint. You'll never have to take your latest project into the shop again, since this one can cut just about any material (including vinyl, foil, and faux leather). It even comes with a compatible app to design prints on, which the machine will then cut out.


A Beer Making Kit That's Fun & Interesting To Use

A great gift or activity for any beer aficionado, this Northern Brewer starter kit includes everything you need to create your own custom brew at home. Choose from three different types of beers: Chinook IPA, Hank's Hefeweizen, or Block Party Amber.


A Watch Repair Kit That'll Last You A Lifetime

Invest in one quality watch repair kit, and you'll never need to take yours to an expert again. This one comes with all the necessary tools (and then some), as well as a carrying case and service manual. Over 1,200 reviewers gave it a perfect five-star rating.


The Type Of Does-It-All Espresso Machine Restaurants & Cafes Use

For the true coffee lover — the one that switches between lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos on the reg — it's worth investing in a restaurant-quality espresso machine. After all, it'll save you hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on future trips to Starbucks. The Mr. Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse Espresso Maker and Cappuccino Machine can make — just like its name suggests — espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos with the simple press of a button, using a 19-bar Italian pump and built-in milk frother.

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