42 Chic Things Under $20 You Won't Believe Are On Amazon

It's no longer a secret that Amazon is home to much of the internet's best shopping. Not only does its wide selection mean competitive pricing, but there's also that handy two-day shipping. And though everyone knows about their unparalleled selection of books, electronics, and beauty products, you might not be aware of the surprisingly elegant clothes, furniture, and home decor pieces you can snag right on Prime. Whether you're expanding your wardrobe or redecorating a room in your home, these 42 chic things under $20 are sure to impress even the pickiest of shoppers.

Though all of the products on this list fulfill two main criteria — they're chic and affordable — most of them also offer some sort of utilitarian value. From kitchen utensils and serveware to bathroom accessories that'll have you organized in a snap, you can actually feel confident about your purchases knowing that you'll get a ton of use out of them. And though you might be surprised to hear that a paper towel holder, for example, could be chic, just wait 'til you see these sleek and stylish takes on everyday essentials.

Scroll on to discover 42 of the chicest things you can snag on Amazon for under $20.


1. A Pair Of Tasseled Earrings That Add A Fun Touch To Any Outfit

Pair these tassel earrings with a flowy dress or linen jumpsuit for an easy-breezy boho look. The hand-beaded earrings come in two shapes — hoop or diamond —and are available in 14 color options like cream, red, and pink. The oversized statement earrings dangle to about mid-neck, but reviewers say they're "lightweight" and can be worn "all day with no problem."

2. A Magnifying Mirror With A Marble Catch-All Base

This vintage-inspired makeup mirror will look great on any bathroom countertop. One side of the mirror features 3x magnification, so you can get up close and personal as you apply eyeliner. Flip it over, and you'll have a standard mirror that allows you a look at the full picture. What's more, the gold-rimmed mirror has a marble base that's perfect for storing jewelry, lipstick, and hand cream.

3. This Rustic Wood Cheese Board & Utensil Set

The natural, contrasting colors of this acacia wood cheese board give it a rustic but sophisticated vibe — worthy of any cheese display you might find at a Napa Valley winery. Use the included cheese knife to slice your camembert and manchego, then serve it up with the two-prong fork. Hang the board from the leather loop on the handle when you're not using it, and rub the board with a little mineral oil from time to time to keep it looking fresh.

4. A Chicer Take On Your Favorite '90s Hair Clips

These oversized pearl hair clips are a fanciful way to hold back big sections of hair.. They'll go seamlessly with any flirty dress, but you can also wear them to add a feminine touch to a standard jeans and tee look. The set comes with five clips, and reviewers say "they won't fall out, even with really straight hair" and that they're just the thing when you want to "accessorize a quick and messy hairstyle."

5. This Simple & Elegant Marble Vanity Tray

Made with glazed earthenware and featuring subtle gold edging, this marble vanity tray will look great on any dresser. It's the perfect space for storing your most frequently worn jewelry, so you can easily find it in the morning when you're rushing out the door.

6. A Germanium Stone Facial Roller That Boosts Collagen Production

With 30 stones that gently massage skin, this beauty roller works to increase collagen formation, promote lymphatic drainage, and boost blood circulation — which will help brighten and plump your skin. Keep it in the freezer and roll on in the morning to de-puff, or use it as part of your nighttime routine to maximize your skin's absorption of serums and creams.

7. These Velvet Pillow Covers That'll Instantly Transform Your Bed Or Couch

Revamp your throw pillows — without having to invest in new ones — with these velvet pillow covers. Made from grade-A velvet, the covers are extra thick and sturdy, so that even lumpy pillows will look brand new. The covers are water-resistant and feature hidden zipper closures for a streamlined look. Choose from 15 colors, like aqua, pale pink, grey, and dark green.

8. This Adorable Ring Holder That Looks Like An Aloe Plant

The leaves of this aloe plant-shaped ring holder are the perfect place for your favorite rings to perch. The painted ceramic aloe is firmly planted in a white dish that's sized just right for storing earrings, bracelets, hair pins, and your watch. Adorable.

9. An Overnight Face Mask That Can Also Help Lull You To Sleep

This overnight gel mask feels super lightweight, but it still does some pretty heavy-duty work in the skin care department. Ceramides deeply hydrate, snow water brightens, and plant-derived beta-glucan smooths skin and boosts collagen production. Even better — the gel is infused with aromatic essences that promote restfulness. After all, it is called "beauty sleep" for a reason.

10. This Button-Down Top That Looks Good With Everything

Wear this casual blouse to your next brunch date and you'll look perfectly put together without having to sacrifice comfort. Featuring cuffed sleeves and a front pocket, the button-down shirt can be worn loose or tucked into jeans and skirts. The blouse is available in both solid colors and stripes in a variety of washed-out, desert-y colors. Available sizes: XS-XXL

11. These Insulated Glasses That Keep Your Wine Chilled

Most insulated wineglasses have an extra-thick rim that makes it feel like you're drinking from a travel mug, but these insulated wineglasses feature a slim, 1-millimeter rim so it actually feels like you're sipping your wine from, well, a wine glass. The 13-ounce stemless glasses will keep wine chilled for hours, and they're shatter-proof, so you can enjoy your wine on the back patio with peace of mind.

12. This Everyday Tote That Looks So Much More Expensive Than It Is

Accented solely by a (removable) tassel and gold button closure, this faux leather tote is proof you don't have to spend a fortune for timeless simplicity. The buttery soft shoulder bag is big enough for tablets and small laptops, and you can stash your phone, keys, and lipstick in the small interior pocket. Opt for classic tan, brown, or black, or make a statement in yellow, red, or Tiffany blue.

13. This Modern Rose Take On The Classic Aviator

The rose-colored mirrored lenses give these classic aviator sunglasses a modern touch. The oversized, lightweight glasses offer 100 percent UVA and UVB protection, so you're protecting your eyes — and the delicate skin around your eyes — from harmful rays. Prefer not to see the world through rose-colored glasses? The aviators are available in other lens colors too, like silver, ocean blue, and a '70s brown worthy of Bianca Jagger.

14. These Gorgeous Statement Earrings Made From Recycled Wood

These dangly geometric earrings look like a treasure you might have stumbled across at a vintage bazaar. Made from recycled wood, the earrings feature a painted marble design that give them a rustic, worn-in look. The earrings are super lightweight and feature hypoallergenic titanium posts that go easy on sensitive ears.

15. This Silk Sleep Mask That Won't Cause Crease Lines Around Your Eyes

Made from organic mulberry silk, this sleep mask is extra soft on your skin so you won't wake up with creases around your eyes. The mask is cool and breathable, and even the stretchy elastic band is covered in silk, so it won't snag or break hair.

16. This Decadent Rose Oil That Moisturizes Skin, Hair, & Nails

If you're looking for a beauty product that covers all your bases, this rose oil is it. The lightweight, ultra-absorbent oil is perfect for moisturizing your skin, softening your cuticles, and adding shine to dry, dull hair. Made with a base of antioxidant-rich apricot and sweet almond oils, it's infused with rose petals, peony, and bergamot, so you're sure to feel pretty as a flower every time you use it.

17. This Classic Belt That Adds An Elegant Touch To Any Outfit

Featuring a gold, double-O ring buckle, this elegant, timeless belt is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Choose from smooth faux leather or textured faux snake skin in neutrals like black, brown, and khaki, or try yellow for a pop of color around the waist. Available sizes: XS-L

18. An Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser That Lights Up In Soft Pastels

Fill your home with the relaxing scent of lavender or ylang ylang with this ultrasonic essential oil diffuser. The diffuser features a brightness- and color-adjustable LED light that illuminates the environment in soft pastels. Choose from continuous or intermittent mist and relax — an automatic feature shuts things off once the water runs out.

19. This Collapsible Phone Grip & Stand You'll Use Constantly

This iridescent opal phone grip and stand collapses flat against your phone and pops out again — like an accordion — anytime you want to use it. Slip it between your fingers to prevent hand cramping while you scroll, or set it on a tabletop to watch videos hands-free. The grip attaches to the back of your phone with just a little adhesive, but it won't damage your case if you ever choose to take it off.

20. A Fringed Throw Blanket That Comes In 17 Muted Color Options

Combining cozy with classy, this throw blanket features a raised diamond pattern and fringed edges that won't unravel in the wash. (Yes — it's machine-washable and dry-able.) The silky soft, lightweight throw is available in 17 muted colors that'll look great draped over sofas, chairs, or the foot of your bed.

21. These Small Planters That Are Just The Right Size For Succulents

These succulent planters are sized just right for your jade, aloe, and purslane. Made from marbleized ceramic, the planters are just 3 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide, making them small enough to put on your bedside table, but sturdy enough to leave outside where your cactus can get all the sunshine it needs.

22. This Cool Multi-Dimensional Picture Frame

Display your favorite photo or print in this multi-dimensional, geometric wire picture frame. The 4x6-inch frame holds pictures both horizontally and vertically, and can sit tabletop or be wall-mounted — where it'll give off the magical effect that the frame is floating. Choose from brass, black, chrome, copper, or white.

23. A Rose Quartz Face Roller To Soothe & Depuff Skin

Run this rose quartz roller across your face for just three minutes a day to tighten skin, stimulate circulation, and reduce puffiness. The larger end of the roller can be used on your forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck, while the smaller side is perfect for under your eyes and around the nose. Rose quartz represents unconditional love and positive energy, so you just might experience a boost of spirits when you use it.

24. This Bergamot Spray For Your Skin & Hair

One reviewer says the scent of this facial toner is "heavenly" and another writes that it "leaves my skin feeling so soft and supple." The toner is made with bergamot oranges cultivated in Italy and has a deliciously warm, citrusy, and floral scent that's not overpowering. And it's versatile — spritz it on your face to control oiliness and prevent breakouts, spray it on your scalp to relieve dryness or dandruff, or spray it on linens and fall asleep dreaming of the Italian countryside.

25. These Gold Measuring Cups & Spoons Worthy Of A Royal Kitchen

Add a touch of luxury to your kitchen with these gilded measuring cups and spoons. The measuring spoons and four nesting cups hang on a loop, so you don't have to search through your drawers looking for a tiny teaspoon when you need it. Made from stainless steel, the cups are surprisingly sturdy and won't rust or scratch over time.

26. This Stunning Silk Scarf That'll Tie Your Look Together

Channel your inner Parisian with this mulberry silk scarf. The light blue and navy scarf features a delicate floral and stem print with gold edging, and the square shape is perfect for tying around your neck or the handle of your purse. You might also want to check out this nautical-inspired scarf for summer, or this black and red scarf that looks like it came straight out of your favorite European fashion house.

27. A Set Of All The Most Useful Cooking Utensils That Look Cute, Too

These chic silicone cooking utensils come in subtle but unexpected colors like mint green, pink, and gray. The utensils feature classic wooden handles and are both flexible and sturdy, so they'll adapt to all your cooking needs. They won't scratch or scrape pans and they're safe to use on non-stick bakeware. Each set comes with a mixing spoon, a perforated spoon, a turner, an angled spatula, a brush, and a whisk. The utensils are BPA-free and heat-resistant up to 450 degrees, as well.

28. These Beautiful & Absorbent Linen Tea Towels

Some things get better over time, as is the case with these hand-woven Turkish hand towels that get softer with each wash. Made with a blend of cotton and linen, the highly-absorbent towels are thin, so they won't take up space in your linen closet or kitchen drawers. The cream-colored towels feature stripes in washed-out shades like blue, black, red, and yellow. Use them in the bathroom or keep them in the kitchen to dry dishes.

29. This Slatted Soap Dish That Keeps Sogginess At Bay

This double-tiered soap dish solves the problem of mushy, soggy soap. The top tier has slats that drain water so that your bar of soap — and dish — dries neat and clean. Then, the bottom tier can be rinsed from time to time to get rid of any excess soap or water that's dripped through.

30. A Striped Shower Curtain That's Resistant To Mold And Mildew

This shower curtain with understated beige stripes will add a spa-worthy accent to any bathroom. Made with mold and mildew-resistant polyester, the curtain features a weighted hem that keeps it securely in place. The machine-washable curtain can be used with or without a liner, and the grommets and hooks won't rust over time.

31. This Genius Invention That Holds Your Hot Styling Tools

Keep flat irons, curling irons, and hair dryers organized — but within easy reach — with this hair tool holder. The organizer is perfectly sized for bathroom countertops and has two compartments to hold tools upright, plus a basket on the bottom to corral cords. It's made from rust-resistant steel, and you can even store your straightener in it before it's had time to cool off. Choose from 12 colors.

32. These Geometric Wall-Mounted Planters

Plant some succulents in these wall-mounted planters, and you can turn any wall into a vertical garden. The ceramic and concrete planters are suspended in a diamond-shaped wire frame and feature a contemporary, geometric aesthetic. The small planters are the perfect size for tight spaces like bathrooms, offices, and cubicles, but you can get a larger planter if you're looking to add some green to to your living room walls.

33. This Vase That Looks Like It Was Made From Origami Paper

The geometric grooves on this ceramic vase call to mind the precise art of origami. The 11-inch high vase has a medium-narrow opening that's just right for small bouquets, and it pairs well with pretty much any type of flower. Amp up the playfulness of the vase with a bunch of peonies, or offset it with the simplicity a single calla lily.

34. A Glass Jewelry Box Worthy Of Your Most Treasured Pieces

Safely store your keepsake rings and necklaces in this vintage-inspired jewelry box. The glass box, which has a mirrored bottom, gracefully displays your jewelry, while the lid on top keeps it safe from dust, dirt, and lint. The antique-style box comes in both diamond and octagonal shapes with gold or silver edging.

35. This Stylish Purse That Reviewers Call "The Perfect Cross Body Bag"

One reviewer writes, "I've looked everywhere for the perfect cross body bag and this is it." The highly-rated purse is made with super soft faux leather and gold hardware, and features an adjustable strap that fits bodies of all sizes. Keep your phone in the exterior pocket and your keys, lip balm, and sunglasses in the two interior pockets. The classic design of the bag will go with just about anything, and you can choose from neutrals like black or tan, or vivid colors like bright orange or red.

36. This Cotton & Linen Tablecloth With Tassels On The Hem

Made from a blend of linen and cotton, this tablecloth combines elegance and practicality — not to mention the fact that it looks like it came straight out of a French country farmhouse. The cream-colored tassels give it a fun but chic twist, and the tablecloth comes in square, rectangle, and oblong shapes in a variety of sizes.

37. These Ceramic Coasters That Won't Stick To Your Glass

The problem with most coasters is that they stick to the bottom of your glass every time you lift it to take a sip. These brilliant ceramic coasters, though, stay firmly planted to the table. Ceramic has the unique capability to absorb liquid quickly, so it doesn't pool on the coaster, and the cork backing means your coffee table won't get scratched up. The coasters are custom-designed by an artist and fit neatly into a blonde wooden holder when not in use.

38. A Pretty Silk Scrunchie That's Gentle On Hair

Everything old is new again — including this raw mulberry silk scrunchie. And it's not just the return of the style that to get excited about: it's the fact that scrunchies are gentler on your hair than tight elastics, which means no tugging or risk of breakage. Perfect for ponytails and top knots, the scrunchy is available in 34 color options.

39. This Cold Brew Coffee Pot That Makes A Smoother Cup Of Coffee

Reviewers say this cold brew coffee pot "is glorious" and "so much easier to use" than other cold brew makers. Just add coffee to the reusable filter, pour in water, and let steep in the refrigerator for 12 to 24 hours for a cup of joe that's smoother, less bitter, and lower in acidity. The 4-cup capacity coffee pot is dishwasher-safe, so cleanup is a breeze.

40. An Elegant Paper Towel Holder Made With Acacia Wood

This countertop paper towel holder is crafted from acacia wood and copper-plated wrought iron for a modern and natural aesthetic. The holder is large enough to accommodate extra-large paper towel rolls, and the dual wires mean you can tear off a sheet with just one hand.

41. This Delicate Choker With A White Fire Opal

The white fire opal stone on this choker represents inspiration, and we're definitely inspired by the fact that Benevolence LA donates $5 to creating sustainable water systems in Africa with each sale of the necklace. The iridescent stone is suspended on a delicate, 14 karat gold-dipped chain with a lobster closure. It's understated enough to wear every day, but dreamy enough to wear to wedding or formal event.

42. This Silk Pillowcase That Prevents Hair Breakage & Pillow Creases On Your Face

Perhaps surprisingly, a silk pillowcase is one of the best beauty tools you can own. Not only does the super soft texture prevent pillow creases on your face, but it also lets hair slide around when you shift position, which can help prevent unnecessary tangles and breakage. The machine-washable pillowcase features a hidden zipper closure and comes in 17 colors. One reviewer writes, "I've already noticed improvement in my hair and skin after sleeping on these silk pillowcases for a few weeks .... I have fewer flyaways/broken hairs visible when I wear my hair up in general, and my hair just looks smoother, shinier and healthier overall." The Zoe Report may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from The Zoe Report's editorial and sales departments.