41 Cult-Favorite Products On Amazon Fashion Girls Are Obsessed With

by The Zoe Report

There are certain problems that only the style-obsessed among us will understand: wanting to wear heels to a countryside wedding in the grass; owning too many cute sunglasses, but having no place to put them; the all-too-frequent blisters from your favorite pair of strappy sandals. The good news? There are tons of products on Amazon that solve all your fashion dilemmas — from wardrobe malfunctions and red wine stains to storage issues and so, so much more.

Of course, you don't have to be obsessed with fashion to appreciate these finds. If you have trouble looking put together sometimes, or have always wanted to organize your closet, you will find tons of these products useful, too. Not only that, but many of the things on this list can help preserve your current wardrobe — whether that means keeping your white clothes white, your sweaters pill-free, your bras in good shape, or your shoes looking brand new.

Ahead, you'll find all of that and more, with a few day-to-day essentials and beauty goodies thrown in for good measure. Be prepared to join the thousands of other Amazon customers who are obsessed with these cult-favorite products that fulfill all your fashion-adjacent needs.


This Purse Organizer, So You Can Easily Find Whatever You're Looking For

Organize the abyss that is your purse with this handy, waterproof tote insert. Never again will you be stuck outside searching for your keys — this organizer has easy-to-reach slots for just about everything, including your phone, tablet, headphones, lipstick, wallet, and more. It fits most medium to large-sized bags, and is also brilliant for people who often switch purses.


A Vertical Organizing Hanger For Your Bras, Strappy Dresses, & Tank Tops

Hang bras, strappy dresses, tank tops, lingerie, and more on this vertical closet organizer. Not only will you save a ton of space in your closet, but you'll also ensure your clothes stay wrinkle-free. Each one has eight hooks and is made out of a durable, quality material.

"This is life-changing," writes one reviewer. "I have saved the space of 16 hangers in my closet. The set up makes it so the straps do not get tangled and because it is staggered the clothing does not seem bulky. Also none of my dresses hit the floor, even the ones I hung on the bottom two hooks. Great product."


This Pill Remover That's Like A Brush For Your Sweaters

Keep your sweaters, scarves, and other wool or cashmere clothes in good shape with this fabric comb from the The Laundress. It picks up any stray pills, so your fine knits always look pristine, and couldn't be easier to use.

"Best sweater de-piller," raves one fan "Tried all the gimmicks — this one works a breeze."


This Red Wine Stain Remover That Works Like Magic

A must-have to keep in your bag, at home, and maybe even at the office, this red wine stain remover works its magic without bleach and potentially irritating phosphates. It also removes other types of dark stains, too: coffee, sauce, blood, etc. — and over 1,000 Amazon have become devoted fans.


These Wash Bags To Prevent Your Bras, Lingerie, & Other Delicates In The Laundry Machine

Keep your bras, lingerie, and other delicates protected in the washing machine with this set of eight mesh wash bags. For just over $10, you'll get an extra large bag, three medium bags, three small bags, and one circular bag for your bras and underwear. You can also use them to keep similar-colored clothes together, and they're great to travel with, too. Just fill them up with whatever you're washing, and pop them right in the machine — the fine mesh the bags are made out of ensure the water and detergent pass right through, without the risk of damage or tangles.


These Heel Protectors For Occasions In The Gravel Or Grass

If you've ever gone to a special occasion outdoors, you'll probably wish you had these heel protectors. Slip them on when you approach grass, gravel, cobblestone, or any other uneven surface. Then, slip them off when you're back on solid ground. Since they're clear, they're pretty discreet, and they come in four sizes for heels of any thickness.


This Shower Cap That's Actually Super Chic

Whether you're trying to preserve a blow dry or just want to keep your hair out of your face while you get ready, you'll get a ton of use out of this super chic, high-quality shower cap. It's waterproof, has a cute tie front, and comes in five stylish designs, including blush dot, palm leaves, and pink floral.

"I loved them so much that first I bought one for myself, then two for my twins, then one for my moms [sic] birthday! A must buy," writes one reviewer.


A Best-Selling Steamer To Keep Your Clothes Wrinkle-Free

If you don't own a garment steamer, it's time to make the investment. This is one of the better-reviewed models on Amazon, and it's small enough to travel with, too. It has an auto-off feature for your safety and a locking mechanism, and only takes 30 seconds to preheat.

73 percent of Amazon reviewers gave this steamer a five-star rating, saying things like, "It does the job that the $200 steamers do, and because it's small, I can easily travel with it," shares one reviewer. "It's made a lot like my Shark, but isn't nearly as heavy and does a better job." Another writes, "I can steam three pairs of jeans and two long skirts without running out of water ... [and] I can steam anything in under 3 minutes."


A 12-Pack Of Laser Cut No-Show Panties

This 12-pack of laser cut underwear from Alyce Intimates is an absolute essential. Whether you're wearing yoga pants, a pencil skirt, or just about anything else, these bikini briefs promise to hide any trace of panty lines. They're also tag-free, come in 12 assorted colors, and made with a super soft, stretchy, silky material.


These Fold Up Flats To Keep In Your Bag For When You Can't Take Your Heels Anymore

For when you just can't take another step in your heels, throw on these ballet flats. They're foldable and roll up small, so you can keep them in your bag without taking up much space. Equipped with a pouch to store them in and elastic lining to keep them secure, they're also surprising comfortable. Choose from 26 colors.


This Bluetooth-Enabled Makeup Mirror That Lights Up, Plays Music, & Charges Your Phone

If you're looking to treat yourself to something that you maybe never thought you needed but will wonder how you ever lived without, this iHome mirror is it. It has two sides, both equipped with LED lights that you can brighten or dim according to your preferences, and is equipped with Bluetooth and a USB charging port for your phone. Not only that, but it doubles as a speaker, too — so you can listen to music or take calls right from your mirror.


A Silk Pillowcase That's Gentler On Your Skin & Hair

Silk pillowcases are known to be gentler on your skin and hair, which means less of a chance of knots, tangles, and pillow-induced lines on your face. If you have sensitive skin or often find yourself trying to preserve your blowout, this is a must-have. Choose from 26 colors and six sizes.


A RFID-Blocking Wallet To Prevent Would-Be Credit Card & Identity Thieves

This is more than just a sleek looking wallet. It's actually equipped with RFID-blocking technology, which protects you from thieves who try to virtually steal your identity or credit card information. Especially essential for travel, this wallet has one large open pocket, one large zip-up pocket, and 20 (!!!) card slots. It's even large enough to fit an iPhone 6, though some reviewers have found it fits the iPhone 7, too.

One reviewer even raves, "I like it more than my LV wallet!" Another writes, "I have gotten so many complements on this wallet. It is unlike any others I have ever seen and perfect for a smaller thin purse."


This Wall-Mounted Organizer That Doubles As A Mirror & Armoire

Short on space? Then combine two pieces of furniture in one with this mirror and jewelry/sunglass organizer. It mounts onto the door or wall and has a ridiculous amount of storage space inside: two bottom drawers, a rod for your bracelets, five shelves, 32 necklace hooks, and 138 slots for your earrings (48 stud holes and 90 earring hooks). It also has a built-in slotted cushion for your rings, LED lights, and the interior is lined with velvet. And, it locks, so you can keep your valuables protected. Almost 75 percent of reviewers gave this piece a five-star rating, calling it "beautiful," "sturdy," and "great quality."


This Sleek Organizer For All Your Sunglasses

Another awesome, but much smaller organizer: this sleek, leather box was made specifically to store your sunglasses. Sunglasses are one of the trickier things to store — who has an extra drawer for that? — which is what makes this organizer such a game-changer. Choose from two sizes with either eight or 12 compartments — both are dust-proof and lockable.


These Clips That Turn Any Bra Into A Racerback

These handy clips turn any bra into a racerback, making it easy to conceal your straps. They're also great for tightening up loose, worn-out bras. Choose from a pack of three or nine, which all come with three different colors (black, beige, and white).

"I always have an issue with straps falling down, even when I've tightened them. I don't have very big shoulders, so these make my bras more supportive by keeping the straps in place and shifting some of the chest weight more evenly on my body. Great also if you wear a lot of racer-back tops but don't necessarily want to purchase special bras for them," shares one reviewer.


An Over-The-Door Organizer For Your Hair Tools

Raise your hand if you still have no idea where to neatly store your hot tools. With this over-the-door organizer, that problem is solved. It slips right over any cabinet door and has slots for up to three tools — just enough for your curling iron, straightener, and blowdryer. It's also available in seven colors.


These Chic Silk Scrunchies That Help Prevent Breakage

Thank god scrunchies are trendy again, because they're so much better for your hair than tight elastics. Silk scrunchies in particular are so great because of soft and gentle they are, which makes them essential for anyone trying to prevent damage and split ends. This five-pack contains an assortment of chic, neutral colors , though you can also buy them individually in brighter colors and patterns.


These Bamboo & Charcoal Deodorizers To Keep Your Clothes & Shoes Fresh

Keep your clothes and shoes smelling fresh and in good shape with these bamboo charcoal air-purifying bags. Store them in your drawers, closet, or other small spaces — they naturally absorb unpleasant odors, as well as moisture from the air, which can help prevent bacteria and mildew growth. Also great for homes with smokers or pets.


This Pretty Little Jewelry Organizer With A Ring Dish At The Bottom

For a simple, space-saving way to display your jewelry, there's this three-tier organizer. It has an accessory tray at the bottom, for things like rings, while the three bars can be used to hold necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and watches. Choose from brass or nickel finishes.


A Light-Up Phone Case For Your Best Selfies Ever

Love a good selfie? Then you need a LuMee case. It lights up on both the front and back with warm, but bright LED strips. It fits iPhones 6-8 and is available in eight stylish designs, including marble and black matte.


This Underwear & Bra Organizer/Drawer That You'll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without

Keeping your bras and underwear neat and organized may seem like an impossible task — which is where these organizers from Simple Houseware come in. Each four-set comes with a seven-slot bin for your bras, 24-slot bin for your socks, eight-slot bin for your underwear, and six-slot bin for scarves and ties.


A Soothing Ice Roller To Depuff Skin & Ease Headaches

Depuff your face, ease tension headaches and migraines, and soothe your skin with this ice roller. Reviewers have also found it works great for relieving sinus pain, "dry winter eyes," and allergies, as well as reducing skin redness.

"I use this on my face and eyes in the morning and it de puffs the eye area as well as makes my skin smooth before I apply my make up," one fan shares. "Wash your face with hot water then put your serums on before rolling and it will seal it in your skin! Makes my makeup look extra amazing!"


These No-Show Socks With Anti-Skid Bottoms

Everyone could use a pack of no-show socks — but thanks to their non-slip, non-skid, sweat-wicking design, these are a step above the rest. Buy them in packs of three or six, in assorted or single colors.


This Moleskin Roll That Protects Your Feet From Blisters

Protect your feet from blisters and friction-induced irritation with this adhesive moleskin roll. Put it anywhere you tend to get blisters — it's also handy for breaking in new shoes.


These Insulated Water Bottles That Keep Your Drinks Hot (Or Cold) For Longer

It's never been more important to dedicate yourself to only using reusable water bottles. And with these insulated ones, you'll never consider using plastic again. Not only do these stainless steel bottles look chic, but they keep cold liquids cold for 24 hours, and hot liquids hot for up to 12. Choose from two sizes and 23 colors — don't forget to bring them to your local coffee shop, too!


These Nipple Pasties That You Can Wear Over & Over Again

If you want to go braless but still desire some form of coverage, you need these nipple pasties. They're washable, reusable, and hypoallergenic, and their adhesive backs make it easy to stick right on without the risk of slipping off. They come in various sizes and skin tones, too, including light, medium, and dark.


These Hanging Organizers For Your Belts, Scarves, & Jewelry

Finally, a neat way to keep your scarves, belts, and long necklaces organized. You can also use this handy hooked hanger for lingerie, nightwear, and strappy dresses. Choose from blue and pink — each one comes with nine durable hooks.


This Magic Sponge That'll Have Your White Sneakers Looking Like New Again

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser has a ton of uses, but when it comes to fashion, there's nothing better for keeping your white sneakers in tip-top shape. It removes dirt and other stains so your shoes look bright and new, and since it comes in an eight-pack, you'll have a bunch left over to use around the house.


A Retractable Lint Roller To Keep In Your Bag

Simple, but useful: this retractable, pint-sized lint roller. Keep it in your bag so you're always prepared for last-minute plans or meetings. When it comes to looking put together, a little de-fuzzing can go a long way.


This Digital Stylist That Virtually Organizes Your Closet & Snaps 360-Degree Pictures Of Your Outfit

Organize your clothes virtually, Clueless-style, and take 360-degree pictures and videos of your outfits with the Amazon Echo Look. It's also enabled with Alexa, which can give you styling tips and advice, and the device can also recommend pieces that will fit in with your existing wardrobe.

"At [times] I am unsure about an outfit and the Echo Look has been helpful in coming up with the best/most perfect choice, one reviewer writes. "It does a really great job at being a great personal stylist." Another says, "I really love the collections feature so that I can separate my wardrobe based on color, weather or anything I choose."


A Non-Toxic Laundry Detergent For All Your White Clothes

For the best non-toxic alternative to bleach, it's all about this whites detergent from The Laundress. It uses a natural bleach alternative to whiten and brighten clothes, removing yellow stains and dull, grey hues in the process.

"I’ve used many different types of detergent — natural and otherwise — and this is my ultimate favorite," shares one fan. "My skin is sensitive and this cleans my clothes well without making my skin Irritated." Another says, "For the longest time, I used to use bleach on my white clothes. But the strong bleach seemed to take a toll on my clothes ... [This detergent] does a great job of maintaining a white gleam without the fabric damage."


This Rotating Organizer For Your Beauty & Skin Care Products

Display all your makeup and skin care products with this rotating organizer. Since it rotates 360 degrees, it makes it easy to grab whatever you need without messing up everything else. It has slots for your makeup brushes and lipsticks, too, but can also be used to store jewelry, perfumes, and nail polish. Plus, it looks super chic.


A Shoe Cleaning Kit For Sneakers & Leather Shoes

This multi-tasking shoe cleaner tackles everything from white sneakers to dark leather, and it can even be used on cloth, suede, and canvas. It comes with a handy cleaning brush, and since a little goes a long way, one bottle will last you ages.

"Literally it’s a miracle how well it cleans your shoes," one reviewer writes. Countless others call it the best shoe cleaner they've ever used.


This Minimizing Bra That's Invisible Under Clothes

If you've been searching for the perfect minimizer bra, look no further. This one is affordable, comfortable, and coverts into a halter, demi, criss-cross, and strapless bra. It can reduce your bust up to 1.5 inches, and it's completely seamless, so it's nearly invisible under clothes.


An Anti-Chafe Balm To Prevent Rubbing & Rashes In Hot Weather

Don't let chafing stand in the way of wearing your tightest pencil skirt. Just glide this balm anywhere on your skin that's prone to friction, and experience how much more comfortable you feel — especially in hot, humid weather, or on days when you plan on doing a lot of walking.

"For as long as I have had breasts I have had an [sic] burning, red, itchy rash underneath where my underwrite rubs. Been dealing with it for years, and years, and years and nothing has helped," one reviewer says. "Within two days of using [Body Glide] my rash went away... Completely ... I just ordered 3 more to keep in my gym bag and at the office. Honestly you don't even need to reapply throughout the day, it's that good."


These Shoe Support Inserts That Prevent Pain On The Balls Of Your Feet

If you wear heels a lot, or are prone to pain on the balls of your feet, these foot pads will be a life-changer. Wear them in stilettos, platforms, or even sneakers: they'll help reduce pressure and soften the impact when you run or jump. Since they come in black, clear, and beige, they'll discretely blend in with any shoe.

"I have bought many cushions/inserts for heels in the past but they have either been too thin or not comfortable enough. These are the perfect combination of comfort and stability. The material is really soft and stays in place. It offers great support to the balls of your feet. I love that they kept my feet from sliding down through my open toe wedges. Definitely recommend!" raves one reviewer.


These Classic Stain Remover Pens That Should Be In Everyone's Desk & Bag

A classic staple that every person should own: the Tide To Go pen. It removes food and drink stains of all kinds, fast, so you can preserve your favorite white pants if you spill your coffee. Plus, since it comes in a three-pack, you'll have one to keep at your desk, in your car, and in your bag.


This Hard-Working Foot Cream For Sandal-Ready Feet

Repair dry, cracked feet with this heavy-duty foot cream. It'll help get your feet in sandal-shape — but you can also use it on your knees and elbows. Almost 8,000 Amazon reviewers are fans, saying it's the only thing that's helped with their rough, cracked heels.


An Over-The-Door Organizer That Neatly Stores Up To 36 Pairs Of Shoes

If you're short on closet space, you need this over-the-door shoe rack. It fits up to 36 pairs of shoes and looks so much more attractive than those flimsy, plastic organizers. Since it hooks right over the door, you won't even need any tools to install it.


This Double-Sided Tape To Prevent Unwanted Wardrobe Malfunctions

To prevent wardrobe malfunctions, keep this double-stick fashion tape on hand. It's also great for emergency hemming when you don't have pins or thread around. Never go to a wedding without it.

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