36 Cheap Home Fitness Products That Amazon Reviewers Are Obsessed With

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Sales of Peloton bikes are soaring, and there’s no shortage of at-home fitness inspiration on TikTok and Instagram. But possibly the best place to keep your finger on the pulse of the fitness world is Amazon — the internet's favorite one-stop shop is absolutely teeming with viral fitness products that have thousands of glowing reviews, often before the larger world has even paid them any attention.

Of course, as anyone who currently has a Shake Weight collecting dust in their basement will tell you, the latest trendy fitness products aren’t always worth investing in. This is another reason Amazon is great for figuring out which popular fitness products are actually worth it: unlike fitness brands or influencers, Amazon reviewers have nothing to gain when you buy a product they love, which means their feedback is far more likely to be honest and unbiased. The only problem? Amazon doesn’t have a feature that lets you sort by number of reviews, and a five-star rating doesn’t mean as much if it’s only based on a few people’s feedback.

That’s where this handy round-up comes in — the result of hours spent poring over Amazon and reading thousands of customer reviews, it does the hard work out of finding the viral fitness products that are truly worth buying.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


A Flat, Discreet Workout Belt That Holds All Your Essentials

Despite the fact that it sits virtually flat against the waist, the FlipBelt provides multi-access pockets all around the entire circumference. As a result, it's able to safely hold your phone, keys, cash, ID, and earbuds, all without bouncing or chafing. It's even reflective, machine-washable, and available in nine colors.

  • Available Sizes: XS — XXL


A High-Quality Weighted Medicine Ball You'll Never Regret Buying

Okay, so this weighted medicine ball isn't exactly going viral in the usual sense — it's more like it's been virally popular for quite some time now. Medicine balls in general have stood the test of time due to their versatility; you can do so many different workouts with just one piece of equipment. More than 6,000 Amazon shoppers gave this one a perfect five-star rating, resulting in an impressive 4.8-star average.

  • Available weights: 4-pound, 6-pound, 8-pound, 10-pound, 12-pound, 20-pound


A Pair Of Compression Socks TO Increase Blood Circulation

For those who are wondering why a pair of socks has over 11,000 ratings and a best-seller status, the reviews section is filled with runners, hikers, travelers, nurses, weight lifters, and pregnant people who say that the "difference is tremendous." Rather than standard fabric, this pair is made with a graduated compression Lycra that boosts circulation and decreases inflammation, so you can work out harder, stand longer, and walk further without pain or swelling.

  • Available Sizes: S — XL


The Best Yoga Mat Reviewers Have Ever Used, Including Manduka

Not only have reviewers claimed that the Heathyoga body alignment mat is the "best yoga mat" they've ever used, but they've even compared it to Manduka (the supposed gold-standard of the yoga world). The double-layer construction features a dense cushioning underneath and an eco-friendly surface on top that offers optimal grip as well as convenient pose-alignment markings. It's extra long and available in six two-tone colors — and given the quality, reviewers can't believe the $35 price tag.


These Fun Workout Dice That Are Perfect For Anyone Who Gets Bored Of The Same Routine

If keeping at-home workouts interesting is challenging for you, these exercise dice may end up being a total game-changer. One die has an exercise — think jumping jacks, crunches, or lunges — on each of its six sides, while the other die's sides have various instructions, like "10 reps" or "30 seconds." You'll quite literally be rolling the dice on what each workout will entail, so you'll never get bored due to a lack of variety in your routine.


This Topical Gel That Amplifies The Effects Of Your Workouts — & Amazon Reviewers Swear By It

Sweet Sweat is a topical gel that claims to amplify the effects of your workout, using an all-star lineup of natural ingredients like organic coconut and jojoba oils, squalene, aloe vera, and vitamin E. Apply it to areas of your body you'd like to tone up, and the breathable barrier it creates over your skin causes the area to sweat more and increases blood circulation, both of which have wide-reaching benefits. It's easy to be skeptical — until you see all the glowing five-star ratings and reviews.


A $30 Fitness Watch That Offers All The Best Features

Despite the fact that it costs significantly less than other brands, the LETSCOM fitness tracker has most (if not all) of the same features. This sleek and waterproof bracelet measures your heart rate, sleep quality, steps, distance, and calories; it also has various exercise modes and alerts you when you receive a call or text. The battery lasts up to seven days on a single charge, and it's available in seven different colors.


The Most Popular Athletic Leggings On Amazon

In addition to their high-waisted compression fit, ODODOS workout leggings are also squat-proof, available in dozens of sizes, lengths, and colors, and feature a moisture-wicking four-way-stretch fabric. Still, the features don't end there: They also have two giant pockets that can fit your phone or keys and a chafe-resistant, tag-free design. No wonder over 4,500 reviews have given them a five-star rating.

  • Available Sizes: XS — XXL


A Top-Rated Aerobic Stepper That Can Be Adjusted To Three Different Heights

Amazon reviewers have nothing but good things to say about this aerobic stepper, which has a 4.5-star average based on more than 4,000 customer's feedback. It's made of durable high-density ABS material, with a textured, slip-proof surface. The best part is that the height can be adjusted to 4, 6, or 8 inches; when one height starts to feel easy, move on to the next one up.


This Body-Safe Balm That Prevents Chafing Anywhere

Apply Body Glide under your arms to prevent clothing irritation while running, between your legs to prevent chafing against your bike seat, or on your ankles to prevent blisters in ill-fitting shoes. The formula is not only hypoallergenic, but non-greasy and long-lasting, even when sweat or humidity is introduced into the equation.


These Lightweight Bands That Are Like A Personal Gym On The Go

Instead of worrying about memberships or whether or not the hotel will have a gym, thousands of reviewers have instead opted for UPOWEX resistance bands. This set comes with five stackable bands of varying resistance levels, as well as door anchors, leg straps, handles, and a carrying bag. "From the packaging to the actual product, these bands far exceeded what I expected," one reviewer raves. "Personal gym on the go! What more can you ask for?"


A Genius Way To Upgrade Your Laces For The Perfect Fitting Sneaker

The Lock Laces were originally designed for triathletes to cut down on overall time. These elastic, no-tie bands provide a secure and comfortable fit on any pair of shoes that uses traditional laces — no matter the size or the style. They're available in virtually any color you can think of, and reviewers say they actually stay fastened throughout intense movement.


An Exercise Mat You Can Put Together Like Your Own Custom Puzzle

Put together the perfect home yoga studio with this puzzle-style exercise mat. The interlocking tiles are made of high-density EVA foam, and range between .5 and 1 inch thick. In nearly 6,000 glowing five-star reviews, Amazon reviewers say they're high-quality, attractive, and easy to put together, giving them an exceptional overall rating of 4.6 stars.

  • Available sizes/styles: 7
  • Available colors: 2


A Foldable Trampoline That's Super Sturdy & High-Quality

If you live in a small space, owning a trampoline for workouts simply isn't feasible — until now. This 40-inch trampoline folds flat when not in use, so you can easily store it in a closet or even under your bed. It has an adjustable handrail and comes with a handy travel bag, and according to Amazon reviewers, who describe it as easy to put together, sturdy, and high-quality for the price.


This Brilliantly-Designed Stretching Strap Fit For Any Flexibility Level

A product with over 3,000 reviews is telling all on its own; when said product earns 85-percent five-star ratings, that's next-level impressive. The original Stretch Out strap is over 6 feet long and has 10 individual loops, so you can choose your preferred level of intensity when stretching your feet, hamstrings, arms, shoulders, and hips. Both athletes and those in physical therapy say they "feel so much better" after implementing this into their daily routine.


Some $20 Bluetooth Headphones That Actually Stand Up To Your Workout

Imagine how hard you could push your workout if your music wasn't limited by wires, sweat, battery-life, or external noises. Letsfit headphones cost only $20 despite the fact that they're wireless, Bluetooth-enabled, actually waterproof, and last up to eight hours on a single recharge. They even utilize noise-canceling technology and a comfortable, ergonomic design to help you stay in the zone. Get them in eight different colors.


A Set Of Foam Dumbbells To Make Water Aerobics More Challenging

Take water aerobics up a notch with this set of aquatic dumbbells. Because they're made of EVA foam, they're super lightweight and buoyant, so pushing them underwater is a surprisingly great workout. "Keeps me busy in the pool while floating around, multitasking while sunbathing/enjoying the pool," one Amazon reviewer shared, adding, "You hardly realize you're working out, but feel it the next day."

  • Available colors: 9


This Adjustable, Balanced Jump Rope With 6,000 Reviews

How revolutionary could a jump rope really be? According to reviewers, the Survival and Cross rope is an absolute "game changer" and "easily the best one" they've ever used. It's designed for high-intensity cardio workouts because it's lightweight and well-balanced for speed and streamlined use. It's also fully adjustable, so you can choose the ideal length for your height.


This Duffel That's Exactly What Reviewers Are Looking For In A Gym Bag

According to buyers, the Boost gym bag is everything they've been looking for in a sports duffel and more. "I love this bag. It’s a beautiful color, nice material, holds a ton of stuff," one reviewer says. In addition to room for a water bottle, gym equipment, and your devices, it even has a separate waterproof pouch for used towels and a compartment for sneakers, so you can keep your other belongings from getting wet or dirty. It's available in five different colors.


This Pull-Up Bar That Mounts On Virtually Any Doorway Without Screws

The Iron Gym Total Upper Body workout bar can be placed upright on the floor and used for supported push-ups, sit-ups, or triceps dips — but it also effortlessly attaches to any standard doorway for pull-ups and chin-ups. Instead of using screws or damaging adhesives, this tool uses a leverage design to mount itself, so you can put it up or take it down in seconds.


The Exercise Ball One Reviewer Described As "Like A Gym Membership & A Comfy Office Chair In A Box"

A stability ball is all you need to get a great full-body workout, and this one is not only high-quality for the price, but also comes with several accessories to ensure you'll get the most of it. The first is an inner tube-like stand that lets you use the ball as a chair, which can help improve balance, posture, and core strength. The ball and stand also come with a pump, resistance bands, and a full-sized poster with 38 different stability ball exercises to try.


This Towel That Stays Chilled For Up To Three Hours

Due to its quick-evaporation technology, the Alfamo cooling towel stays chilly for up to three hours, helping to reduce your body temperature by up to 30 degrees while you're running, hiking, or working outside. Simply wet it and ring it out before draping it around your neck or shoulders; it's even made with a UPF-50 fabric to protect you from the sun. Get it in four sizes and over a dozen colors.


A Portable, Rechargable Mini Fan That Can Be Attached To Practically Anything

This rechargable, portable mini fan has three spidery, flexible legs that can be wrapped around almost anything — directly in front of your yoga mat, on the handlebars on your stationary bike, on the handlebars on your regular bike ... you get the idea. It recharges using a USB cord, and can run for up to 13 hours between charges, depending on which of the four wind settings you're using.

  • Available colors: 3


The Famous Water-Filtering Straw, Now In Bottle Form

When it first came out, LifeStraw made waves as an easy, safe way to filter the contaminants out of any water source — whether it was metallic-tasting tap water or a bacteria-ridden pond. Now, the LifeStraw Go uses that same technology in a convenient, BPA-free water bottle. Simply fill it up with water from virtually any source, and the hollow fiber filter will remove nearly 100 percent of bacteria, parasites, micro-plastics, chlorine, and unwanted tastes. Whether you're an avid traveler or a runner drinking water from the hose, this bottle is truly revolutionary.


A Set Of Resistance Bands With More Than 15,000 Perfect Five-Star Ratings

These resistance bands can easily be stored in a tiny drawer, yet considering all the full-body workouts they're great for, the set of three makes an impressively comparable substitute for an entire home gym. Each band has a different resistance level, and they're color-coded, so it's easy to tell which is which. Amazon reviewers note that the fabric the bands are made of makes them feel stronger and more durable than the typical rubber ones, giving the set a stellar 4.8-star rating.

  • Available colors: 3


A High-Quality Ab Roller With Tons Of Glowing Reviews

This ab roller will give you a killer core workout, and unlike sit-ups or crunches, it won't cause any back pain to flare up in the process. Wildly popular amongst Amazon reviewers, the roller's frame is made of sturdy stainless steel, with a rubber wheel and soft EVA foam padding on the handles. It also comes with a knee pad and two free e-books containing ab workouts and nutrition advice.


A Compact Alternative To An Exercise Bike That Can Be Folded Flat For Easy Storage

If you'd love a Peloton, but don't have the space (or the extra two grand laying around), this folding fitness pedal is an excellent compromise. Not only does is it super compact and easy to store, but you can use it while you're sitting at your desk or watching TV on the couch.


These Three-For-$20 Workout Tanks That Buyers Adore

For those who go through workout clothes faster than they can get to the laundry, these icyzone tank tops are "one of the best purchases ever." They're made from a lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric and have flat seams and a racerback design for comfort and convenience. Best of all, they come in packs of three varying colors for just $20. "I tried one on and didn't take it off all day," one reviewer says. "It was so comfortable, so well cut, that I bought another pack and gave two away as gifts."

  • Available Sizes: XS — XXL


This Planner That Helps With Organization, Goal Setting, And Overall Well-Being

Like any other planner, the Simple Elephant helps you plot out your daily, weekly, and monthly commitments — but it also utilizes positive psychology and proven goal-setting techniques to help you boost happiness, overcome procrastination, and turn your aspirations into a reality. Inside the pages, you'll find gratitude journals, vision boards, and mind maps, plus bonus stickers, no-bleed paper, a pen holder, bookmarks, and plenty of empty space for creativity.


A Compact Stepper That Engages Your Entire Body

It may store easily in your closet or under the bed, but the Sunny Health & Fitness mini stepper "packs a real punch" when it comes to achieving a full-body workout. The hydraulic drive stepping system engages more than 20 different muscles, and the attachable resistance bands help to incorporate your arms, shoulders, and back. You can even adjust the height, and the digital monitor tracks your progress.


This Yoga Wheel That's Transforming People's Practices

Beginner and master yogis alike say that the UpCircleSeven yoga wheel has helped to transform their practices in a way that no other prop could. That said, even non-yogis are reaping the benefits: "I have chronic back pain," one reviewer writes, but after utilizing this tool a few times a day, their "back hasn't felt this good in 17 years!" Thanks to its durable inner core and non-slip outer tracking, it can be used to deepen back bends, release tension, increase balance, and improve core strength, both on and off the mat.


The Best Sports Bra Ever For People With Big Boobs

Amazon reviewers can't seem to stop raving about this sports bra, noting that it's a particularly great option for those with larger busts. Made of a moisture-wicking performance fabric with wide, adjustable straps, it's super supportive and does an exceptional job at controlling bounce. It also has a mesh panel in the front to keep cleavage under control, and a hook-and-eye closure in the back for easy on/off. As one reviewer put it simply, "Finally, THE bra."

  • Available sizes: 34C — 50H
  • Available colors: 5


This Maximum-Support Sports Bra For Larger Busts That Eliminates Painful Bouncing — Yes, Really

If you've struggled to find a high-impact sports bra that truly eliminates bounce, this might be the one that finally ends your search. It's made with a double layer of supportive fabric with little to no stretch — and according to Amazon reviewers, it really gets the job done. "BEST SPORTS BRA EVER," one person gushed. This actually stops bounce! I have searched so long for a bra that makes running more comfortable, and this is it."


These Best-Selling Sports Bras That Come In A Pack Of Four

Seamless, moisture-wicking, and supportive, these FITTIN racerback sports bras are best-sellers for a reason. They're made from quick-drying, ventilated fabric and feature removable padding — and since this pack comes with four in all different colors (black, gray, white, and turquoise), it's quite the value. Even those with DDD breasts say, "Wow! I was not expecting this kind of support!"

  • Available Sizes: S — XXL


This Inflatable Kayak (Plus Oars And An Air Pump) For Just $65

If you've always wanted to invest in a kayak, but you're concerned about storage and affordability, the Intex Explorer K2 kayak is the answer. It has thousands of reviews from excited buyers who say, "This might be the best purchase I've ever made." The two-seat design is inflatable and comes with a high-output air pump, so when it's collapsed, it stores easily in a trunk, closet, or camper. It even comes with two aluminum oars, all for $65, and it's well-suited for ponds, lakes, and rivers.


A Grid-Textured Foam Roller That Simulates A Deep-Tissue Massage

Stretch out tight muscles, stimulate pressure points, and help to alleviate soreness after a workout. The TriggerPoint roller is made from patented, multi-density foam that's been molded into a grid pattern to simulate the feel of strong fingers giving you a massage. Since it's lightweight, durable, and just over a foot long, it stores and travels easily — and you can use it anywhere on the body.

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