36 Genius Things That Make Your Shoes & Clothing More Comfortable That You Can Get On Amazon

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For the last few years, the fashion world has been enamored with comfortable, casual clothing, with trends like athleisure, normcore, and hygge-chic taking center stage. And while it’s certainly not time to retire your comfort-forward staples just yet, there are still moments where you might find yourself in an outfit (or shoes) that could use a bit of adjusting to feel their very best. Luckily, the tricks to making anything feel more comfortable are easier than you’d think: you just need to arm yourself with the right tools. So stock up on a few of these genius things that make your shoes and clothing more comfortable and you'll never have to deal with a last-minute fashion emergency ever again.

Even if you’re not planning to retire your athleisure collection anytime soon (who could blame you?), there are still plenty of smart products on this list that you’re sure to appreciate. This edit is packed with items that’ll not only make your clothes and shoes more comfortable, but will also save you time, prolong the life of your favorite pieces, and generally make the getting ready (and going out) process a lot less fussy. Some of the products are new-and-improved versions of age-old fashion hacks, while others are innovative solutions to problems you may not have even realized you had. But, while the featured products range in purpose and price, they do all have one thing in common: they actually, truly work.

So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping — after all, you never know when these genius products will come in handy.


A Pair Of Metatarsal Pads To Reduce Foot Pain & Make Any Shoe Infinitely More Comfortable

Whether you're in sky-high stilettos or a trendy kitten heel, these sticky cushions will help relieve any pain in the balls of your feet. Designed with adhesive bottoms to prevent slipping, they have a lifetime guarantee and fit most foot sizes.


A Roll Of Temporary Fabric Tape For Last-Minute Hems

Not sure how long you want your hems? This adjustable tape allows you to temporarily adjust them without the commitment. It's strong enough to keep the hem in place while still being completely customizable, making it a great option for last-minute hemming jobs when you don't have time to run to the tailor.


A Hiker-Favorite Cream To Prevents Foot Chafing & Blisters

Even though it's marketed for hikers, this anti-blister cream works for those who only ever hike up the stairs. A single application lasts all day long, and it works in either wet or dry conditions — even with your new flip flops at the beach.


A Five-Pack Of Button Extenders That Are Great For New Moms

A pack of stretchy button extenders are perfect for soon-to-be moms or anyone who wants to hang on to their favorite jeans a little longer. The stretchy loop hooks around your existing button while the attached button secures onto the loop. And since they look like real buttons, no one will be any the wiser.


An Environmentally-Friendly Alternative To Fabric Softener & Dryer Sheets

Not only are single-use dryer sheets bad for the environment, but they can also leave behind residue on your clothes (and, they tend to irritate those with allergies). These reusable woolen balls soften your clothes in the dryer naturally, so you'll never have to worry about stained clothes, itchy eyes, or irritated skin ever again.


An Anti-Chafe Balm For Any Part Of Your Body

Whether it's between your thighs, under your armpits, or anywhere else that rubs, this anti-chafe balm will help keep your skin soothed and protected. Its also great for helping your skin breathe if you tend to sweat, and its small, stick format makes it easy to travel with and apply on-the-go. Over 2,900 reviewers gave this stuff a perfect five-star review, calling it a "miracle worker."


A Pair Of Wetsuit-Like Socks That Prevent Blisters

Experienced runners will tell you that the blisters they get are no joke — but these socks work to prevent the painful rubbing that causes them. Made with a wetsuit-like "second skin" material, they're designed to be worn under your regular socks. Choose from black or white.

  • Available sizes: S — L


These Adhesive Sole Protectors That Will Keep You From Slipping & Sliding

New shoes got you slipping around like an ice skater? These sole protectors will keep you stable and secure. Each order contains five pairs, and impressively, they have a perfect five-star Amazon rating; reviewers also note they can be used to extend the life of any badly worn-out shoes.


A Non-Toxic Spray To Refresh Your Wool, Cashmere, & Other Fabrics

Wool and cashmere are incredibly difficult to clean, which is where this refreshing spray comes in. Using natural, non-toxic ingredients, it instantly removes odors from your favorite items while giving them an overall refresh; it even helps prevent moths and bugs.


Sheepskin Insoles To Make Any Shoes Feel Like A Cozy Pair Of UGGs

You don't have to use these sheepskin inserts just to refurbish your tired old UGGs: You can slip them into any shoe to make them your most comfortable pair ever. "I use them in my Ara loafers & sneakers, my well-worn UGG slippers and boots, anytime I want to feel dreamy, soft comfort," one reviewer wrote. "They can be trimmed if needed, you know; and you can remove the existing insole to use as a pattern."

  • Available sizes: 5 — 12


A Pair Of Anti-Chafe Bands That Double As Lingerie

When it comes to preventing chafing on your thighs, these lace bands are just as effective as ointments, powders, and balms — but they also double as lingerie. They come in 14 different colors and patterns, from black to white to red.

  • Available sizes: 21" - 22" — 31" - 32"


These Blister Bandages To Always Keep On Hand

Unlike small Band-Aids that get crumpled throughout the day, these blister bandages are super flexible and last for much longer. They wrap around the affected area and stay put for hours, even holding up through showers and exercise.


Bra Cushions To Prevent Your Straps From Slipping & Digging Into Your Skin

If your bra straps are constantly slipping or digging into your skin, you need to try these silicone bra cushions. They'll make any bra feel infinitely more comfortable and they come in three colors — black, white, and beige — to match any outfit,


Foot Warmers To Keep Your Toes Toasty In Frigid Temps

If you work outdoors, love to ski, or sometimes find yourself outside for long periods of time, these heated insoles will keep your feet warm and make your shoes feel so much cozier. They produce natural heat that stays warm for up to nine hours, and they come in a value pack containing 16 pairs.


Pre-Cut Fabric Tape For Last-Minute Fashion Emergencies

Whether it's keeping a bra strap from showing or fixing a ripped hem, these fashion tape strips are serious work horses. This value pack gives you one for your carry-on, one for your gym bag, and another for your purse, so you (or a friend) are never left in a fashion emergency again.


Reusable Heel Cushions For The Backs Of Your Feet

These heel cushions are perfect for that one pair of stilettos that always seem to dig into the back of your foot. They protect your heels from digging and blistering, and they have a sticky backing that stands up to anything — even multiple rewashes.


The Most Comfortable Bra You'll Ever Own

This Hanes Comfort Evolution bra is so comfortable, reviewers say they sleep in it. Its seamless construction makes it ideal for wearing under T-shirts and other tight clothes, but it's still supportive enough to keep you, well, supported. Choose from a variety of colors and prints.

  • Available sizes: S — 3XL


A Value Pack Of Static-Eliminating Fabric Spray

Consider static cling a thing of the past — as long as you stock up on this value pack of Static Guard. Spritz it on anything that's clinging, and it will immediately lose its static. You can stash one in your home, one in your car, and one in your office, so you're never without one.


This Anti-Blister Balm That Lets Your Feet Breathe

You know those moments you can feel a blister coming on, but you still need to be in your shoes for a few hours longer? That's when this anti-blister balm comes in. Since it's in a tiny, travel-sized balm, you can stash it in your clutch and use it whenever you need it.


These Nifty Clips That Turn Any Bra Into A Racerback

Turn any bra into a racerback (to prevent your straps from showing) with these nifty bra clips. They come in multi-packs in assorted colors to blend in with any bra, and they're also great for improving your bra's overall fit.


A Velcro Pad That Makes Any Strap More Comfortable

Relieve the pressure from your shoulders with this Velcro pad. It wraps around almost any strap — whether you're carrying a shoulder bag, a duffel, or a tote — to prevent digging and pain.


These Shoe Stretchers That Do The Breaking In For You

These plastic shoe stretchers work to stretch your shoes wherever they're feeling too snug. Just place the buttons along the foot pad and place them into your shoe — they'll feel broken in in no time. The kit also comes with a shoe horn and a carrying case for added measure.


This Bra Liner That Absorbs Sweat

Prevent sweat from staining your bras with this handy bra liner. It absorbs sweat and moves with your body, so you'll always feel dry, comfortable, and cool. Choose from three colors: black, pink, or beige.

  • Available sizes: one size


A Fabric Conditioner Make Of Clean, Skin-Safe Ingredients

Instead of your typical, chemical-laden fabric softeners and dryer sheets, reach for this non-toxic fabric conditioner instead. It softens, provides a pleasing scent, and removes static in one go — no chemicals necessary.


These Bra Extenders That Come In Assorted Colors

Don't toss out your bras just because the band is a little too tight; reach for these bra extenders instead. They clip onto the band of your bra and add three more notches for greater comfort. Each pack comes with a black, beige, and white.


A Pack Of Reusable Magnetic Collar Stays

Plastic collar stays fall out and can be seriously wasteful. But these magnetic options stay in place and cut down on waste. They're also TSA-approved, so they won't set off the metal detector at the airport.


Shoe Insoles That Help Relieve Foot Pain

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis or general foot pain, these inserts are sure to help. They reduce ball of foot pain by increasing arch and heel support, and they can be used in any type of shoe.

  • Available sizes: women's 6 - 6 1/2 — women's 14 - 14 1/2 (men's 4 - 4 1/2 — men's 16 - 16 1/2)


This Permanent Hemming Tape That Simply Needs To Be Ironed On

Stop messing with temporary hemming tapes and opt for this iron-on version instead. By ironing it on, the heat binds the tape to your fabric, keeping your hems in place permanently.


A Liquid Shoe Stretcher That Can Also Be Used On Gloves

The beauty of this liquid shoe stretcher is that it actually works to mold your shoes to your feet. All you do is saturate the part of your foot you want stretched, walk around in them until they're dry, and voila — instantly broken-in shoes that will stay like that forever.


These Extra Large Heating Pads For Your Hands & Body

If you find yourself cold often, there's another solution besides bundling up: simply pop one of these body warmers in your pocket, leggings, or even bra, and you'll feel toasty again in no time. Plus, they stay warm for up to 18 hours. One reviewer wrote, "Awesome product. Activated them at 8am, put them inside my gloves. They were still generating heat at 1am the next morning."


A Fabric Softener Made From Non-Toxic Ingredients

Mrs. Meyer's products are know for being clean, and this fabric softener is no exception. It keeps your clothes soft and static-free without the use of harsh chemicals, making it great for sensitive skin types or households with allergies.


These Best-Selling Lace Locks That Keep Your Shoes Tied

Nothing is worse than having to stop mid-run to tie your shoes. But these lace locks keep your laces in place for miles. Simply loop them onto any laces and lock them into place with the plastic tab. Choose from 12 colors.


An 80-Pack Of Sweat Pads To Prolong The Life Of All Your Tops

These sweat absorbent pads stick under the pits of your shirts and sop up sweat instantly. So not only are you not walking around with wet marks, but you're also saving your shirts from permanent pit stains, which is a win-win.


Heel Protectors That Prevent Your Stilettos From Sinking Into The Grass

If you've ever been to an event outdoors before — weddings, graduations, backyard BBQs, et cetera — you know how uncomfortable wearing heels can be. But these genius heel protectors prevent your shoes from sinking into the grass, which not only feels a whole lot better, but prevents damaging your shoes, too. They're also useful if you plan on walking on cobble stones or any other type of unstable flooring.


A Wireless Bra Designed To Prevent Bulging

Say goodbye to painful wires this anti-bulge bra. It keeps everything smooth and in place while also being comfortable, and it's sold in over 10 colors.

  • Available sizes: XS — XXL

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