31 Mango Spring 2020 Finds That You Can Start Wearing Now


Now that fashion month is well in the past, the industry has shifted its gaze away from the upcoming Fall/Winter 2020 collections and set its sights on the here and now. As a result, members of the sartorially inclined have already begun rotating out their winter wardrobes for pieces more appropriate for the new season. It's time to follow suit and all of MANGO’s Spring 2020 finds collection, which is teeming with chic pieces you can start wearing now throughout the rest of the warm weather season.

Anyone already familiar with the Spanish retailer knows that whatever the brand puts out each season is bound to be good. You can see this clearly in the $59.99 Big Tote Bag, which will add a luxurious touch to any ensemble, hands down. The brand’s Spring 2020 collection focuses on timeless wardrobe staples in neutral hues along with a handful of bohemian-inspired classics. In other words, MANGO has a full selection of chic pieces worth stocking up on for the season.

If you’re planning to slowly start incorporating spring staples into your transitional weather wardrobe, opt for the $39.99 Puffed Sleeves Cotton Blouse, which can be styled underneath a vintage-inspired waistcoat like the $59.99 Linen Blend Vest and a pair of high-waisted jeans.

Of course, if you’re looking for options to wear for a special occasion, get yourself the $99.99 Crochet Long Dress, which has a cool, ’70s-inspired touch. Or, you can wear the $129.99 Ruffle Gown if you want a dress that feels more romantic.

If you're ready to start shopping, scroll down to see the coolest pieces from MANGO’s Spring 2020 collection below.