31 Brilliant Solutions To Your Fashion Dilemmas That You Never Knew Existed

by The Zoe Report

In the age of shoes with built-in storage pouches and virtual wardrobe-organizing apps, you might have think you've seen it all. But there are so many brilliant solutions to your fashion dilemmas on Amazon that you probably never knew existed. While some are a tad quirky, others are undeniably practical; finding those gems just takes a bit of digging. Ahead, a compilation of the most genius fashion inventions that are actually useful, so you can protect your clothes, stay more comfortable, and solve all those pesky sartorial dilemmas you've been dealing with for far too long.

Whether you've ever struggled to walk on gravel or grass in stilettos or you're facing the complication that just about every fashion girl is familiar with — a too-small closet paired with a moderate shopping addiction — the products on this list are here to help. While you might not have realized that there's an invention on Amazon that can triple the space in your closet, unzip your dresses for you, or make standing all day long in heels more comfortable, think again.

Scroll on for 31 revolutionary products that'll make dressing, shopping, and day-to-day life so much easier. Then, check out these 43 hidden gems that solve all your beauty dilemmas for equal measure.

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1. Cascading Hangers That Increase Your Closet Space Tenfold

Closet too small? Join the club. But these genius hangers — well, they're more like a hanger for your hangers — will maximize your space and keep things organized at the same tie. You can hang them vertically, to fit six articles of clothing, or horizontally, which fits 12 articles of clothing. Made of durable stainless steel, they're strong enough to hold your heaviest jackets and coats.

2. A Purse Organizer To Put All Your Essentials Within Easy Reach

Sick of digging around in the abyss that is your bag every time you need your keys or lip balm? Make that struggle a thing of the past with this handy purse organizer. It comes in five different sizes to fit all types of bags, and it's sold in 14 colors. You'll get a designated pouch for just about every item imaginable, from your phone to your sunglasses to, yes, that little lip balm.

3. A Reusable Sponge That Erases Deodorant Stains In A Snap

Without even the need for water, this reusable sponge removes deodorant streaks in seconds. You can also use it to erase stains from makeup products like powder and foundation, or to get rid of fuzz and pet hair. One reviewer calls it "real magic."

4. Heel Protectors So You Can Walk On Gravel & Grass

Not only do these handy inventions make it possible to walk on grass, gravel, and cobblestones in heels, but they also keep your heels protected from dirt and damage. You can get the GoGoHeel Stoppers in four sizes (6-13 millimeters) to fit all different types of heels, and they're all transparent to blend in with any color.

5. Clips That Turn Any Bra Into A Racerback

There's no need to go out and buy a racerback bra as long as you have these handy clips. Now, you can wear your favorite bra with all the tank tops and dresses you weren't able to before. They're also useful to keep straps from slipping or to tighten any old, worn-out bra, and they're sold in black, white, and beige.

6. A Glide-On Balm That Prevents Blisters & Chafing On Your Feet

Prevent blisters, irritation, and chafing with this anti-friction balm for your feet. It's made of gentle, skin-softening ingredients — no fragrance, no alcohol, et cetera — and it goes on completely invisible and odorless. Over 100 reviewers gave it a five-star rating, calling it things like a "big miracle in a little tube." Many customers noted that though they were skeptical at first, they were surprised to find it really does work.

7. Odor-Absorbing Sweat Pads To Protect Your Best Blouses

Keep your blouses, blazers, and dresses protected with these brilliant underarm pads. They're moisture-absorbent and waterproof, so they help stop sweat from soaking your clothes and emitting noticeable odors. You can use them on just about any type of fabric, including silk, and each box contains adhesive pads.

8. Sexy Lace Bands That Prevent Painful Thigh Chafing

Who knew anti-chafe products could be so sexy? Though these thigh guards serve a totally functional product — to prevent uncomfortable rubbing between your thighs — they can also be worn as lingerie. They're lined with silicone to prevent them from slipping, and if you don't love the lace — maybe you're looking for something more subtle to pair with your gym shorts — you can get them in a basic, unisex style. These number-one best-sellers are sold in a variety of colors, including black, white, beige, and red.

9. Foot Spray That Reduces Pain, Swelling, & Inflammation From Wearing Heels

Though this spray won't numb your feet — that would be dangerous — it does help reduce the pain, inflammation, swelling, and redness that are typically brought on by wearing heels for long periods. The formula combines anti-inflammatory ingredients with natural pain relievers, with a dose of cooling menthol and antibacterial tea tree for good measure.

10. Bracelets That Transform Your Hair Elastic Into A Piece Of Jewelry

Keeping an elastic hairband on your wrist is almost always necessary; but it's also an easy way to ruin any put-together outfit. No matter: with these handy grooved bangles, you can disguise any hair elastic as a sleek bracelet. Get them in rose, gold, or silver, or in a variety pack that contains all three metals. Simple, but genius.

11. A Non-Toxic Laundry Bar That Removes Just About Any Stain

Treat stains on your delicate clothes and upholstery with this natural, non-toxic wash bar from The Laundress. Perfect for eco-conscious shoppers or anyone with sensitivities to chemical detergents, this stain bar is allergen-free, biodegradable, and made of gentle vegetable-based ingredients and natural essential oils. You can also use it to pre-treat clothes or hand-wash entire articles of clothing — all minus your typical chemicals and harsh smells.

12. Nipple Pasties That Actually Lift Your Breasts

Most pasties only work to cover your nipples. But these do so much more by actually lifting your breasts, too. They're a perfect alternative to strapless bras for when you need a completely invisible, backless form of support. Made of hypoallergenic silicone, these pasties are gentle, non-irritating, and sold in two sizes.

13. A Tool That Makes Struggling To Unzip Your Dresses A Thing Of The Past

Never struggle to unzip your dress again with this Easyzip hook helper. Whether you have a condition like arthritis or simply a penchant for zip-up dresses, this tool makes it easy to undress yourself when nobody's around to help.

14. A Stone That Gently Removes Lint & Fuzz From Your Sweaters

The best thing about this de-pilling stone is that it'll literally last you a decade. Made of real volcanic pumice, it gently removes lint and fuzz from all your most delicate wool and cashmere clothes, blankets, scarves, and upholstery. "This is one of the best clothing care purchases I've ever made! It is long lasting, light, and does a great job of removing pilling without harming the fabric of the cloth itself," commented one reviewer.

15. A Genius Invention That Clasps (& Unclasps) Your Bracelets With Ease

Stop struggling to clasp (and unclasp) your bracelets with this genius tool. It might just be the most useful $5 purchase you ever make. It acts as an extra hand by holding the clasp as you fasten your bracelet together, and it has a 4.6-star overall Amazon rating with hundreds of rave review vouching for its quality and helpfulness.

16. These Cushioned Pads That Make Your Bras More Comfortable

If your bra strips frequently cause you shoulder pain or skin irritation, these cushions can help. Small, discreet, and sold in over 10 colors, they help relieve pressure and pain induced from tight bra straps, or can be used to keep your bra straps secure. They're also sold in a breathable version, which is ventilated, for the warmer weather.

17. An Easy-To-Use Kit To Repair Any Zipper

Never be stuck — quite literally — with a broken zipper again, as long as you have this emergency repair kit. It comes with all the replacement parts you'd need, in a variety of colors, if your zipper ever wears out or breaks. Buy one, and you'll probably be set for decades to come.

18. A Natural Alternative To Fabric Softeners & Dryer Sheets

Not only do these wool balls help soften and fluff your clothes, but they also prevent them from sticking to each other and make them dry faster. Fabric softeners and dryer sheets are typically filled with harsh chemicals and irritating, artificial fragrances, so use this eco-friendly alternative instead. Since they're reusable and come in a six-pack, they're more economical as well.

19. Cushioned Shoe Inserts That Help Relieve Ball-Of-Foot Pain

If you struggle with foot pain — especially if you have a job that requires you to wear heels often — you need these cushioned shoe inserts. The highly-rated, best-selling pads provide extra support without slipping around, and they also help align your toes and metatarsals to reduce the risk of injuries and impact on your feet.

20. A Cheaper, Easier Alternative To Resizing Your Rings

Do you have a ring that you love, but it's just a bit too big? No matter — this ring adjuster can help. Made of clear PVC, the coiled band takes your ring down a size (or a size and a half) so it stays on your finger securely. Over 1,800 Amazon reviewers gave this genius invention a perfect five-star rating.

21. An Electric Fabric Shaver With A 4.9-Star Amazon Rating

Make quick work of de-pilling your clothes with this electric fabric shaver. It removes lint and fuzz efficiently and without damaging the fabric; plus, it's wireless, so it's great for travel. Impressively, it has a rare, 4.9-star overall rating on Amazon. One reviewer wrote, "I've used this lint remover on sweaters, shirts, denim and even old curtains. The power on this is amazing. In one sitting, I was able to remove fuzzies from over 10 sweaters and it was ready to remove more [...] I even went as far as to use this on cashmere and again, removed all fuzzies without damaging my sweater."

22. Laundry Cloths For A Dry Clean-Like Wash At Home

Don't have time to run to the dry cleaner? These laundry cloths will substitute in a pinch. You can use them to spot-clean stains, or throw one in your dryer to reduce odors and wrinkles. Safe to use on 'dry clean only' garments, they're sold in packs of six up to 42: choose from fragrance-free or a fresh scent.

23. Bamboo Liners That Keep Your Bras Clean, Dry, & Odor-Free

Keep your bra dry, fresh, and odor-free with these soft liners made of naturally antibacterial bamboo cotton. Since they're lightweight, breathable, and moisture-absorbent, they can actually help you stay cooler in the hot weather. Even better, these reusable liners are machine-washable. Each pack comes with three different colors: black, beige, and white.

24. Blister Pads That Actually Work

Protect current wounds and prevent future blisters with these Compeed cushioned gel pads. They relieve irritation on your feet by preventing friction and rubbing while encouraging existing blisters to heal more quickly. Each order comes with two five-packs, and you can also use them on your heels, ankles, and hands.

25. A Retractable Lint Roller That Everyone Should Have In Their Purse

Everyone should own a good lint remover — but most of them tend to be too bulky to carry around. This one is super slim and super sleek; it's so compact, you can even keep it in a small bag. The refillable lint remover comes with 30 sheets, and it's available in a variety of cool colors and patterns, include multi-colored granite, pearl white, or rose gold.

26. Double-Sided Body Tape To Secure Any Loose Fabric

This totally transparent double-sided tape will always come in handy. Keep it on-hand for girls' nights out and weddings or any other occasion where you (or a friend) might be in need of an emergency hem. Though it's durable and strong, it's gentle on skin and clothes, so it won't cause irritation or damage.

27. A Laundry Brush That Removes Stains More Effectively

Stop struggling to remove stains with paper towels and cloths; all you need is this $10 brush, and it'll help you erase stubborn stains more effectively for the rest of your life. You can use it on any type of fabric: pair it with the stain-removing liquid of your choice, or any of The Laundress's non-toxic detergents.

28. Cushioned Heel Inserts To Prevent Foot Pain & Calluses

Prevent foot pain, calluses, and blisters with these cushioned shoe inserts. They also prevent your feet from slipping out of your heels, so they're a great investment for anyone who accidentally bought a (non-returnable) pair of heels that are just a tad too big. All they require is a light cleaning with soap and warm water, and you can reuse them again and again.

29. No-Show Socks That Won't Slip Off

A lot of no-show socks 1) actually do show, and 2) tend to slip off your feet. But not these. Not only are they extra low-cut, but they're also constructed with silicone grips on the toes and heel to prevent slipping and scrunching. They're sold in a four-pack, and are available in black or beige (or both).

30. A Small Sewing Kit That Includes Everything You Need

This tiny sewing kit contains everything you'd ever need for a hem or repair: a scissor, 14 spools of thread, assorted needles, a thimble, measuring tape — even buttons — and more. Its compact size and convenient fold-up case makes it easy to travel with or stow in your bag.

31. Breathable Shoe Inserts That Keep Feet Comfortable & Help Remove Odors

Not only will these shoe inserts help keep pain-prone feet more comfortable, but they also absorb moisture and help keep odors at bay. Made of thin, lambskin leather, they're slightly padded, yet breathable and lightweight. Get them in both men and women's sizes. The Zoe Report may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from The Zoe Report's editorial and sales departments.