25 Beauty Gifts For Women In Their 40s That Are Thoughtful, Sleek, & Incredibly Luxe

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By the time a woman has reached her 40s, she's had a chance to ascertain several things about her life. She knows what kind of work makes her feel fulfilled, she's got a social circle of friends and family that support her, and she wakes up each morning knowing (more or less) what it is she'll set out to do. She's also spent years cultivating a streamlined beauty routine, and she knows what she likes — and what's not worth her time. So naturally, buying beauty gifts for women in their 40s requires a level of discernment similar to the one they employ in their day to day.

With a few decades under her belt, it's no shock she's had a chance to try her fair share of cosmetics, skin, hair, and body care, fragrances and beyond. But by now she has more than likely determined what works for her and what doesn't. She's beyond the point of gimmicky or cheap products that promise results without followthrough (though she's certainly not opposed to a certifiable bargain). Simply put, she has good taste and she's not about to sacrifice it.

Does all this sound daunting as far as gifting this sophisticated woman is concerned? Not to worry — if you select from the sleek, thoughtful beauty products that follow you're guaranteed to make her smile.

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