25 Beauty Gift Sets Under $50 That Seem Like A Splurge

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By now you've likely started to pull together the list of friends and family you'll be shopping for this holiday season. It's probably fairly safe to bet that the list (which is likely still growing) is enough to throw your usual budget out of whack, and you may be wondering how you'll pull off buying presents for everyone without depleting the savings you swore you'd only touch in the event of an emergency. But don't sound the alarm and drain that account just yet, because this round up of beauty gift sets under $50 is here to make every serious skin care, makeup, hair, and nail enthusiast feel spoiled this season — without putting you in a financial pinch. Crisis averted.

While you're focused on how you're going to surprise friends and family during the season of giving, all your favorite brands are ready to return the favor by making the process that much easier. The name of the game? Holiday sets that do the hard work for you, by bundling together limited-edition launches, bestsellers, or beauty shelf essentials that you can simply grab and gift, at incredible prices to boot. In some cases the packaging is so pretty you don't even need to carve out time for wrapping (check out this luxe Omorovicza ornament set for proof).

And because the sheer variety of these gift sets can become seriously overwhelming — honestly, where does one even start —  scroll through this selection of $50-or-less bundles and kits for major inspiration. The best part is that friends and family will think you splurged, but in reality you'll make a major dent in your shopping list without doing the same to your bank.

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