24 Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts They’ll Actually Want To Wear Year-Round


Pam Beesly once said on The Office that heart-shaped jewelry is not something a woman buys for herself, implying that no one *actually* wants any of the made-for-Valentine's-Day jewelry that often hits the market in the new year. But what Pam didn't know is that there's actually plenty of cool, fashion-girl approved accessories decked out in hearts and dripping in red stones that make for the perfect Valentine's Day jewelry gift and can still be worn year-round — you just have to know where to find it.

Maybe it's just because Feb. 14 is quickly approaching, but it seems that brands are suddenly hopping on the heart-adorned jewelry bandwagon, making this a very convenient trend for all those losing sleep over where to find the perfect gift for their significant other. It's not just hearts, either; roses, crystals, and other typical Valentine's Day colors and gifts are showing up in jewelry pieces from brands of all ranges.

Don't believe it? Take a look at Alexa De La Cruz's $80 Glass Heart necklace. With its red coloring, oversized pendant, and large size, it's exactly the kind of over-the-top piece many fashion lovers snatch up the moment they see it. There's also Les Néréides' flower-covered piece, which is basically a bouquet-turned-ring that practically screams Valentine's Day and is still somehow ridiculously chic at the same time.

Of course, not everyone likes wearing hearts (or color) in their jewelry, which means you may be looking for something that feels romantic without being obvious about it. In that case, something elegant is always foolproof. Sophie Buhai's single pearl drop earring is a perfect place to start, but if you're looking to keep it really classic, you can't go wrong with Mejuri's white gold diamond necklace.

If you just can't decide which route you want to take — obviously made for Feb. 14 or not related to the holiday at all — there are in-between pieces that are a romantic gift, and make it clear that this is a Valentine's Day gift without being loud about it. Something like Anna Sheffield's Bloom Pear Drop Necklace, which has a tiny pop of red, feels like a celebration of the day without going overboard. And the same could be said for Anissa Kermiche's Mobile Rouge Earrings, which combine fun geometric shapes with a bold crimson shade.

Whether you choose to go the all-hearts-everything route or just keep it simple, there's a beautiful piece out there your significant other can't not love. Ahead, 24 pieces that'll make the perfect Valentine's Day jewelry gift this Feb. 14 — and beyond.


Double Chain Heart Pendant Necklace



Bloom Pear Drop Necklace


Anna Sheffield

Combine Necklace



Diamond Necklace



Large Glass Heart


Alexa De La Cruz

Crystal Choker


Miu Miu


Camélia Earrings



Medium All Pearl Hoop



Hallee Lucite Hoop Earrings



Emma Dangler



Mobile Rouge Earrings


Anissa Kermiche

Medium Pearl Drop Earring


Sophie Buhai




Nora Sermez

Mond - Pink Tourmaline Ring



Éternal Pink Ombré Double Ring



Ballad In Versailles Multi Flowers And Buds On Stone Ring


Les Néréides

Reliquia Heart Of Gold Ring



Super Magician Ring


Mondo Mondo


Q Double Cuff Bracelet in Yellow Gold



Inlay Signet Cuff


J. Hannah

Sinclair Pearl Bangle


Wild And Woolly

Rosantica Brazil Love Beaded Bracelet


Moda Operandi

Icon Bracelet in Yellow Gold and Diamonds



Grow Together Cuff


Susan Alexandra