Your Mom Definitely Has These Useful Gifts On Her Wishlist


If your mom is the kind of mom who has everything, you might be hesitant to buy her something for the holidays that has the possibility of sitting around and collecting dust in her house. You know that it's not that your mom won't appreciate your gift, but if she already has too much stuff, there's a higher chance you'll buy her something she already owns. So if she absolutely doesn't need another necklace or cute decorative figure, what do you get her? Skip the strictly pretty gifts this year and instead opt for a useful gift for your mom she *actually* wants.

If the only thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase "useful gift" is something boring, think again. There are so many pretty, fun, and downright brilliant products that make exciting presents while also making your mom's life easier, more relaxing, and potentially even more fun. Which, let's be real — isn't that what everyone wants in a gift?

A prime example of a useful gift any mom who loves to cook would love is the Food52 x Ekobo Recycled Bamboo Colander & Pour Bowl Set, which also happens to be budget-friendly at only $32. And though it may look like a boring kitchen item, it has a multitude of uses so genius, you may be convinced to buy one for yourself, too.


The set allows you to, of course, wash your vegetables, but when used with the bowl, you can collect the water underneath to reduce waste and instead use the leftovers to water your plants. You can also just use the bowl as a place to mix things like muffin batter, and then utilize the spout to pour the ingredients into a baking tin (and say goodbye to baked-on messes around your muffins). Even if your mom barely uses the kitchen, she's sure to find a use for this gift.

If your mom really, really doesn't like to cook, though, there are plenty of genius present ideas that don't involve any kitchen gadgets at all. Instead, give her something that'll help her relax at the end of the day. A subscription to a meditation app, like Calm's year-long choice for $59.99, is an easy and inexpensive way to give her an excuse to unwind.

If you really want to go all out, put together a set of pieces she can use every day to help her chill even more. They may not be cool tech gadgets, but the Le Kasha Cashmere Travel Set, a pair of chic Sleeper slippers she can wear indoors and outside, and a cozy Frette robe will make for a package that'll have her blissed out in no time.

Is your mom always looking for the newest gadget to play with? She'll definitely appreciate something that helps her get ready in the morning. Though simplehuman is largely known for its great kitchen products, the brand also makes high-tech mirrors with built-in lighting to make it easier to see color variations. If your mom's bathroom lighting leaves something to be desired, she'll definitely appreciate one of these.

If you've gifted your mom a necklace the past few years, skip the jewelry and give her something she really wants — and will actually use in her everyday life. Ahead, 23 presents she probably already has on her wishlist.