The 22 Luxury Gifts Our Editors Think Are *Definitely* Worth It
Christian Vierig/Getty Images
Two women standing outside in the winter both of them are holding designer handbags

Gifts run on a continuum — there are the practical, unglamorous gifts like wool socks, oranges, and bars of soap that may not top a wish list, but are dutifully appreciated. Then there are the delightfully luxurious gifts, ones that may not necessarily serve a practical purpose, but they look and feel oh-so-good. These luxury gifts are on our editors' minds as the holidays quickly approach.

After all, if you don't put the possibility out there, you'll never know if these decadent ideas could become your reality. Below, find a range of fancy gifts — from what's best described as designer knick-knacks (under $100, no less!) to jewelry that may take some serious wishful thinking to manifest, but is still worth swooning over nonetheless. Luxury gifts don't always have to be flashy — though there's no knocking a classic logo bag — they can be as refined or as colorful as the recipient. And in fact, if you're purchasing an especially pricey gift, it's worth choosing something that aligns with the everyday style of whoever's opening the box.

So as you work on your dream holiday gift list — or perhaps build your vision board for 2020 — take a look at the fanciful picks suggested by our editors below.