This Eye-Catching Nail Color Is Set To Become A Summer Trend

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Deborah Lippmann/Instagram
2020's blue nail polish trend from Deborah Lippmann's new collection.
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It doesn't take long to start seeing 2020's blue nail polish trend everywhere once you've first noticed it. Even though social distancing has cut back on in-person trend spotting, a quick sweep through the latest summer 2020 nail releases reveal brilliant blues across the board — like Olive & June's transitional pastel, and ORLY's nearly neon cornflower. "You can't help but smile when you see a color like that," says Deborah Lippmann over email, a celebrity manicurist and founder of the eponymous nail brand. "It automatically makes you think of summer, pool parties, sunbathing, and escapism in your own backyard."

According to the founder, the sky blue from Deborah Lippmann's own summer 2020 LIT nail polish collection — called What's Good — was inspired by these happy, warm-weather activities. So, it only makes sense that brands and shoppers alike are embracing the summer-in-a-bottle hues. "The pandemic has had a toll on our psyche and we're probably gravitating around bright and happy colors because of it," says Lippmann. "We all want to escape the current lifestyle, and what better way to do this but with a color that automatically makes you think of the resort lifestyle, a glistening pool, or a bluer than blue sky?"

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The trend is bolstered by the fact that "blue nail polish looks amazing on everyone and every skin tone," notes Lippmann. "It's a highly contrasting color, so the key to pulling this off is with a slow and steady application." (Another pro application tip from the manicurist: "Lay your whole forearm on a table for extra stability, and with the other hand apply polish slowly. Take your time and breathe.")

That said, any pool-inspired manicure begins with choosing your perfect blue. Below, five recently released on-trend shades that'll help set the tone for sunnier days ahead.

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