This Brilliant New Cutting Board Holds Your Phone While You Cook


Have you been enlisted to carve the turkey this year or are you just in need of a new cutting board? Whatever the case, you may find yourself in the market for one after you see what could be the best cutting board of 2018. The first piece to be launched from Five Two, Food52's new line of kitchen and home products, is one you'll want to get your hands on before this under-$100 cooking essential sells out.

Known to be a destination to make cooking life a little easier, Food52 tapped its community to help design the double-sided cutting board. 10,000 Food52 fans gave their insights, and the company listened, addressing needs of quality, dimension, and practicality to create the ultimate station for carving, chopping, and serving.

For $99, you'll get all the features you want from your cutting board as well as others you didn't even think of (but will be happy to have nonetheless). A major call-out feature is its ability to be used on both sides (hence its name). There's ample space to chop on one side, while on the flip-side you'll have a designated work space for your carving needs.

Often with carving comes an inevitable counter mess. The number one request from community members, and a detail you too will likely will be grateful for, is an an extra-deep juice groove plus a corner well. These two additions will help you avoid the overflow that ensues when carving juicier items — meaning less to clean up and more time to enjoy with your family and friends.


At your next dinner party, you may find that you just want to serve your prepped food right from your cutting board, and Food52 made sure you'd be able to do that with ease. Made of solid American maple, this durable board is sturdy enough to hold its ground while you chop, but light enough to be used as a serving tray (hello, charcuterie). The easy-grip edge will make sure there are no snafus as you make your way from the kitchen to your dining space.

If you're wondering what detail you may not have thought of but won't believe you've been living without, it's the genius phone slot. With the board, you can stand your phone on the edge to reference all your favorite recipes within an arms reach (or chat while you chop).

This is only just the beginning of the brilliant cooking products, as Five Two will have more products to come (think mixing bowls and kitchen towels). Make sure to continue to check the site for new releases, but in the meantime, shop the first piece from the brand below.