18 Luxe Fragrance Gifts Worth The Splurge, According To TZR Editors

According to TZR editors, one of the best luxe fragrance gifts worth the splurge is Gucci's Bloom sc...

Between the Instagram favorites (looking at you, BYREDO), and the buzzy new hits (hi, Gucci Mémoire d'une Odeur), there are a lot of trendy, sweet-smelling fragrances on the market right now. That's great if someone on your list told you they wanted a "nice" new perfume for the holidays the year — until you start to try to narrow in on which one to gift. Then, you might have some trouble. Until, of course, you start scrolling — because the luxe fragrance gifts TZR editors have deemed worthy of a splurge are below.

From an under-the-radar find that's almost always sold out, to a brand-new launch that not one, but three TZR editors are obsessed with, there's something for every style and scent preference. But one thing's for certain — they're all luxurious, and they're all approved by a team that smells perfumes a lot more than the average person.

Whether you want to know if that much-talked-about fragrance really is worth it or you're just looking for a longtime classic to invest in, it's all below — so keep scrolling for 18 luxe fragrance gifts that are team TZR-approved.