17 Gifts For Old Friends That Prove Just How Much They Mean To You


You probably know your best friend better than you know yourself, so finding a gift for them doesn't sound like it would be that difficult. But honestly, when you're trying to find a meaningful gift for anyone right before the holidays, the stress can make it tough no matter how well you know them. Sure — they'll appreciate anything you give them, but it always feels better to give your friend a thoughtful gift you can tell they love the minute they open it. And yes, it is possible to find gifts for your old friend with only a few weeks to go; in fact, there are endless options just waiting for you to scoop up and prove to your friend just how much they mean to you.

Let's face it: One of the best activities to do with your best friend is relax on the couch and watch Netflix together while catching up on your lives. And thankfully, there are plenty of great gifts out there to help you do that, but better. The AMO Lounge Bottoms for $105 are the perfect example of that; they're cute-but-relaxed for easy lounging, and they come with an elastic waistband with "You Are Loved" written on them as a sweet addition.

If you're overdue for a catch-up and want to upgrade your marathon for a full-blown spa night, though, don't stop at sweatpants. Chillhouse offers a $330 self-care starter pack with all the essentials needed for an evening of catching up and blissing out. Add a $65 super-soft robe from LIVELY to the mix and you've got a gift that'll make them happy well after the holidays are over.

Not able to get together any time soon? Skip the relaxing gifts and instead send them something that's sentimental to remind them of you even when you're not there. Zahava's stunning $430 Mini Gold Atlas necklace will let you personalize it with a diamond on any spot on the tiny globe — a special addition that's subtle but thoughtful, and can't not make them smile.

Of course, if your friend isn't really a jewelry-wearer, that's fine — you can still get them a gift personalized just for them that doesn't involve any diamonds. If they're due for an upgrade on their phone case, gift them this pretty customizable option from TDE for $50 with their initials or even an inside joke between the two of you. Plus, you can use it as a way to remind them to answer your phone calls more often, too.

When you know each other better than you know yourselves and there are too many years and memories you've shared to count, you want to give your friend a gift that'll make them smile and show how much you care. Ahead, 17 present ideas that'll help you do just that.

Lounge Bottom Faded Black



If your best friend lives to lounge, they'll love these cozy knit pants — and, they come with an elastic waistband that says "You Are Loved" to remind them how much you love them.

Self-Care Starter Pack



Host a spa night for the two of you and present your friend with this fully-stocked self-care starter pack.

Mini Golden Atlas



You can customize this beautiful necklace with a diamond on any spot in the world that's special to you and your friend.

The Kimono



This simple robe is made of seriously soft fabric, so your friend can cozy up and bliss out with a Netflix marathon with you.

The Rockette



Sometimes you forget all your holiday shopping until the last minute — and in that case, a flower arrangement from UrbanStems is an ideal solution. The brand offers free same-day delivery in NYC and DC, plus free next-day delivery nationwide, so you can send something from its holiday collection up until the very last minute. Not only is it a thoughtful gift that'll make your friend smile, they'll also be able to use it in their holiday décor.

DH New York Faux-Shearling Moto Jacket


Saks Fifth Avenue

If your friend's been talking about upgrading her old coat, gift her one in a timeless style that everyone loves. This is a chic, cozy option she'll never want to take off.

Double Trouble I'm a True Libra L/S T-Shirt - White


Lisa Says Gah

A horoscope-themed shirt will feel like a custom gift (and prove that you do remember your friend's birthday).

'The Bucket List'



Start planning your 2019 trips together with this book on bucket lists.

"Vive Le Feminisme" Mug


Waiting On Martha

Remind your friend you're always standing strong with her (and all women) with this pretty mug.

Buffet Pearl Ring



So you want to get your friend something special but you're on a budget — and this ring is the perfect solution.

Elizabella Shot Glasses Set


Lulu & Georgia

Upgrade those cheap shot glasses you've been using together for years to this sleek set.

Lingo Playing Cards: French


Lou & Grey

Still reminiscing over that time you lived in France together for a semester? Brush up on your French together with these Lingo playing cards.

Jupiter Gloves


Paloma Wool

Don't just get your lifelong friend any old gloves — get them this beautiful pair with a female figure drawn by Tana Latorre engraving.

7/8 Springs Leggings


Outdoor Voices

You know these Outdoor Voices leggings have been on your friend's wishlist forever — so make their day with a pair of these in their favorite color.

Graf Lantz Felt Wine Carrier



Make sure your friend never shows up to your house again without wine with this simple, chic carrier.

Saffron iPhone 7/iPhone 8 Case



TDE lets you add four initials to this phone case for free, which makes for an easy, affordable personalized gift.

Hayward Mini Leopard Brocade Tote


Moda Operandi

Make sure your friend has one of the year's biggest trends in their closet and gift them this animal print purse in the chicest silhouette.