This Candle From A Favorited Fine Jeweler Makes For The Most Luxe Holiday Gift

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Courtesy of Pamela Love
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Sure, candles are a dime a dozen. But when you find one that really speaks – err, smells — your language, there's nothing more divine. The wafting scent of sandalwood, the aroma of patchouli, a whiff of waterlily — these delightful fragrances can enhance your mood and space alike. Whether you're one for earthy, crisp, or floral notes, scents are utterly transformative and a small luxury that's never too indulgent. When one hits just right, it's common practice to stockpile it. But, sometimes, life calls for a truly scentsational treat, and candles from fine jewelry designers are an extraordinary option, whether for your home, workspace, or as a gift.

As any candle enthusiast knows, there are those you burn often and others that sit pretty, wicks untouched, until a truly special occasion comes around. A candle from a fine jewelry designer is unquestionably the latter — with an elegant design not unlike a delicate necklace or finely made ring, it's a decadent treat for when you're feeling extra spendy or shopping for a meaningful present. These types of candles often serve as a beautiful decor piece, perhaps as an accent on a bookcase or a focal point on a dresser in a minimalist space. They're made with intention and look as distinctive as a fine jewelry piece would with an outfit.

For jewelry buffs, a candle from one of their favorite designers is an extension of their collection — another cherished piece aligning with their aesthetic. "I've always loved candles and avidly collect them," LA-based fine jewelry designer, Lizzie Mandler, tells TZR. "It was about creating a scent associated with the brand and adding on another one of the five senses." In other instances, a designer-made candle takes inspiration from an experience — something that sparks many fine jewelry designs. "We have three candles in our collection, but my ultimate favorite has to be the Sueno," New York-based designer, Pamela Love, tells TZR. "The smell comes from the oil of the mongongo nut that I was introduced to in North Africa. It reminds me of staying in a Kasbah in Marrakech."

Courtesy of Lizzie Mandler

Like precious metals and gemstones, a designer candle can be inspired by rarity, like the natural fragrances in Anna Sheffield's certified organic vegetable wax candle. "The fragrance was meant to elicit the warmth and magic of alchemy, which is what we think of as love captured in a bottle," Sheffield explains of the rare blend developed by perfumer Douglas Little. The three-wick design is hand-poured and encased in a recycled glass vessel with an intricate brass lid — a work of art like her distinctive designs. "I wanted the piece to feel precious, like a piece of jewelry, and to be something one would keep after the candle was gone."

For those not shopping for fine jewelry, these candles can still serve as that special-something. "I think candles can be very comforting, and I wanted a way to bring the Lizzie Mandler brand home outside of just jewelry," Mandler shares.

Whether you're setting a new-season tone in your home, sprucing up a workspace, or seeking out a luxurious gift, ahead, discover 14 gorgeous candles — and a beautiful box set of matches — all made by fine jewelry designers.

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